The Ethical Sugar Baby

Brilliant news – your Sugar Daddy wants to take you shopping for some new designer gear -but wait – how do you know which designers are ethical?

It’s a complete myth that every Sugar Baby dreams of owning a fur stole and python skin handbag; there are plenty of Sugar Babies that don’t support the fur trade or cosmetic testing on animals, many more are concerned about environmental factors and the issue of child sweat shops.

With this in mind this article will provide you with a list of cutting edge and luxury designers, who won’t put a blot on your conscious.


Stella McCartney – A lifelong vegetarian, Stella McCartney doesn’t use any fur or leather in her designs.

Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart (Vaute Couture) – the former Ford Model’s brand Vaute Couture (the v stands for vegan!) aims to create high-end fashion that is vegan, created from recycled fibres and produced locally. The brand is favoured by the likes of Emily Deschanel and Alicia Silverstone.

Vivienne Westwood – Doesn’t use real fur in any of her designs.

Tommy Hilfiger – Stopped using real fur in 2007.

Calvin Klein – One of the early adopters of animal friendly designs, Calvin Klein has opted for fake fur since 1994.

Shrimps – The zany London brand uses bright colours and faux fur to create a bold statement. A coat will cost around £600

Huit - an ethical swimwear brand committed to transporting goods by sea rather than air thus reducing their carbon footprint. Celebrity fans include; Kate Moss, Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller.


Olsenhaus – Brainchild of Elizabeth Olsen, Olsenhouse creates shoes that are animal product free. Shoes range from £100 - £250.

Beyond Skin – Brighton based company selling vegan footwear. There’s a wide range of styles available. Prices start from £80 – £250. Natalie Portman has also been spotted wearing them.

Noah – Italian vegan leather - sounds like a dream come true! Noah offers a range of hand-made Italian shoes that are 100% vegan. Prices start from £100 - £250.  

Cult of Coquette – Vegan shoes that are made out of the most environmentally friendly materials available. The brand states its handmade shoes are for women who aren’t afraid to rock a heel.


Stella McCartney – A lifelong vegetarian, Stella McCartney doesn’t use any fur or leather in her designs.

Matt & Nat – The name Matt & Nat stands for Mat(t)erial and Nature, which is the ethos of the company. Patrons of the brand include Charlize Theron and Natalie Portman.

Melie Bianco – An affordable, chic, animal friendly range of handbags for every occasion; think Balenciaga, Celine and Miu Miu styles, but without the cruelty.

Wilby – All products are animal friendly and the brand is well known for being eco, and environmentally friendly. Prices Range from £40 - £120.


Mirabelle - Worn by the likes of Kate Middleton, Mirabelle makes handmade fair trade jewellery. Think pretty pendants at reasonable prices.

Helen Moore –brightly coloured, patterned and innovative designs. She creates faux-fur clutches, muffs, collars and scarves. One of these fun accessories will cost £40 - £150.

Polly Wales - Polly uses vintage and rough jewels to produce unique and imperfectly perfect rings, necklaces and earrings. Her designs use ethically sourced gems that shun the use of child labour in diamond mines.

Please be aware that this guide is not exhaustive and is subject to change at any time. If you’re in any doubt – it’s best to e-mail the customer services department of the brand you are interested in and ask for their policies and commitments to animal and human welfare.

I hope this guide was useful and you (or your Sugar Daddy!) can enjoy shopping for some ethical high-end luxury!

~ KittensPeach ~ x

Going Shopping With The Avengers Would Include...

• er, it would be disastrous
• like, Steve would go and pay for something and just to mess with everyone you demand a senior discount
• “You guys it’s fine,”
• “HES 100 YEARS OLD!”
• Bucky too
• sometimes going in disguise
• even though we all know they never work
• completely ignoring technology stores because if y'all got near one Tony would start ranting
• “Tony, that’s an iPhone 7,”
• Clint buying too many snacks even though you, Steve, and Natasha explicitly tell him not to
• but in the end all of you eat them anyways (guiltily)
• Bruce buys a science kit to prove that it’s too dangerous for little kids
• Steve is a gentleman, so he ends up carrying everyone’s bags- even Tony’s
• Tony and Clint follow you and Natasha into Victoria’s Secret for no good reason
• Wanda likes scented candles, something you learned after she bought like twelve of them
• Pietro “tests” running shoes by putting them on and running around the mall- coming back before anyone notices he technically shoplifted
• Peter being really excited every time he sees action figures of you guys
• he has a collection.
• Tony once bought out half a liquor store, so that happened
• Sam and Clint have dance offs on those wii display things
• always having to be the one to buys things that you guys actually need (with Steve) like toothbrushes and coffee and towels
• because everyone just buys the weirdest stuff and forgets to buy anything useful
• Clint bought a cat toy once
• he doesn’t even have a cat
• he bought animal footprint shoes too. He was very proud of them. No one else was.
• introducing Thor to all kinds of things
• “You have a machine simply to to pump moisture into the air?”
• always getting carried away bc money is basically not and issue so you, Nat, and Wanda always go all out on clothes and makeup
• you love shopping
• but you probably should just stick to online shopping because it hardly ends well

You know i'll make a woMAN out of you

Category: fluff

Authors note: takes place in tenth grade and riley and farkle are secretly date and so are lucas and maya. But only they and topanga know that they are dating eachother. This is based off of the episode from boy meets world known as “chick like me” and there happens to be one with eric and jack but i can’t seem to remember it. Without further ado, here it is!


•farkle and riley are making out in her room

•cory opens the door then goes into “that filthy dog is kissing my daughter” mode

•farkle dashes out the window

•"You filthy animal! Ooh, I got his shoe! Lets add it to the collection.“ "Dadddd!”

•but now farkle can’t show his face anywhere near cory or cory will chase after farkle

•so farkle sprints home with his one shoe on and runs to his room

•since back-of-the-class brenda and farkle are identical to eachother, farkle calls her to make a deal

•"Alright brenda, i’ll give you ten dollars if you stay out of school for three days.“
"Minkus, i know you’re loaded, 1,000 or no deal.”

•he sent her a check using his phone like the geeky rich boy he is

•he then called topanga and shawn to tell them to meet up at topanga’s

•he explains them what happened then tells them “I need help with being a girl.”

•topanga and shawn look at eachother mischievously

•katy takes the rest of topanga’s shift and then they go shopping

•topanga does farkle’s makeup and even got him a really good wig

•he looks good but the problem is, he looks too good

•next day in history class farkle sat in brenda’s seat and EVERYONE is staring at him and zay is like “damn girl”

•zay ends up flirting with farkle

•"Hey babe, you like the movies?“
*girly voice *"Um no thank *voice crack* YOU”

•cory doesn’t suspect a thing

•but now after school lucas got caught too and got chased down the street by shawn

•since lucas doesn’t want a death threat from both shawn and cory he just goes to topanga and he gets a makeover

•"hello class, we have a new student known as Jeanine" “it’s pronounced Jay-ni-ni”

•the next day farkle looks at lucas and he knows that it’s him so he “drops” his pencil and summer-saults towards lucas desk

• “lucas, why are you dressed up like a girl?” “um hi brenda” “It’s me farkle, you idiot with good genetics!” “Oh! Hi. Shawn caught me kissing maya and since mr.matthews and shawn are going to somehow get the italian mob from Pennsylvania involved into this, I’m keeping it on the down low.” “Wait,WHAT?”

•mr.matthews then says “lucas stop talking to farkle- wait… MINKUS! FRIAR!”

•*farkle jumps out the window and falls into the dumpster*

•"Are you serious Minkus?!“ "You can’t catch me handbone!”

•*cory jerks head towards lucas* *lucas runs away in heels*

•cory turns his head towards his daughter and maya

•"Do you guys really like them?“
"Of course.” “I believe i do,handbone.” “That’s all that matters to me.”

•*lucas pokes his head into the classroom with his wig crooked and his lipstick smeared* “Awww!”

•*farkle screams from the dumpster* “Not to ruin the moment and all but all rights to the word handbone goes to me so i’ll see you in court maya.”

fluffy headcanons for the boys!!!!!! As requested by @daria-septiceye

-Yuuri, is afraid of the dark
-He’ll cross the road if he sees a dog just to pet it
-He’ll always be touching his s/o in some way, holding hands or his arm around the waist
-Will blush every time his s/o kisses him
-Is actually not that bad of a cook, and happily teaches his s/o some cooking skills
-Feels the need to cry whenever he sees small children with their parents playing, it makes him want to be a father will allow the kids onto his Instagram, YouTube ect and they’ll wreak havoc
-If his s/o cries, he’ll do anything to make them smile again
-Will binge watch anime with his partner
-His favourite is ouran high school host club
-This guy lives for cuddles and can’t sleep without them
-Will cook breakfast for his s/o
-The triplets loves it when hiss/o reads to them, whilst Yuri stares at his partner realising how much he loves her


-Tries to act tough, but is really a softie when it comes to cats and his s/o
-After Viktor leaves for Japan, Yuri cries since he lost his mentor
-Will make his s/o watch horror movies, but will get scared himself
-Always holds doors open
-Prefers to not cuddle when he sleeps, instead choosing to hold hands
-Isn’t big on PDA, but will still plant some kisses here and then
-Is a really bad loser, will pout big time
-Will proudly display and boast about his s/o
-Pets all the stray cats
-Wants to adopt all the stray cats
-Yuri X stay cats
-Has 1000s of selfies of him with cats, his s/o
-Animals absolutely adore him
-If it rains he’ll give his umbrella and jacket to his s/o

-Is very vocal about his relationship
-90% of his Instagram is pictures of his and his s/o
-This guy lives off of coffee, and buys a huge cafe standard coffee machine
-Will always wake his s/o up to kisses, and coffee
-Don’t like coffee? This guy will make you tea, latte, hot chocolate, anything for you
-Will hold his s/o constantly
-He’ll carry his s/o around, in his arms bridal style
-He wears Dior Fahrenheit cologne
-Will fight you for the bathroom in the morning, pretty boy needs to get ready
-Pretty boy is his nickname during practice
-Acts like a father to Yuri, and he wishes he really was his father sometimes
-He worries if he’ll ever settle down, by 27 he’d imagined he’d of met ‘the one’ and will have had a child
-Him and his s/o would help out at children’s skating rinks
-He’d lose his flirty ways quickly when becoming close to his s/o
-Kisses,kisses,kisses will always pull his s/o close and kiss them passionately
-When he’s in love, Yuri will be the first to notice
-When Viktor falls in love, he never falls out of love


Removing ONE word = A whole new look at Animal Crossing.
Guess she… SHOE-LDN’T have done that!
GET IT?…..
I’m Sorry.


Looking back at his old life was laughable. Levi had been thirty, a successful businessman doing successful boring businessman things. He’d had family, money, a nice house. In fact, he had been happy, wanting for nothing. Of course, that was before the zombie apocalypse hit. 

Like everyone, he’d seen people that believed such a thing would happen. He wasn’t one of those who believed it. It seemed stupid, a childish notion. With a lack of mythical and supernatural creatures in evidence, how could zombies possibly exist? Oh, he knew ghosts did. He’d seen a few. But that was different. Those were just shades of a person who once existed. Things like demons, zombies, and the like just weren’t real to him. And he continued to believe so… until the day they attacked.

That had been two years ago, and the time had really changed Levi. He was a hardened zombie hunter now, ruthless in his killings. He had a reason. His sister Isabel had been a casualty to the zombies. But they hadn’t simply eaten her, oh no. They had changed her into one of them. Levi had killed her with his own hands. Things like that left lasting impressions. 

“Do you think anyone is still alive in there?” Farlan, his brother, asked as he eyed the college ruins. Rubble lay heavy on the ground, but some of the buildings seemed intact. 

“If you believe the rumors.” Levi responded, voice cold as he hefted his crossbow, checking the arrow he had all ready to shoot. Rumors spoke of a young man hiding in these buildings. It would be nice if it was a human, but he’d seen zombies posing as humans before to get prey to come to them. Some of them were really quite cunning. “Stay here. I’ll signal if I need help.” At a nod from the other hunter, Levi strode toward the crumbling buildings.

It was quiet inside, but it was a tangible quiet, like the world was holding its breath waiting for something to happen. Levi was alert, looking in every corner and room he passed. He was not about to be ambushed because of carelessness. A sound reached his ears, and his eyes narrowed. Something was in here with him, something bigger than an animal. It had sounded like a shoe on metal. He knew there were a few stairwells in here, so he started for the nearest one. As he came closer to it, he saw a humanoid figure huddled against the railing and one of the stairs. But it was too dark to properly see from this far away. Leveling his crossbow before him at the shape, he proceeded cautiously forward.

Here’s my slightly less shitty drawing of Unsteady Yuri wearing his chapter 15 outfit. I am amazed by the fact that a) I didn’t forget his tattoos and b) that I managed to draw them in looking less shit than I thought they would end up looking. Also ignore the very badly done animal print on his shoes. What I did leave out are his rings because each of my attempts at drawing them in just made the entire drawing look horrendous. Sorry.