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Hey guys! Earlier, I was looking for something cute to buy but I couldn’t find what I wanted, so… I made my own? Currently in my shop I have two different animal crossing patterns (Spring circles and Summer triangles) on three different styles of clothing (crop tops, skater dress and skirt). I am incredibly happy with how they all turned out, and I hope that others are interested in this as well! I’’m so excited to finally share this with you guys. I get a commission for every item purchased so you’ll be supporting me if you choose to buy something! Please, if you can, reblog this to spread the word. I appreciate it so much and I hope you all enjoy! 

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Here’s a few links to my favorite pieces so far! 

I made a repeatable pattern from the Animal Crossing 3DS XL! I thought that I would post it as my first act of Crossing.

The background (white) is transparent. Use it however you want, its not really my pattern after all! Remember to save the image to keep it transparent, copying it will make the white part black.

EDIT: Fixed the closeness of two apples!


I combined two of my favorite things for the 3DS: Animal Crossing and Pokémon! (´▽`ʃƪ)

Wearing the Sundae Dress always made me feel like a magical girl, so I wanted to feel that feeling in New Leaf, too~~ It’s super cute! ☆

Hope you enjoy~!(*´▽`*)♡

….pls enjoy i spent entirely too much time on this asdlfkj ;;;