I’m officially announcing the Megalos Gen 3 Bachelorette Challenge! I’ll be taking up to seven contestants for the three bachelorettes. The contestants will each be competing for all three of the triplets, but they’re welcome to state a preference in their bio. :)

The Bachelorettes:

  • Luna Violet Megalos
    • Animal Lover, Brave, Clumsy, Eccentric, Unlucky
    • Enjoys painting, playing with rodents, daydreaming, and breaking the sinks
  • Minerva Katriel Megalos
    • Brave, Cat Person, Genius, Good, Rebellious
    • Enjoys chess, astronomy, motorcycles, sarcasm, and donating to charity
  • Pearl Genevieve Megalos
    • Avant Garde, Clumsy, Excitable, Good Sense of Humor, Vegetarian
    • Enjoys street art, organizing protests, craft beer, and locally-grown food


  • Two-color berry sims, with one color being either #FFFD82 or #416173 and the other your choice
  • Either gender, must be attracted to females
  • Sliders & CC are okay
  • I have the EPs World Adventures, Ambitions, Pets, Uni, Generations, and Late Night
  • In your post, please introduce your contestant and state whether they have a particular bachelorette they’re most interested in
  • Deadline: May 20


Participants marked with an asterisk responded to the unofficial announcement, so they get first dibs but might choose to back out. :)

  1. @amespixels *
  2. @abstractwithturkey *
  3. @simtasticlyobsessed *
  4. @simlishprincess *
  5. @nerdiesimmer *
  6. @dottiesims *
  7. (open)

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Congrats on your 3,000 followers!! YOU GUYS DESERVE IT. I LOVE Y'ALL! 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 ~ Animal lover.

thanks cutieeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love love


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❝ I feel sorry for it … ❞

ϟ Meme. NOT ACCEPTING : @lack–two

      Crouched down to take a closer look at the - ( obviously dead ) - cat, Jirou immediately curses her curiosity at the sight of gore. Feeling sorry for it is an understatement : although she’s not much of an animal lover, even she’s gotten misty eyed.

           ❝ ——— Same. Poor thing must’ve gone through hell before it died. ❞ A grimace on her lips, she looks up over her shoulder to the other. Hey… how about we bury it ? Might as well give it a proper send off. ❞

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OH MY GOD THAT MOODBOARD, I CAN'T WAIT TO SHOW IT TO HIM. 😂 When I do, I'll make sure to share his reaction. THANK YOU SO MUCH, HE'LL LOVE IT. 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 Y'ALL ARE QUEENS. ~ Animal lover

I HOPE HE’LL LIKE IT 😍 I’m curious to know his reaction ❤❤
You’re too sweet, love ya. ❤❤

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Heyyy my friend is a BTS fanboy and he don't have Tumblr but he adores Jungkook, so I want to surprise him with a fancy restaurant date moodboard? THANK YOU SO MUCHHH LOTS OF LOVE 💙💙 ~ Animal lover. P.S. If you can, plz use a male OF COURSE ONLY IF YOU CAN AND IF YOU'RE COMFORTABLE WITH IT.

HI CUTIE! I just posted it and hope you (and your friend) like it! A LOTS OF LOVE FOR YOU AND YOUR FRIEND. ♥♥Kisses, M. ♥

here you can find your moodboard! 

❝ I want you, just you ❞

❝ This is our night, just you and me. ❞

Fancy restaurant date moodboard / JungkookxMale 

For our animal lover, I hope you like it. 

- M.   

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Can I have a Match up? I'm really shy but when you get to know me I'm really sarcastic. I love to read (mostly Fantasy and Science Fiction). I also draw. I have a cat and I'm a totally animal lover (I'm even vegetarian). I really like Animes, Mangas and Video Games. My biggest turn offs are arrogance and someone who is clingy. I think intelligence is more important than strength. I'm fucking tall (5'9). I'm from Germany but I'm also good at English. I have long brown hair (Part 1/2)

Hello there!

1P!: I ship you with 1P! Vietnam (Nyo if you’d like)

2P!: I ship you with 2P! Denmark

ID #21958

Name: Johannah
Age: 19
Country: USA

Hello there! I am an American student who would love to find a pen pal! I haven’t had one since I was younger but recently found out about snail mail. I am not an expert at art but I do enjoy it as a way to pass time. I am an avid lover of music (alternative, rap, indie, etc), nature (ocean, beaches, forests), a rock lover (future geologist someday), an animal lover (dogs, cats, sloths, giraffes etc), and a big foodie! I would love to have a pen pal who would tell me about there life and dreams and who would send their art so I could do the same in return!

Preferences: 18+ preffered, and English or French speaking!

idk how many of yall know this, but the official requirements in the united states for a livestock product (such as milk, eggs and meat) to be considered “free-range” are that the animals are allowed outside for at least 15 minutes a day.
yeah…a cow can spend the whole other 23 hours and 45 mins of its day in a concrete enclosure but if it’s allowed outside for a measly 15 minutes to do Cow Things, marketers have a reason to say “free range” on their packaging in order to coax concerned animal lovers into buying their product.
i dont know how many facilities actually let their animals out for only 15 minutes a day, but IMO if youre gonna say an animal product is “free range” it should actually BE free range - as in, an animal has the opprotunity to spend all of its waking hours outdoors if it so desires. but that’s just me. i just feel as if it’s a cynical, misleading marketing tactic.

Kira Raines For @socialjusticesimblr Slaughter or Salvage BC

Traits: |Animal Lover|Dramatic|Flirty|Over Emotional|Vegetarian|

Favorites: |Country Music|Autumn Salad|Lilac|        Zodiac: Scorpio

Personal information! Age, gender identity, species, place of usual residence, etc.

My name is Kira Raines. I identify as female and use she/her pronouns. I’m human and have lived in Appaloosa Plains my whole life, along with my parents and younger siblings and a wide variety of pets.

What are the specifics of your disability / disabilities? Is there anything we need to do in order to accommodate you and your needs fully?

I have histrionic personality disorder. According to a doctor this means I’m “attention seeking.” I hate that. It makes it sound like I act this way for fun. Another part of my disorder is that I can be over emotional, as well as easily influenced by others. In a way this makes me very sensitive to what people say, but it also makes it easier for my friends to make me feel better when I’m feeling low. I don’t need any accommodations for my disorder.

How would you describe yourself? How would your friends describe you?

I would describe myself as an outgoing person. I love to meet new people and spend a lot of free time at parties with my friends. I would also say I’m an animal lover. I mean, growing up with so many pets it’s impossible not to love them. My friends would probably tell you I’m a flirt who loves to party and has a flair for the dramatic. They always say I’m the most over the top person they know, but I don’t mind it.

Random bit of trivia about yourself, or your hobbies, or your romantic past

Oh, I’m a vegetarian! I probably should have said that sooner. That’s my bit of trivia. As for hobbies most of those revolve around my pets, so riding horses, training my dogs, things like that.  My romantic past is… Messy, to say the least. I usually go on one or two dates before I do something that messes it up. 

Why did you enter this BC?* Are you nervous? What do you hope to attain?

I’m not nervous, I’m excited! I love watching BCs and I’ve always wanted to be on one. I hope to find a love that is okay with my disorder, but it wouldn’t hurt if I earned a little fame as well.

What are your thoughts on Lorelei herself? What made you decide to try to win her hand instead of Lyra’s?

Lorelei seems to be almost the opposite of me. I think I could learn a lot from her. I like trying to make new friends that have different personalities so I can work on being a little less outgoing and emotional so that other people are more comfortable. I think Lorelei is not only a lovely person herself, but could also teach me how to be a better person.

What are your greatest fears? 

My greatest fear is being alone. I love being around people and to have no one would be devastating to me. The idea of being completely alone terrifies me.

What is your moral compass like? Do you believe in absolute good or absolute evil?

I would say there isn’t any absolute good or evil. Just mostly good or mostly evil. Most people are somewhere in between I would say.

How interested are you in music? It’s one of Lorelei’s on-off special interests, so you may need to be proficient in it to catch up.

A lot of the parties I go to have different types of music, so I know a lot of different songs and types of music. Although my favorite is country, so I know the most about that genre. 

If you lose, will you be able to cope?

I feel like I would be able to handle it. I would definitely be upset at first, but I think I could bounce back and be okay.

Animal Rescue Love Budget Tote
Whether carrying books or groceries, this budget tote bag shows your love for animals and animal rescue. The word "love" is spelled with the letter O represented by a paw print with a red heart inside surrounded by the words adopt, foster and rescue separated with purple paw prints. This is a great gift for yourself or any animal lover. This could also be used by animal shelters as a raffle item, an item in a silent auction fundraiser or a 5K run prize.
2017: 4/16–4/22

Suede: Suede; Dog Man Star
Pulp: His ’n’ Hers
Kendrick Lamar: DAMN.
Oasis: Definitely Maybe
Various Artists: Empire Sounds [Spotify Playlist]
Slowdive: Slowdive EP
GAS: Narkopop
Charly Bliss: Guppy
Basic Channel: BCD
Gene: Olympian

Suede: “Pantomime Horse”; “Animal Nitrate”; “Animal Lover”; “She’s Not Dead”; “The Drowners”; “My Insatiable One”; “The Asphalt World”; “New Generation”; “The Wild Ones”; “We Are the Pigs”
Pulp: “Joyriders”; “Acrylic Afternoons”; “Babies”; “She’s a Lady”; “Do You Remember the First Time?”
Kendrick Lamar: “DNA.”; “FEAR.”; “XXX. [ft. U2]”; “HUMBLE.”; “LOYALTY. [ft. Rihanna]”; “DUCKWORTH.”; “YAH.”
Oasis: “Cigarettes & Alcohol”; “Supersonic”; “Live Forever”; “Acquiesce”; “Rock ’n’ Roll Star”
Slowdive: “Slowdive”
Lush: “Ladykillers”
The Verve: “Bitter Sweet Symphony”
The War on Drugs: “Thinking of a Place”
Gene: “Haunted by You”; “Still Can’t Find the Phone”; “Left-Handed”
The La’s: “There She Goes”
The Cranberries: “Linger”
Placebo: “Pure Morning”
The Cure: “Harold and Joe”
Charly Bliss: “Glitter”; “Scare U”
The Sundays: “Here’s Where the Story Ends”
Floating Points: “Silurian Blue”

–My music life this week is pretty much all about Britpop and Kendrick. It’s not as much of a juxtaposition as I would think. There’s the difference in culture, sure, but a likeness in swagger. It’s not as much a contrast as a yin and yang.
–In Oasis’ “Digsy’s Dinner”, Liam sings, multiple times, “Your friends will all go green for my lasagna,” drawing out the middle “a” of lasagna, and I don’t know if it’s stupid, brilliant, or both.
I hope the Gallaghers bought Marc Bolan’s ghost a hot rod or something with their “Cigarettes & Alcohol” royalties.
–Floating Points in the Mojave Desert is like the 21st century’s Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii.