“One cannot have too much respect for man when one sees how well he understands how to fight his way through, endure, turn circumstances to his own use, and overthrow his enemies. However, when one looks at his desires he appears the absurdest of animals.”

—F. Nietzsche, The Will to Power, §335 (edited excerpt).

i hate when people get into fights about hacked vs non-hacked towns, one isn’t better than the other!! it just depends on the way you like to play!! i know how to hack but aside from moving rocks i don’t do it because i enjoy earning bells and checking the shops everyday and finishing my museum, house and landscape myself by collecting the items day by day. but some people don’t care for all that and just like to landscape and that’s fine!! or maybe they like elements of both and that’s fine too!! both types of towns take tons of time, energy and creativity and we should appreciate the work everyone puts into their town, no matter how they go about it

When two ladies come to your door to talk to you about god and you cheerfully tell them thanks but no thanks, you’re an atheist, and they LITERALLY gasp.