Phichit+Yuuri Appreciation Fortnight

Day 6 of 7: Pain

(Starting 29/3/17, every other day for a period of two weeks, I’ll post a little something that explores the Phichit+Yuuri friendship before Victor-the-person comes into the picture. This is a platonic relationship appreciation project. This seeks, also, to be a Phichit character study.)  

This has been one hell of a fucking informative day for me! And this is what I learned so far.

THIS little cutie is an Aardwolf.

YES. CUTE ISN’T HE? He was in my last post. Aardwolf means Earth Wolf in Afrikaans.

But wait, there’s MORE.

THESE LITTLE FLOOFBALLS ARE MOSTLY MONOGAMOUS. YEAH. That’s right! They even raise itty bitty floofballs together! Then when the floofs are big, they go their separate ways.

ADORABLE RIGHT? And they’re fox sized. That’s right. FOX SIZED.


Its got tiny. fucking. pittypaws. 

But wait- you haven’t seen the cutest part.

That’s right. 

Fuck you Nature. 

justagirlcalledbob  asked:

What's your opinion on dog rescuers, like hope for paws and such? Does Australia have a big stray dog population?

Dog rescues, breed specific rescues and foster carers are a valuable recourse for improving adoption rates, especially with difficult individuals.

A potential adopter looking for a certain breed may not even think of going to a shelter, but they may come across the breed rescue in their search and go through there instead. This is particularly useful for breeds that have special needs, or are a bit higher maintenance than average as it provides an extra level of screening or guiding potential adopters to ensure the dog doesn’t end up in a shelter a second time.

However, it is very easy for a ‘rescue’ or a foster carer to cross the line into animal hoarding territory, especially if they develop a hero complex. That’s a topic for another day.

I am wary of any rescue that uses negative language when talking about shelters or vet clinics. It’s not a shelter’s fault if they are time poor, they run on volunteers and donations, and vet clinics are a small business, there’s a finite amount they can do for charity, just like any other.

Some rescues expect far too much privilege, just because they are a rescue. In my opinion those benefits are earned, not instantly awarded just because you gave yourself the name.

I also have to question the distribution of funds. Is it really better to spend $XXXX on one dog that’s difficult to rehome for some reason instead of spending it to help multiple other dogs? It’s a different ethical conundrum, and in a shelter scenario the answer it often no.

I am also wary of any organization that says “We need donations to fix this! Donate now!” instead of “We spend $XYZ to fix this animal. Your donations are appreciated.” because the first may leave the animal in a state of limbo for an unnecessary time.

Not every rescue I’ve encountered has been ethical, and not every one has made the right choice for the animals.


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me, trying to defend my lunch: fruit flies, i realize you have some of the highest rates of homosexuality in the animal kingdom and i appreciate that, but if you’re not going to show any fucking solidarity than neither am i

Do any of my followers know of an artist who can draw somewhat realistic portraits of cats? Preferably in traditional media but digital works too.

My sister just found out that her beloved cat, Wyatt, has cancer and probably won’t last more than a month. She’s absolutely devastated and I wanted to commission something to commemorate Wyatt for her.

Any help would be appreciated!

I trust that every animal here appreciates the sacrifice that Comrade Napoleon has made in taking this extra labour upon himself. Do not imagine, comrades, that leadership is a pleasure! On the contrary, it is a deep and heavy responsibility. No one believes more firmly than Comrade Napoleon that all animals are equal. He would be only too happy to let you make your decisions for yourselves. But sometimes you might make the wrong decisions, comrades, and then where should we be?
—  George Orwell - Animal Farm

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Sheep Emoji Review

no one appreciates this animal like i do

Probably hiding evil intentions. excessively gradient; behind the fluff is pure evil. Still cute. 1/5

OUH BOY look at this cute boy. It’s fluffy, simple, excited, but its horns are bizarrely discolored. I still love him. 6/5

Strange Block Boi. Nice floppy ears. Kind of looks like a sheep-formed Nintendo cartridge. 3/5

Nice sheep-fie(sheep selfie) but my dude, you’ve gotta turn that frown around. Them ears look frowny boyah. 3/5

Look at this banana faced boy. I’m sure he’s kind, but he just looks… wrong. 2/5

HE’S SO HAPPY. Wonderful sheep-fie. deserves kissu. 4/5

Another million dollar sheep-fie!!! Small baby boy. 3/5

Detailed sheep boy. Nice but brooding. War-hero. 3/5

Simple, but cute.  Don’t stare too deep into their eyes. 3/5

Like the former, but slightly darker and it has been compressed horizontally in MSPaint. 2/5

Oh my god, don’t look at it. It’s gonna curse you with it’s piercing eyes and flushed, angery face. 1/5

LOOK AT IT. It’s so curious, so cute, yes! Cute. Wants to give a lil kissu. Very pure! 5/5