Beagle Dumped At City Shelter For Being Too Old And Fat

The beagle was 90 pounds when his owners dumped him at the city pound. They didn’t want him anymore because he’d gained so much weight. They also thought he was also “too old,” even though the dog was only 7 or 8.

He stayed at the shelter in Van Nuys, California, for a month. If he’d stayed any longer, he probably would have been put down — an obese dog like him needs extra care and has a hard time getting adopted.

Now he’s an athlete — and such a happy dog!

i just want to save every animal :(

when i volunteered in an animal rescue centre in costa rica there was a a poor monkey called Ghandi, he lived in a bar where he was forced to smoke and drink everyday to the point where he was addicted so now he is Schitzofrenic and suffers from daily aggressive outbursts, it’s just so sad that people would inflict that on a poor innocent animal for their own entertainment

This is Zary, another baby animal rescued and cared for by our eco team. Originally this little #possum was given to the eco team by a Sandos coworker (about 5 months ago) who found her injured and alone in the streets of Playa del Carmen city. Zary has now grown into a well-developed possum ready to live his life wild and free as he was born to be. Zary is now one of the many wild animals that live on the grounds of Sandos Caracol.

#EcoResort #AnimalLovers

Esta es Zary, otro animal bebé rescatado y atendido por nuestro equipo de ecología. Originalmente esta pequeña #zarigüeya fue entregada al equipo de ecología por un trabajador de Sandos (hace 5 meses) quien la encontró herida y sola en las calles de la ciudad de Playa del Carmen. Zary ahora se ha convertido en una zarigüeya bien desarrollada, lista para vivir su vida libre y salvaje como nació para serlo. Zary es ahora parte de los muchos animales que habitan en los terrenos de Sandos Caracol.

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Bowie the kitty needs a home, he is currently at the Providence Animal Rescue League in RI. Posting because I have a full-house and would love to adopt him right MEOW, but instead will keep visiting him until someone scoops this love bug up!

Companion Animal Protection Society - Investigating Puppy Mills, Pet Shops, Animal Rescue
Here’s something we’ve never seen before: coupons for puppy mill dogs. If you follow our work at CAPS, you know that buying animals from pet shops is never a

A pet shop in Lake Grove, NY is using a new tactic to lure in unsuspecting customers: coupons. Continue reading to learn where these puppies come from and what you can do to make your voice heard.


No two days are the same at Wildlife aid.
We arrived one morning to find a mysterious box that had been left at our gates. When we opened it we found a young wagtail inside! Needless to say, we were all rather confused, but luckily the bird seemed to be uninjured. After a thorough examination it was moved into one of our cages and now seems to be doing very well. It has even started doing the famous wagtail tail bobbing!
It will stay in our care until it is big enough to be released once again.

You guys

I joined a local Facebook foster/rescue group months ago offering my services for rescue dog transport (from the local shelter to nearby rescues, foster homes, etc.). I never heard anything, and assumed they had enough help.

Cut to getting a phone call last night and committing to driving a mama and her puppies to a foster home in western North Carolina this afternoon.


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The Ethics Of Rescue: The Plight Of The Baby Barn Swallow

The Ethics Of Rescue: The Plight Of The Baby Barn Swallow

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The Ethics Of Rescue: The Baby Barn Swallow Maria noticed yesterday that a baby barn swallow had fallen out of the next in the rafters in our barn and was sitting  by itself on the cement floor. He seemed to be all right, and we weren’t sure what to do. Get a ladder and put him in the nest? Try and feed him? It was a vulnerable spot for a newborn bird, the barn cats are not into animal rescue,…

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I just wanted to suggest to all of my PokemonGo playing friends a little way to do good for a cause while hunting for Pokemon. You can download a few walk for charity apps such as Charity Miles (various types of charities), ResQ Walk (animal welfare), and Wooftrax (animal shelters and rescue) which will count the steps you make/distance travelled and donate to specific charities you get to choose based on your activity. Since you’re out and about walking around and hunting for that Mew, you may as well contribute some money to some great causes while doing what you were doing and enjoying anyways! You simply turn the app on before you go hunting and you’ll earn money for the distance you walk/ride. Spread the word and maybe we can make some noticeable contributions to these charities!!!! I personally use both Charity Miles and ResQ Walk at the same time. If you know of any others, let me know!

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