I guess I never uploaded this design! I hope it’s well received, I love peaches so much! 

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I know you're very busy but I'm starting ACNL again and I want a town flag with a white cosmos in it...Don't know what to call my town but I love daisies and cosmos flowers so it'll be based off of that. I appreciate your time Minue!

It’s always fun restarting a town ^v^


🌲🌈LGBT+ Animal Crossing Canvases, Clothes and Umbrellas 🌈🌲

Made all these designs a while ago for my LGBT+ Café on ACHHD and I thought that it’d be cool to post the QR’s so that others can use them too! I couldn’t get all of them here so I’ll post them next!

These aren’t pro designs meaning that you can use them as a canvas on your wall, T-shirt’s and even umbrellas! 😁

Please do leave my caption if you Reblog and credit me on other sites if you do use and share them! It’s more because I’d love to see you guys using my work! 😊

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