Step over ants. Put worms back in the grass. Rescue baby caterpillars. Release spiders back into your garden. Open a window for a bee to fly home. They are all little souls that deserve a life too.

Good reasons to get mad at a vegan:

-they implied everyone can/should be vegan, ignoring issues of poverty & health that make it impractical or impossible for many people

-they tried to make you feel bad about eating something

-they believe that the current animal abuse/environmental contamination/health crisis is caused by individual consumers rather than the manipulative capitalism of the meat and dairy industries

-they support PETA (eww peta)

Bad reasons to get mad at a vegan:

-they asked you about the ingredients of a food to find out if they can eat it

-they asked if your group could go to a restaurant with a vegan option

-you asked them to explain why they are vegan and they answered

-they got mad when you made fun of their diet

Don’t Believe the Haters: 7 Spoiler-Free Reasons Why “Fallen Kingdom” is the Best Jurassic Sequel

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When you think about it, this isn’t exactly impressive. For 25 years Universal has failed time and time again to recapture the lightning-in-a-bottle magic of Steven Spielberg’s original film based on Michael Crichton’s science-fiction horror masterpiece. And while Fallen Kingdom still doesn’t dethrone the first entry in the series (would that even be possible?), it is far and away the best attempt yet. 

Here are 7 Spoiler-Free Ways that Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Recreates What the Original Jurassic Park Did Right

#1) It’s About Dinosaurs, Not Monsters

While Jurassic Park is still probably the scariest entry in the series, some of its most iconic moments feature not an ounce of danger for the protagonists. Dr. Grant teaching children how to feed a brachiosaur or Dr. Sadler treating a sick triceratops really helped you feel empathy for these creatures and view them as animals outside of their natural habitat. Fallen Kingdom features several great, heart-wrenching moments where you will once again wish Jurassic Park was real so you could see these beautiful, wondrous creatures up-close. Plus, it has more critters than any previous entry, so that’s a plus.

#2) It Has the Best Visual Effects of any Entry Thus Far

“Do you remember the first time you ever saw a dinosaur?” Bryce Dallas Howard asks in this movie’s trailer, inviting the adult audience to think back to the summer of 1993, when you first heard that iconic John Williams theme as a dinosaur stomped into frame. The groundbreaking combination of animatronics and computer-rendered visuals cemented in our collective subconscious precisely what dinosaurs looked like in real-life (even if they should actually be more feathered). Fallen Kingdom wisely brings back this tradition, using a combination of detailed puppets and CG to make a film that didn’t feature so much as a single shot that pulled me out of the action. And there are some WILD set pieces to animate, so major kudos to Industrial Light and Magic.

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this was almost too aesthetically pleasing to eat 😍

I split an oven roasted sweet potato and stuffed it with grilled corn and guacamole! Topped with a drizzle of balsamic glaze and a salad bed 👌🏻

just another example of how easy, cheap and delicious being vegan can be 🌱