Probably not as long as I should! I used to jump right into drawing the animal/subject and ‘figure out’ the atmosphere as I went along (not a great method haha), but I just recently started doing quick color comps beforehand and it’s helped me a lot in planning my pieces. I usually spend about 15 minutes doing a quick sketch-painting, just messing around with color and shape until I find something that has potential. Above you can see roughs for a couple of my latest drawings, compared to how they actually turned out!

Animal Crossing Starters:
  • “I figured you must be blackmailing that poor girl to have lunch with you.”
  • “I think it’s fair to say that I’m pretty sexy.”
  • “I don’t want to live in a world where I have to eat sugar free sugar cookies.”
  • “I remembered today was your birthday so I thought I’d say hi.”
  • “You have nothing to lose except your lonely loser status.”
  • “Shut it, you faker!”
  • “I sure am tired from all that relaxing I did today.”
  • “Then I can spend my entire allowance on comic books and video games and no one can stop me.”
  • “When you listen to pop music, you often hear them saying ‘shawty.’”
  • “[NAME] made fun of me because I say 'poot’ all the time.”
  • “I waited and waited because I really wanted to see you.”
  • “Tell papa/mama what’s up.”
  • “It hurts my face just looking at you.”
  • “Marry me.”
  • “I look forward to seeing what you’re gonna do with my butt.”
  • “A trash bin..? Is this a clue to your true identity?”
  • “I’m beautiful, but I’m also deadly.”
  • “I hope you go to jail.”
  • “What did you do to my body?”
  • “Stick to chocolate and comic books. You’re too young for love anyway.”
  • “I’m sorry.. please don’t be too mad at me.”
  • “I have a big favor to ask you.”
  • “Maybe I’ll just go home and lock myself in a closet.”
  • “I gotta admit, I really love that one show where all those people do the stuff and then something happens.”
  • “Here, touch my skin. It’s totally slimy right now.”
  • “I probably look in the mirror 24 times a day just to be sure I’m still so darned handsome/beautiful.”
  • “Guess what I’ve got in my pockets right now.”
  • “Better not catch you making goo-goo eyes at my wife/husband.”
  • “No one understands me. I’m hungry all the time and no one cares.”
  • “Are you suggesting my style is outdated?”
  • “Don’t play with stink bugs, especially when you’ve got a date coming up.”
  • “They don’t even care who wins. They just all flex their pecs.”
  • “Love means accepting that there will be times when you don’t get the last scallop.”
  • “Yeah exercise is totally hard and stuff. I think I’m gonna go take a nap and read a book or whatever.”
  • “Today was the day my best friend in the whole wide world was born.”
  • “Whoa you look so weird. And not weird in a hip way. More like 'weird’ as in 'makes me want to barf.’”
  • “End my suffering.”
  • “Not to sound corny but I really like you.”
  • “I wonder how I can say 'swaggy ’ in the most grown up way possible.”
  • “Just because two people are good friends doesn’t mean they’d make a good couple.”
  • “Sorry, I was staring at your face because I don’t know you. Not because there’s something wrong with your face.”
  • “Would it surprise you if I said I’m pretty proud of my legs?”
  • “The truth is never free.. but sometimes it’s on sale.”
  • “I hear the sound of rap coming from somewhere.”
  • “They tell you to sleep on a problem. But what if your problem is insomnia?”
  • “I’ll just observe your friends from the shadows.”
  • “I heard allergies are caused by the government.”
  • “Watch out, 'cause I’ll compliment you until you puke.”
  • “So D.I.Y. stands for 'do it yourself’? Well, if these guys think I’m going to do my own manual labor, they’ve got another acronym coming.”
  • “I can smell your confidence. Smells like soup.”
  • “I’m gay.”
  • “You’re my hero.”
  • “Please don’t call on me.”
  • “I think I dropped my house key somewhere. That was my favorite key… it opened my house.”
  • “Do you want to hear the brutal truth? That outfit is a hot mess.”
  • “Oh, I get it! You’re playing it cool. Trying your best not to cry.”

There’s a dog on her balcony.

No, that can’t be right. Her office is on the 33rd floor, and the dog would have had to travel up all those floors past 18 different layers of security, walk right past her, and somehow unlock open close and then relock her balcony door without anyone noticing. So no, that high pitch bark that just sounded behind her must be something else. There is no actual way that there’s a dog on her balcony right now.

A loud yip followed by claws scrambling against the glass wall behind her suggests otherwise.

Slowly, Lena allows herself to turn around annnnddd yep. There is definitely a dog. Her first thought - after realizing the impossible has once again happened to her - is that that is one tiny sounding bark for such a huge animal. And it is huge, standing on its hind legs nearly as tall as her, it’s paws and drooping tongue pressed to the glass. As if sensing her thoughts the dog barks again, high pitched and excited. It obviously wants to come in.

Lena can see the muscles flexing in its limbs and figures an animal that size could get in with or without her help, so she might as well be proactive about it. The balcony shakes from the force of the dog’s tail smacking the ground faster and faster, its excitement growing with every step towards it Lena takes. The entire floor is shaking now as she reaches the door, pausing for a moment to stare at what may be about to kill her. The dog just presses its face to the glass, as if it’s trying to get as close as it can, and Lena unlatches the lock just as tiny cracks begin to snake out from where the dog’s nails dig in.

All the air is forcefully head-butted out of her lungs as the dog tackles her, knocking her to the ground. She feels it’s massive jaw opening against her own and she clenches up in anticipation of the bite. Imagine her surprise, then, when she’s instead treated to the absolute slimiest tongue imaginable roughly dragging across her face. It gets a solid four swipes in before she can fully get her arms up between them, trying to shield herself from the goop that’s dribbling excitedly onto her face. She’s pretty sure a puddle is forming around her.

The dog opts then to push its head again at her, pressing it into her hands and chest and face with a desperate sort of enthusiasm. Hesitantly, she scratches behind its ear.

“Good boy,” she says, and is met with another yip and sloppy tongue. A few more careful pets end with the dog sprawled out completely on top of her, pressing its face into the curve of her neck, unmoving if not for the continuous room-shaking thump of its tail.

Lena’s not sure how long she lays like that, a monster of fur and muscles pressing her down with its enthusiastic affection into an ever growing puddle of sloop. She does know when Kara arrives, though, because the dog finally moves. His head perks up and before she can even think to say something the dog is bounding towards the now open door and tackling Kara.

Lena scrambles up then with a shout of warning, but Kara is fine. In fact, the beast has jumped up on its hind legs to lick at her face with abandon, and Kara’s just laughing!

“Krypto,” she says, “there you are!”

Kara’s glasses are practically ripped from her face by the force of licks raining down on her.

“Lena, where did you find him? This is that dog I was telling you about, my new rescue!”

Lena has to forcefully pry her clothes from the floor, the saliva puddle sticking like duct tape. Kara looks so beautiful when she’s happy.

“I found him in the park,” she says, after watching their reunited love fest for a moment more. Krypto - seemingly remembering her now - turns to lunge back at her but is yanked back by Kara’s firm grip. The dog’s claws scramble against the floor as he fights her grip but Kara holds firm like there’s barely any resistance at all. Lena’s arms ache from their harsh collision with the floor.

So many things are beginning to make sense now.

“Lena, I can’t believe it. I’ve been so worried about him. Thank you so much for bringing him here.”

There are happy tears in her eyes and Lena really can’t do anything but sigh in defeat.

“Of course, Kara. You know I’d do anything for you.”

anonymous asked:

Hey hey~ if requests are open, could I ask for how the rfa would react to a short mc with a big round butt XD. Mc could be insecure about it or very confident , up to you. Just thought it would be entraining to read. Thank you so much for all your writing, and please take all the time you need, there is no pressure and always have fun when writing !! Thank you Mama peño, you are amazing!!!

~Yeah no prob! hehehe all hail the booty 

◉ Yoosung 

  • Low-key living for it
  • Tries not to stare but he STARES 
  • Obsessed with you in skirts 
  • Any kind of skirt, pencil, mini like all the skirts 
  • Uses your butt as a laptop holder sometimes
  • He just loves when you lay across his lap reading or on your phone and he can lay his forearms on your butt and study or play console games 
  • Has slapped your ass 
  • Blushes like crazy every time though and stutters 
    • “S-sorry…was that alright?” 

◉ Jumin 

  • It doesn’t matter how insecure you are, he is obsessed with every part of you
  • Thinks your butt is perfection 
  • Very strict that the tailors making your clothes accentuate your…assets 
  • Will most likely ask if he can record your diet, daily activities and exercise routine to calculate how you got a body like that 
  • Making scientific research outta your fine ass 
  • He will absolutely not have you being insecure about it 
  • If he gets the slightest hint that you’re worried about how you look, it’s game over. He is cancelling his day for you 
    • “Today, I’m going to show you just how much I crave every inch of you, and I won’t be stopping until I’m completely sure you understand my love for you.” 

◉ Zen 

  • Verrrry handsy 
  • Can’t help himself around you 
  • Sometimes doesn’t even realize he’s cupped a cheek until you’ve like, stopped chopping the onions and you’re looking at him and he’s like :
    • “What is it?”
    • “Ahem…” looks down at his hand 
    • Gah! Sorry babe…habit…” 
  • Always makes you jog in front of him, so he has the best view in town 
  • Has dreams about the booty 
    • “I didn’t think it was possible but…you’re the only person in the world with a finer ass than me. I’m okay with it, though,” *squeezes*

◉ Jaehee 

  • W E A K   2 tha BOOTYYY 
  • She gets so flustered when you’re at home walking around in booty shorts(spanks) or anything accentuating your curves 
    • “MC I-I…have some work to do illbeintheotherroomokaybye” you cant even hear her flustered mumbles as she blushes and runs away
  • Very worried about how you dress in public because she can’t handle it and also doesn’t want others staring at you 
  • Low-key loves seeing you walk around the house in boxers >.>….
  • Also…if you’re in just a T-shirt and panties (even though most of the time she is a shy flustered bean and runs away and then you have to chase and tackle her)
  • Fav thing is going clothes shopping with you and seeing in the dressing room how different outfits look on you with your curves
  • Just thinks you’re beautiful 

◉ Saeyoung 

  • Boy can’t be stopped 
  • And you know it too so you wear things that tease him on purpose 
  • At any time, in any place, even if you think you’re home alone…if you lay on your stomach at all, Saeyoungs head will appear, laying on your butt 
  • It’s his favorite resting place 
  • Will also use it as a prop for action figures or animal crackers when he’s playing around 
  • Thinks your ass has magical powers 
    • *rubs your butt like a crystal ball* “ohhhh great mystical booty….what shall we have for dinner tonight” *places an ear to your butt* “it says honey buddha chip and PHD Pepper! The great and powerful one has spoken!” 

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the zodiac signs as trends I never understood

(this is ironic and meant to be funny so please, don’t take offence in this)

Aries: Overprized sportswear that’s supposed to look “casual”

Taurus: “No-makeup” makeup

Gemini: Heelies and Light-up sketchers for adults

Cancer: Buns and ponytails at the literal top of your head

Leo: String tangas showing above low waist jeans

Virgo: Jeans with no pockets

Libra: Strobing/Highlighter that makes you look like you just sweat a lot

Scorpio: Knuckle tattoos and excessively long nails

Sagittarius: Drop crotch pants

Capricorn: Shoes with extremely thin heels

Aquarius: Putting things like pencils or tiny animal figures through your tunnel earrings

Pisces: Lipliner that’s several shades darker than the actual lipstick


Suiseki 水石 : pierre travaillée par l'eau.

Les suiseki sont généralement présentés en exposition en association avec les bonsai 盆栽.

Art japonais relatif aux pierres de forme particulière. Les collectionneurs de suiseki recherchent les pierres dont la forme ou le graphisme évoque un animal, une figure humaine, un paysage ou simplement une belle forme abstraite.

Ancient Glass Horse Flacon, Syria, 7th-9th Century AD

This blown flacon was mounted so that it became part of a horse-like animal made of pinched glass. The flacon belongs to a type that is known from Syria during the Roman Era. After an interval, flacons of this kind in the shape of animal figures were made again in the early Islamic period. Unlike the Roman pieces, they were now set into a richer, lace-like decoration of pinched glass, perhaps inspired by the type of masterfully undercut Roman class called vasa diatreta. The flacon’s wide neck indicates that it was intended to hold a liquid that was to be poured – probably a fragrant oil or balsam.

and of course it’s always worth mentioning that studying real life animal + human figures always comes before stylisation. like u don’t have to commit urself to mastering realism but you should at least know ur skeletal structures because it is a HUGE help, and can also allow u to make up completely new anatomy for creature designs and have them be believable 

(here’s the skull studies i did for a race of monsters from a story i’m writing)

Pynch fic rec

for my lightshooks @blushyalec @s0ftmalec ❤️❤️

Same Old Constellation by intertwiningsouls 

Tad Carruthers will not leave Adam Parrish alone, so Adam enlists the help of the guy he wishes he was dating. Of course

Time isn’t real (but you’re a constant) by SpiritsFlame

Adam wakes up in the future, learns a few things about himself, about time, and about his priorities. But mostly he just wishes that Time was doing it’s job better.

Body Gold by poetic_leopard

“I’d have to give due props to Michelangelo as well,” Death Metal Boy mumbled, on his way out. “You know, for The Creation of Adam?” he winked as he slithered out of the store.{tattoo/florist AU because apparently i’m a sucker for the cliche, but here, please indulge me}.

Adagio (slowly, at east) - cherishadamparrish

Adam and Ronan stumble between the lines of the overused Fake Relationship/Pretend Dating trope.

Call to the sky - cherishadamparrish

Single dad!Ronan finally meets the teacher, Mr. Parrish, that Opal has been blabbering about for weeks.

Turns out Mr. Parrish is a lot younger than first imagined. And a lot prettier too.

A movie script ending - adamganseys

Ronan didn’t know how he ended up with a cute boy sleeping on his shoulder during a particularly awful movie, and he wasn’t sure if he should be thankful or curse whoever was responsible for this.

(Pynch Week Day One: Alternative Meetings; Based on the prompt “I fell asleep on you and drooled all over your shoulder in a theater during a really bad movie and you were too nice to shove me off” AU)

The breach of all thy laws - asael

Ronan ending up in prison doesn’t surprise him all that much. His cellmate, on the other hand, is not what he expected at all.

Puppy Love - LydiaStJames 

AU. When Adam decided to volunteer at the local animal shelter, he figured it would be a breeze. He did not, however, anticipate getting on the bad side of the temperamental owner, nor his favorite shelter dog.

There ya go darlings ❤️

ne-gri-tude  asked:

Why do we associate animal figures to the constellations when in reality they resemble nothing like them?

The first constellations were created by Ptolemy in the 2nd century, the others were defined in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. They are generally typified or incorporated in constructions made by humans and often represent animals, mythological people or gods, mythological creatures or manufactured devices, but the main motive was to help identify the seasons. For example, the constellation Scorpio is typical of southern hemisphere winter, since in June it is visible all night. Orion is visible all night in December, and therefore typical of the southern hemisphere summer. Some historians suspect that many of the constellation myths were invented to help farmers remember when to plant and harvest. Really the “ figures ” representing the constellations do not have much to do with the sky in which we see, but before and today they are mere importance to facilitate and assist civilization.

There are 88 official constellations, but there are also constellations that are not recognized by the International Astronomical Union (IAU), as well as constellations recognized in regional traditions of astronomy or astrology, such as Chinese;


or Australian aborigine.

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Dear Younger Me...

You will learn how to draw feet-

You will learn how to draw hands-

You will get pretty good at drawing hair-

You will get better at drawing eyes-

You will get better at drawing mouths-

You will be able to draw characters from the side, with different looking noses-

You will finally be able to draw muscles and fat-

You will be able to draw bones and skeletons that look like actual bones and skeletons-

You will be able to draw animals, monsters, and fantasy creatures-

You will be able to draw kissing-

You will be able to draw and design the characters you imagine in your head-

You’ll stop making all the characters you draw white and you’ll stop imagining most characters as white-

You’ll figure out how to create illustrations, and use different styles-

You will be able to draw real people-

You’ll get better at drawing than you used to be-


Yesterday I received this wonderful gift from @ajttk
thank you so much tony <3 hugs :)

@maggieumber your drawings and paintings have so much movement in them, they look so, alive. I love the animal figures, but also the essence of the surroundings in Sound of Snow Falling.
Thank you for sharing your work with us, online. You are not only a great painter/illustrator.. You are an amazing story teller as well. hugs <3



Skinwalkers are in Native American legends, particularly Navajo (they are called yee naaldlooshii directly translating to “with it, he goes on all fours”). They are believed to be a person with supernatural abilities to turn into any animal they desire. In some cases, skinwalkers wear the pelt of the animal.

The Yee Naaldlooshii 

They are one of the several varieties of the Navajo witch (specifically the ’ánt’įįhni) . In some versions, men or women who have attainted the highest level of priest hood are called clizyati, translating to “pure evil”, when they commit the act of killing a close blood relative (sister, brother, mother, father), incest, or necrophilia. This act is said to destroy their humanity and allow them to fully immerse themselves in the teachings of the Witchery Way.

  • The ’ánt’įįhnii are human beings who have gained supernatural power by breaking a cultural taboo.
  • Specifically, a person is said to gain the power to become a yee naaldlooshii upon initiation into the Witchery Way (witchcraft).
  •  This is done especially via the Navajo equivalent of the “Black Mass”, a depraved “sing" (Navajo ceremonial) used to curse instead of to heal.
  • Both men and women can become ’ánt’įįhnii and therefore possibly skinwalkers, but men are far more numerous.
  • It is generally thought that only childless women can become witches. 
  • Not every witch is a skinwalker, but every skinwalker is a witch.

Animal Forms

The most common forms are:

  • Coyote
  • Fox
  • Wolf
  • Eagle
  • Owl
  • Crow

The yee naaldlooshii is said to have the power to assume the form of any animal they choose, a decision based on what specific abilities are needed. For example, Witches may use a bird form for expedient travel in pursuit, escape, or otherwise. Some Navajo also believe that skinwalkers have the ability to steal the face of a person. The Navajo believe that if you ever lock eyes with a skinwalker, they can absorb themselves into your body. Alternately, some Navajos believe that if you make eye contact with a skinwalker, your body will freeze up due to the fear of them and the skinwalker will use that fear to gain power and energy.


  • A skinwalker is usually described as hairy, except for an animal skin.
  • Some Navajos describe them as a perfect version of the animal in question. 
  • The skin may just be a mask, like those which are the only garment worn in the witches’ sing, which is the opposite of the good sing.
  • Because animal skins are used primarily by skinwalkers, the pelt of animals such as bears, coyotes, wolves, and cougars are considered taboo. Sheepskin and buckskin are probably two of the few hides used by Navajos; the others are not used for ceremonial purposes.


Many Navajo people will tell of their encounter with a skinwalker, but will hesitate and often not reveal the story to non-Navajos, or to talk of such things at night because it is believed that talking of skinwalkers will draw them near you.

Skinwalker may stalk people, knock on the windows, and climb onto the roofs. Sometimes, a strange, animal-like figure is seen standing outside the window, peering in. Other times, a skinwalker may attack a vehicle and cause a car accident.


The skinwalkers are described as being fast, agile, and impossible to catch. Though some attempts have been made to shoot or kill one, they are not usually successful. Sometimes a wounded skinwalker will escape, only to have someone turn up later with a similar wound which reveals them to be the witch.


  • If you get the skinwalker to talk while in animal form, they will never be able to shapeshift again, and will revert back to human form.
  • White ash rubbed on bullets.
  • Saying their full name (and about three days later that person would either get sick or die for the wrong that they have committed).

Legend has it skinwalkers can have the power to read human thoughts. They also possess the ability to make any human or animal noise they choose. A skinwalker may use the voice of a relative or the cry of an infant to lure victims out of the safety of their homes; the skin walkers cannot enter a home without invitation.