For all y'all curious about Farley. 

So I got on Animal Crossing Gamecube for the first time in years today.  There was apparently a new villager that had moved in, her name was Carrie.  She seemed really sweet, but after I talked to her, she STARTED RUNNING AWAY EVERY TIME I GOT NEAR HER.  When I would talk to her, she’d literally say she didn’t have time to talk to me, or didn’t WANT to talk to me.  After awhile she admitted to ignoring me on purpose and started crying, and said she would never do it again.  She was normal after that.

In all my years of playing Animal Crossing, especially the gamecube version, I have NEVER had that happen to me.  It was really strange.  I can’t find anything about it online, so I’m wondering why on Earth it happened.

It certainly was entertaining watching her run around in a small acre, unable to escape, for several minutes though!  I always hated the acre system in the old game but today it was very funny!