This is the main set of QR codes for a large lake design I made in my 2nd animal crossing town. You can use it to make anything from small ponds, big lakes or water boarders! There are also codes for the inside corners and stepping stones over on the website for those who enjoy the little extras!

You can also see it in action over at Sad Town’s dream code: 4700-3143-2610


I guess I never uploaded this design! I hope it’s well received, I love peaches so much! 

Sweater weather is gone, but not in animal crossing! Cover up if you prefer being pale as a ghost! If not, I suggest a tank!

Can’t find original source on this.

What you say? Want to play Animal Crossing fun game but man friend men make fun of you for playing girly baby game for babies who are also girls? Fear not, friend! Acquire muscle disguise! Fool your friends! “What that your girl baby game for baby who are also girl?” Friend asks “But Wait! I see it is for truly latest God of Gears of Modern Duty Forever Tom Clancy Edition Zero X! Good job for socially prescribed level of masculine gamining skill” You now reign over them as video game king Thank you Muscle Disguise!