Stuffies (Prinxiety)

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Warnings: None!

Description: Roman and Anx like to share stuffed animals with eachother.

Ships: Prinxiety, background Logicality

Note: I wrote this really fast cause I loved the idea haha im sorry

At first it was done descreetly, so quietly a pin dropping could be heard. Over time, Anxiety became more…careless.

Slipping into Roman’s room when he was away, sleeping, or downstairs. He took a couple, then crept back to his room. In fact, it wasn’t until Anxiety was hugging a black kitten stuffed animal that Prince took notice.

“Anxiety,” he coughed.
“If I may ask, where did you get…that?”

“What?” Anxiety, looking a bit, well, anxious, rubbed the back of his neck. The black kitten fell from his hands and hit the ground softly. Prince glided across the floor, picking up the stuffed toy.

“This.” Prince said.

“O-Oh, that ones…” Anxiety’s eyes widened.

Anxiety would sometimes forget which toys were his and which belonged to Prince. Anxiety shuddered, fumbling with his sleeves.

“It’s alright, Anxiety.” Prince held out the doll, smiling warmly at Anxiety. Anxiety, looking cautious, reached out and took the cat. With slow, but jerky movements, he brought it back to his chest.
“You can keep him. Her.”

Anxiety looked towards the ground, still hugging the animal.
“We could…”
He shook his head.
“No, nevermind. That’s stupid.”

“What?” Prince cocked his head. Anxiety took in a breath.

“We could…share…toys…?” The tremble of nervousness in Anx’s voice was concerning. Prince lowered himself on the couch beside Anxiety, wrapping an arm around him.

“Anxiety…” He whispered.
“That’s a great idea.”




“Have you seen Snuffles?”

“Snuffles? Uh…No. Have you seen Nightmare?”

“Yes, actually. He’s in my room.”

“Throw him over, and maybe, MAYBE, I’ll return Snuffles.”

“You have her?! You little-!”

Morality giggled as he walked between the two, who were bickering about their toys once again. Grasping Logic’s hand his his, he pressed his head against the wall.

“Did you take Princess Disney, too?!”

“No. Maybe.”

“In fact, did you steal my entire animal kingdom!?”

“I would never.”

“Lies! Don’t make me come over there!”

Logic pulled Morality away from the doors, just in time for them both to swing open.

Prince was clutching a black and red dragon by the tail, while Anx rested a pink and purple unicorn on an outstretched hand.

The two exhchanged, nodded, and sunk back into their room.

Both Logic and Morality laughed.

“So cute!” Morality sang. Logic nodded.

“I suppose their actions could be considered quite adorable.”

And, hand in hand, they pulled up chairs and sat in the hall, listening for another hour to the other pairs discussion.

A few of the mods of this blog have been talking, and we’ve been becoming increasingly concerned about a trend that we’ve all noticed in the DID community here. We’ve tried to address it in the past, but we feel that it’s important that we try again and acknowledge that it’s much bigger than we communicated before.

What systems need to understand is that it isn’t healthy for anyone to allow their life to revolve around or significantly focus on their alters and / or inner world. It’s one thing to work extensively with alters in order to try to stabilize and heal. Similarly, if a small group of alters works together to manage daily life, of course this requires some degree of internal interaction. What concerns us is seeing that many people in this community act like internal happenings are just as or more important than external events and responsibilities, like internal relationships are just as or more important than external relationships, or like having DID is one of the most important things about someone.

It’s important to get along with your alters. It’s important for every alter to feel respected and heard. It’s important for alters to feel safe and content because your alters are part of you (or, to be more accurate, your alters and you are part of the same overarching system). Your alters need to be doing well for you as a whole to be doing well. Their physical, emotional, and intellectual needs are no less or more important than yours or any other alters’.

What isn’t healthy is focusing on alters’ surface needs at the expense of working on what the system as a whole needs. For example, while child alters can feel more safe and accepted when they’re given toys and allowed to play, it’s the safety and acceptance that they really need. Giving child alters safe play time can help them to reach a realization of safety, but the toys and play time alone aren’t sufficient. Child alters aren’t literal kids that you’ve been tasked with babysitting. They, like every other part of you, were created and shaped by trauma, and they aren’t uniquely immune to its effects. What they need most is for you as a system to heal.

You may not be ready to face your trauma now. Instead, you can start with making sure that your external environment is safe. You can work on symptoms of other mental health conditions that you have. You can find and practice healthier coping mechanisms. You can learn what healthy relationships look like. You can learn to ground yourself when you’re dissociated and even to prevent yourself from dissociating. What you cannot and should not try to do is focus on exploring your system and alters indefinitely at the expense of working towards actual progress. Learning that your child alters feel safer when they have a stuffed animal to hug can be a great realization! Spending days, weeks, months, or longer trying to learn all of your alters unique preferences, however, is a distraction.

It is not healthy to focus on alters’ desires at the expense of external life. While giving alters time to do what they enjoy can help the system to internalize that every part matters, this shouldn’t interfere with academics, your job, or your goals in life. Just as self care is important, giving alters some time to themselves can make for a more stable and happier system. However, just as self care shouldn’t become an excuse to never try to get anything done, making your alters happy shouldn’t become the same. Alters documenting their existence on Tumblr isn’t more worthwhile than meeting up with friends, going somewhere fun, or learning a new skill. Giving alters time out isn’t a more pressing issue than getting your homework done, making sure that you understand what you need to do for your job, volunteering, working on a personal project, or doing something else meaningful or fulfilling.

Similarly, relationships with alters should not take precedent over external relationships. While, again, it’s important for all alters to get along, you shouldn’t prioritize alters dating each other or being friends with each other over looking for, forming, and supporting external friendships, romantic and / or sexual relationships, and general connections. Keeping to yourself because you have your alters for company is not the same as meeting someone new or reaching out to old acquaintances. External loved ones can introduce you to new ideas, teach you new things, support you through hard times, and help you to grow as a person in ways that alters, as part of you, can’t. External loved ones should never make you feel bad about having alters or try to turn any of your alters against each other, but you in turn should try not to neglect them in favor of focusing on symbolic relationships between your alters.

What happens in your internal world will never be a good replacement for external life. Focusing on the jobs that alters have can never be as fulfilling as succeeding academically or in a job of your own. Internal families, partnerships, and friends can never be as fulfilling as finding or making your own family, partner(s), and friends. It may be difficult for you to achieve what you want to externally right now, and that’s okay! If spending time thinking about your internal world helps you to feel calmer, more confident, or more prepared to deal with your actual life, that can be okay. However, you need to be very careful that your internal world doesn’t become a crutch. Remember, distraction can be a coping mechanism, but if taken too far, it’s just another pathological response that’s standing between you and healing.

Another concern is that by focusing too much on your alters and how they feel like separate individuals, you can lose sight of how you all fit together. It can be harder to heal from trauma if you can’t acknowledge that it happened to you, all of you, and not just to specific alters. It can be harder to learn to handle triggers, face your fears, or respond appropriately to other intense situations and emotions if you always lean on specific alters to do so. It can be harder to rely on your abilities if you believe that only specific alters can accomplish your goals. It can be harder to really grasp and work towards your potential if you never acknowledge that your alters’ strengths belong to the system as a whole even if you can’t all access those strengths evenly right now.

There’s also the risk of getting so caught up in alters’ presentations that you give them more weight than the system’s reality. For example, an alter’s age cannot determine what age individuals the system should be with; an alter that presents as a minor in an adult system cannot be romantically or sexually involved with actual minors, just as an alter that presents as an adult in an underage system cannot be romantically or sexually involved with actual adults. An alter presenting as a certain race or ethnicity does not truly understand what it’s like to actually be a member of that racial or ethnic group. An alter presenting as disabled or with conversion disorder does not truly understand what it’s like to actually be permanently disabled in that way. An alter being a doctor or therapist internally does not give the system the medical or professional knowledge and experience of a doctor or therapist. Alters’ internal realities are never as concrete as external reality.

Finally, there’s all of the issues inherent in making a disorder a key part of your identity. Remember that you as a person have so much more going for you than what internal world jobs or abilities your alters have. You’re worth so much more than a list of alter names and associated traits. There’s so much more that’s interesting about you than that you have DID, how many alters that you have, or how your alters present. Some people might struggle with internalizing this, and that’s okay. Even if you’re one of those people, working towards understanding yourself as a whole is worthwhile. Like everything else here, it may take time, effort, and a large change in how you view and understand your system and DID as a whole, but it’s so much healthier in the long run, and every little bit of progress counts.

To reiterate and to make sure that this is absolutely clear, working with your alters is important for healing! It’s okay to acknowledge that your alters can be different from you in important ways. It’s okay for alters to want to spend time doing things that they enjoy, working towards their own interests and passions, or forming their own relationships. It’s okay to not be sure yet what your system’s overall goals, talents, or traits are. It’s okay for several alters to be important parts of your daily life and to have no intention of changing that. Where the line needs to be drawn is allowing your DID, your mental illness, to overshadow your external life. While it may feel comforting now, it’s overall limiting, and you deserve better than that.

-Katherine of Those Interrupted

(Note: I used “DID” throughout this post because OSDD-1 systems don’t seem to have this problem as often. However, this post can apply to all systems.)

king-zeno-orbis-deactivated2017  asked:

Omg!! I just LOVE💕💕 your writing!! I just discovered your blog and it's AMAZING!!! And i saw requests were open so!!! Can i request a HC with RFA+Saeran where MC had a ton of stuffed animals and comfy pillows. And she just loves to nap and cuddle with the animals all day. They feel jealous that MC isn't giving them enough attention. I love it when the RFA gets jealous😆😆 so Thanks!! You'll definitely be a big blog one day!

omg aaaah you’re so so nice and this is really heartwarming <3 hope you enjoy this and have a nice day/night!


  • MC felt that Yoosung needed to meet with her parents atlast
  • So they both came to MC’s house where they would stay for a couple of days
  • And they were deciding wether Yoosung would stay on the couch outside or on the floor in MC’s room
  • He didn’t really want to sleep on her bed as they were a new couple, he’s really shy and added the fact that her parents are sleeping a few feet away from them in the other room and are quite strict
  • Yoosung didn’t really want to be away from MC though so they opted that he be sleeping on her floor
  • He was fixing his mattress when he realized that MC had alot of stuffed animals and pillows
  • “Hey MC, I think I’ll be needing more pillows um can I have some”
  • “No”
  • “O-oh? okay”
  • He found MC cuddling with the animals, smothering them with kisses
  • Feeling something in the pit of his stomach he was scolding himself for being jealous by a bunch of toys
  • He couldn’t help it though as he took another glance at MC cuddling with them as he started mumbling to himself
  • “I should be the one she’s cuddling with, not with a bunch of stupid stuffed animals”
  • “What did you say Yoosung?”
  • “Nothing”
  • MC noticed how his behaviour changed and surprised him by wrapping his arms around his waist and pulling him to bed
  • Yoosung squeaked as he was being trapped by MC’s embrace
  • “M-MC! Your parents are just in the other room”
  • “I don’t really care” 
  • She said as she kissed his cheek, kissed his mouth, kissed his forehead
  • Yoosung was blushing beet red but he’s not complaining


  • Zen receives alot of gifts from his fans no doubt
  • But instead of him gushing over how cute the stuffed animals that the fans sent him were
  • It was MC who kept them all with the consent of Zen
  • He, at first was really confused but found it adorable that she has a thing for all those stuffed animals
  • She cuddles and naps with them all day long
  • And I meant a l l day
  • Zen was particularly tired from this one rehearsal and all he wants to do is to bury himself in MC’s cuddles
  • But he comes home to her surrounded by all the toys and instead of him gawking at the cute scene in front of him he felt slightly bitter
  • He ran his fingers through his hair as he let out a tired sigh
  • He came up to MC who was still sleeping and stroked her hair, the touch sending jolts through his body, making him want to touch her more
  • Man being with her for so long and she still manages to make him feel like he has this schoolboy crush
  • Slowly, he tried to one by one take out the stuffed animals so that he can get in bed with her to sleep aswell
  • But MC stirred and when she saw what Zen was doing, she snatched the animal from him and hugged it fiercly, turning her back from him
  • Zen was feeling really pouty and just plopped himself on top of her earning him small giggles
  • “What are you doing?” 
  • “I’m trying to get your attention” 
  • He said bluntly, making MC laugh more
  • “I do give you attention”
  • “Not with all these animals around! You hardly even look at me. I don’t want to share you with… them” He gestured around him and MC put them aside making space for Zen as they both slept with their arms entangled


  • Jumin knew MC was fond of stuffed animals
  • That’s the reason he keeps buying her anyways
  • Everytime he came home from a business trip he already has pillows and stuffed animals presented to her as gifts
  • At first she’s like noooo Jumin don’t
  • But then she knew that won’t stop him anyways so she gladly receives the gifts in the end
  • It gets harder and harder for Jumin though because the bigger her collection becomes the more she ends up neglecting him
  • Which made him almost call a maid to have it ‘accidentally thrown out’ 
  • Of course he would never do that to his girl but sometimes he just can’t help but feel pouty because she naps and hugs them all day
  • And all Jumin wants is to feel loved
  • He would sneak glances at MC while he drinks his wine
  • Trying to find comfort in stroking Elizabeth’s hair, he still finds MC’s warmth more soothing 
  • When MC notices him eyeing her he cocks her head to the side
  • Still holding the pillow mind you
  • “Is everything alright Jumin?”
  • “Everything is fine my love, go keep entertaining your collection”
  • He said those words with a little tone and MC was shocked
  • She went over to him and sat on his lap
  • “Something does look like the matter, is it work?”
  • Can this girl be even more oblivious
  • As frustrating as the situation is, in the end Jumin knows how ridiculous it is and found it endearing instead
  • He placed a chaste kiss on her lips and gave a small pat on her head
  • “You, my dear, have been ignoring me”
  • He explained the situation and MC was embarassed 
  • Promises to give him more affection from now own


  • Jaehee wasn’t really fond of stuffed animals but seeing MC light up being surrounded by them puts her at ease atleast
  • She would sleep with it, take it with her to their coffee shop you name it
  • It was really cute at first but being at home and finding MC curled up and hidden between the masses of pillows made her feel less enthusiastic about it
  • Let’s face it Jaehee was jealous
  • But she was in denial because how can she be jealous of a thing stuffed with cotton??
  • It was ridiculous but it was making Jaehee more frustrated
  • MC nOtice me
  • She would walk in front of MC alot, trying to catch her attention to no avail
  • Now Jaehee’s dislike for stuffed animals increased 
  • MC noticed her walking around without really doing anything and asked her if she was okay
  • “Yeah I’m okay”
  • “Come here”
  • MC opened her arms and Jaehee gladly accepted the hug
  • finally


  • Seven has guilty pleasures with stuffed animals let’s face it
  • But he sacrifices his and gives them to MC instead because she’s really cute when she receives them
  • And it makes his heart flutter to see her so happy he wouldn’t trade it for anything
  • When they were having fights, Seven would straight up buy her expensive pillows and cute stuffed animals and they would be back okay in an instant
  • And when he would be working, she would be getting one of the toys and peck his cheek with it saying
  • “Saeyounggg, you should really take a break”
  • “Hm maybe if you give me a kiss”
  • “The only kiss you’ll be receiving is Ms. Ladytart’s if you don’t get a snack or two that’s NOT junkfood”
  • “Negotiable, now come here”
  • He pulled her as she fell into his lap but placed the animal on his face right when they were about to kiss
  • That got him slightly annoyed but he let it pass
  • Until MC was now constantly ignoring him and all her kisses went to her animals instead
  • Seven needs love and attention to survive how can he do this
  • Always jokes around how MC loves them more than him but she never really takes it seriously 
  • Until she naps all day with it and Seven got worried because she hasn’t been coming out of her room to eat
  • Did she get sick??
  • Once he found the situation, he couldn’t help but feel jealous of all the pillows surrounding her
  • So he bought an animal onesie and parades around the house wearing it
  • “Finally I can experience MC’s love!”


  • Saeran absolutely hates that she has tons of stuffed animals 
  • But it was also just because he was just really really irritated that MC sleeps all day with it
  • “I don’t understand, why the hell does she bother with all those damn toys around her? it’s driving me insane”
  • “How come? I think it’s really cute”
  • “It’s not cute Saeyoung, It’s making me feel so… so mad! I don’t know why”
  • “You’re jealous!!”
  • “I am not”
  • “Yes you are”
  • MC came out to see the two boys bickering, in a sleepy haze, yawning, she asked
  • “What’s happening?”
  • “Saeran over here is jealou-”
  • He tackled Seven and placed his palm on his mouth
  • “Don’t listen to him, all he ever spouts is pure idiocy”
  • Seven licked his hand and he let go screaming:
  • And ran straight to his room
  • Saeran nearly chased and killed him right at that moment but snapped his head back to MC when he heard her laughing
  • “Why are you laughing you idiot”
  • “You-? you’re jealous?? Of my stuffed animals pfft” She kept laughing, holding her stomach until Saeran circled his arms around her waist and pulled her body tight against him, not letting go
  • “So what? I like your attention”
  • MC was surprised at his sudden boldness as he placed his lips on hers
distractions / coping methods

hello! i thought since some of you may be struggling with suicide or self harm, i should try giving you some methods of dealing with it in a more positive and non harmful ways. these ones work best for me.

• listening to music
• taking a nap / sleeping
• having a nice warm shower / bath
( extra tip : add bubbles!! )
• looking at cute animal pictures
• drawing on yourself
( extra tip : use a red marker, it helps with being more realistic )
• painting / drawing
• talking / texting / hanging out with someone who you enjoy
• watch tv shows / movies etc.
( extra tip : be a burrito in a heap of blankets )
• dance or sing, or both!
• write down poetry / how you’re feeling
• play video games
• remember some of you’re favorite memories
• remind yourself of the things you like about yourself
• put on some fuzzy socks (they make everything better)
• make hot coco, coffee, or tea!
• eat a nice snack you like
• read a book!
• look at old birthday cards
• hug a stuffed animal
• hug a real animal
( extra tip : if it’s fluffy and nice, all the better )
• stretch! stretching helps you relax more
• eat some candy
• anything that helps you!

no matter how big or small, just try anything you think will help you feel better or at least distract yourself from harmful intentions or thoughts.

stay safe everyone!

Saudade - Chris Schistad

Originally posted by alvrmorata

Hii guys, just something that came to mind and I decided to write. English is not my first language, so, I’m really sorry for any mistakes. I hope you enjoy it ;)

Summary: (Y/N) is exchange student, having a bad day missing home, so her best friend suprises her.

Warnings: Possibly grammar errors

FREDAG 14:30

The bell had finally rung.

And the day was finally over, and before anyone could stop her for a small talk at the hallways, she was already at the bus stop, taking the first bus to her little apartment not too far from there.  

(Y/N) was having an awful day, and it wasn’t because the day didn’t go as planned, everything went perfectly fine, school was fine and her grades were good; it was just the feeling deep in her heart she usually felt a few times during the year, the feeling she couldn’t put into words because in this new language, it didn’t exist.

She enjoyed being an exchange student, she felt lucky and blessed to have this opportunity. Being independent and living alone, exploring a new culture was exciting, having new friends, and she enjoyed as much as she could, but she couldn’t help missing her country, the tropical weather, the food and her family.

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Stupid Sofa (Jun X Reader)

Jun X Reader Genre: Fluff

Originally posted by lunejun

You fell asleep at Jun’s house that night while sobbing about your toe that you stubbed. “AH THIS DARN SOFA! WHAT THE HELL JUN? WHO PUTS A SOFA IN A LIVING ROOM??” Okay..maybe you were a little bit drunk. However, it wasn’t your fault. Some dude at Jun’s friend’s stupid college party had taken your “gluten free water” for some reason and replaced it with alcohol. Pretty weird, right? Jun was your only friend there, and the one responsible for dragging you to the party, so he was the one responsible for taking care of you afterwards.

However, Jun was more than happy about that. He enjoyed your company and you also suspected him liking you a little. It was okay though, because you liked him back. …You just hadn’t confessed yet. You were actually planning to that night, but your plans had gotten canceled.

“JUN WHY ARE YOU LIKE TEN FEET TALL,,WHAT THE HECK??” You hollered over the loud mainstream music while trying not to fall on Jun. Jun caught you and rolled his eyes, “(Y/N), I think we should head back home.” “iF hOmE iS wHeRe ThE hEaRt iS tHeN wE’rE aLL jUsT fUc-”

Jun covered your mouth, stopping you from screaming the lyrics to your favorite song, “I really do love your singing, (Y/N), but you should probably save your emo music sessions for when you’re with Wonwoo.”

You laughed and let Jun carry you to his car, since you were refusing to leave. “JUN YOU’RE SO STRONG LIKE DANG I CAN’T EVEN LIFT MYSELF!”

Jun laughed, but was clearly flattered. “When we get home, you’re going to sleep. You really need rest,” he ordered.

You stared at him in awe, “Jun, has anyone ever told you how pretty you are?” “Not really…” his voice trailed off as he took a turn into his neighborhood. You nodded, “Well you’re like really pretty. I’ve always wanted to say that but I never could for some reason.” Jun raised an eyebrow, “Well thank you (Y/N), you’re definitely prettier than me though.”

You let Jun carry you into his house as you sung the abc’s to him. He finally set you down in the living room when you stubbed your toe, and burst into tears. “THIS IS SO UNFAIR JUN! WHY IS LIFE SO HARD??” Jun shrugged and put some ice on your toe. “Why don’t you go to sleep, (Y/N),” Jun suggested, getting a blanket and a pillow.

“Okay, but I’m not sleeping on the couch because it’s responsible for my toe’s pain,” you complained. Jun shrugged, “Whatever, I’ll sleep on the couch.”

Jun tucked you into his extremely comfortable bed that didn’t have anything against you unlike the couch.

“JuN.” You called right as he was about to leave.


“sLeEp hErE.” You demanded.

Jun looked confused.

“I have to tell you something,” you said a bit quieter.

Jun tucked himself in next to you. “This better not be something random, (Y/N).” You set the stuffed animal that you were hugging aside, and wrapped your arms around Jun. “Yo Junny boi,” you whispered, “I kind of like you a lot..” Jun hesitantly wrapped his arms around your waist to return the embrace.

“I really like you, (Y/N).” He finally said.

Kyle imagine

Imagine getting a dog and Kyle adoring it. However you have to stop him from accidentally killing it.

Kyle grinned and hugged the animal close to him. “Dog!” He giggled, snuggling close to it. You smiled and kneeled down by him. “You like her?” Ky nodded rapidly and you kissed him on the cheek. The dog tried to back up and Kyle frowned, holding it much tighter. “N-No…” He stuttered. The puppy whimpered and her ears flattened, a small crack-like noise coming from her neck. You quickly took Kyle’s hands and moved them off the dog. “Honey, you’re gonna have to be a little more gentle. You’re a lot stronger than you think.” You smiled nervously and he nodded with a soft sigh.

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If I Could Do It All Over Again

Masterpost: {x}

Part: 2/16

Pairing: Hamliza

Inspiration: this drawing

Summary: After Alexander died, he realized the existence of reincarnation. While most didn’t believe in the possibility, Alexander was one of those special few who remembered everything in their past lives. Because of this, he spent almost all of his lives searching for his dear Eliza. As his lives went on, things began to seem hopeless, all until he runs into her one day in the most unexpected place.

Warning: Mentions of a controlling boyfriend

Word Count: 3.356

Dedication: @newyorkyoucanbeanew bc i love them

Tags: @bunny-yams , @ufo-pearl , @sullkid700 , @aswimmerlife , @nefarism , @mishaisakitten, @embershine0521, @cutebridge, @tellchickfilaimqueer, @hamil-fandom, @karmana-stevens-569, @pipindaae, @xfallingsnowx, @beafayette, @hell-yes-puns-and-ships

A/N: Tench (Taylor) Tilghman is Eliza’s fiance 

The blistering cold of late winter was not something a small animal such as a bunny should’ve endured, but Walker’s Bakery was also not a place for the adorable mammal to be. Eliza hadn’t any idea of how she got in. All she knew was that she walked in that morning and found the fluffy creature huddled near the heater.

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narwhals-are-unicorns-of-the-sea  asked:

How would US Sans and UF Papyrus react to an S/O that ended up attracting animals like a Disney Princess? Like birds, deer, cats, dogs, and holy- is that a BEAR, following them around town.

Okay I’m gonna make this as cute as possible for ya!

When the first robin ayy  SQUIRREL comes skittering after your heels as you walk, Blueberry (Underswap Sans) freaks out. In the most positive way! He is so genuinely excited and absolutely elated that his datemate, his darling angel, is in fact a real life Disney princess! He’ll be squealing about how amazing and how adorable it is every time another animal joins the march. He tries to pick a little kitty up, and suddenly the animals split into two packs, one following you, and another following Sans. He tells you to stop walking and come pet the cute animals! You do. Soon enough you’re both surrounded by cats, dogs, birds, bunnies, squirrels and deer, all wanting your affections. In short, Sans falls just a bit more in love with you. Congratulations, you achieved death by fluffy animal hugs and Blueberry nuzzles!

It’s different with Edge (Underfell Papyrus) because he is not a fan of small animals. You’re walking around in town when the first little deer appears. He’ll turn around and start snarling at it. You may try to stop him, but you will not succeed. Instead, as the animals pile up and continue to follow you, he’ll get more and more aggravated. At one point he just snaps around to tell those critters off but… they’re almost all gone, some of them cowering in bushes, a few still fleeing. Why? Papyrus looks up. Right in front of him is a bear. A bear had started following you. Papyrus doesn’t know whether he’s mildy unnerved or impressed. You don’t seem to mind the bear, and the bear doesn’t seem violent, swinging its giant head back and forth in a search for… what? Papyrus exstends his hand. Nothing happens. Long story short, your edgy boyfriend ends up riding a bear around town as it follows you, cackling and calling out that he has tamed the beast and it will serve as his loyal transportation method! NYAH HAH HAH HAH! Enjoy the rest of your day with your bear-riding boyfriend.