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I’m so passionate about animals that it honestly hurts me inside. The thought of there being so many animals in shelters, and so many homeless animals in the world makes me so so upset that I can and do cry myself to sleep. I feel so helpless sometimes, I want to help them. If I could take all of their pain away I would in a heartbeat. Animals are so innocent, and beautiful. They truly are angels that we borrow from heaven. They are already born doing no wrong, they are born whole and perfect, and they don’t deserve to be mistreated. It gives me physical pain thinking about the cruelty of animals. I love them so much, I just wish I could help.

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chalcedony unakite emerald

chalcedony: the saddest my muse has ever been

“I think that would have to be…a few years ago, when I realized just how far my sister and I had drifted over the years… We were once so close, and realizing the severity of the distance between us was…quite troubling.”

unakite: what my muse’s ideal pet would be

“Well… I’m quite the animal lover. Dogs are a joy, because they’re always happy to see you. While I do also love cats, I think I’d have to classify myself as a dog person. My ideal dog would be any one that I click with at the animal shelter.”

emerald: how my muse tells someone they love them without words

Holden would do things like fuss over whoever he’s with. He’d write about them, little snippets and drabbles would fill his journal. He’d talk to them long into the night, on the phone or in person, until he fell asleep. He’d bake them things “just because.” He’d always be open to listening and being supportive. And he’d stare at them with such open love and admiration.

For example, “men who decide to eschew meat eating are deemed effeminate; failure of men to eat meat announces they are not masculine’’ (Adam 1991,341.) Although this is not a point I wish to pursue in depth here, in a sexist society that symbolizes woman as meat, as a sexually consumable object, the man who declines to eat [her] is effectively announcing his failure as a heterosexual. Vegetarianism, then, is implicated in heterosexism as well as sexism and racism. Perhaps not incidentally, MacKinnon notes that with respect to sodomy laws, “gay men are sub silentio lumped in with beasts” (2004, 267).
If eating meat itself has been regarded as a masculine activity, then the animal lover is a sissy, contemptibly weak, feminine, with all of the qualities that entails, including being overly emotional. Even some philosophers who are on the side of animals have unwittingly perpetuated this tendency. As Josephine Donovan has argued, “[Tom] Regan’s and Singer’s rejection of emotion and their concern about being branded sentimentalist are not accidental; rather, they expose the inherent bias in contemporary animal rights theory toward rationalism, which, paradoxically, in the form of Cartesian objectivism, established a major theoretical justification for animal abuse” (1995,35).
…Modem women are also supposed to be “equal to men,” after all, and one way of showing the sort of strength valued by patriarchal society is to deny a connection or sympathy with animals. The reproduction of masculinity seems to require a denial of the cute and cuddly, a distancing from sympathizing with the suffering of others.
 Not incidentally, meat eating also has associations with ableism. As one scholar has pointed out, both children and “invalids,” as he unfortunately phrased it, were thought not to require “real meat” (Fiddes 1991, 159). The extent to which one was to be regarded as fully human was correlated with one’s perceived need for meat.
It is hardly surprising, then, that while meat eating has long been considered a sort of brain food, necessary for intellectual beings, people of color were thought to be able to get along with very little. One late nineteenth-century medical doctor concluded that “savages” could live without much animal protein because they are “little removed from the common animal stock from which they are derived. They are much nearer to the forms of life from which they feed than are they highly civilized brain-workers, and can therefore subsist on forms of life which would be most poisonous to us” (quoted in Adams 1991, 31).
We should not minimize the attachment of working-class people of all races to meat eating either. If the steak dinner is reserved for the master or regarded as the upper-class person’s mark of distinction, then a claim to class privilege can reasonably be thought to require a claim to meat.
A context-sensitive feminist vegetarianism with a deep critique of the
knotted relationship between racism, sexism, and anthropocentrism offers great promise. Certainly, no viable feminist vegetarianism can proceed without attempting to understand and dismantle such connections…
—  We Are What We Eat: Feminist Vegetarianism and the Reproduction of Racial Identity - Cathryn Bailey (2007, Hypatia). (US centric).
Click here to support Samson's medical bill by Amanda Jo Masek
Hi everyone, I've never made a GFM before, but here it goes I guess. Fingers crossed. Samson is a 2-3 year old Ferret that I recently adopted. He was bought from a pet store, but the previous owner "didn't like it" and kept it in a porch to endure the Floridian heat. He was poorly socialized onc...

I’ve come down to pretty desperate means,on my part, but tonight was terrifying to see how sick Samson actually is. Please, if you are an animal lover and have any amount to spare I would be forever grateful to you.



I’ve decided that I’m going to try to start practicing Veganism. 

I’m kind of afraid to because I feel like I’m just going to fail miserably at it because I’m so picky, but I’m going to give it a try. 

I don’t know how sucessful I’m going to be at this, but I’m going to give it a shot and see how it goes. 

I’m hoping it will help me stop eating processed foods, going out for food, and just get healthier in general. I figure I just need to really limit what I can eat so that I’m forced to try new things. Because even just getting off fast foods is hard and I need to just do an all or nothing thing. 

I’m doing this for a lot of reasons; namely health but spirituality and being an animal lover ties into it. 

I’m going to be sad to give up honey though, only because I was using it as a substitute at my favorite tea place, but saving bee colonies is more important than me not having regular sugar in my tea, so I’m going to deal with it. 

I could really use some advice on eating, diets, recipes, and just general support for this. 

Considering no one in my family is vegan, and I’m not sure who’ll support it, we shall see how this goes. 

Otherwise I think I’m moving in with literallyjensen

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Talk Aphrodite to me B)


I associate Aphrodite with all animals, not just the specific ones that are listed under her. Like I just imagine her being a real animal lover and that all animals love her as well because she just has a comforting aura. So basically Aphrodite is like a Disney Princess, with woodland creatures following her wherever she goes. She probably sings to them as well. Theres another thing for her and Apollo to compete over xD

Speaking of Apollo and Aphrodite, as many who frequent my blog might know, I have a bit of an obsession over their relationship. Like I find it strange and fascinating that the two are never really shown interacting in any of the myths. I feel like those two really would have some kind of epic relationship, whether it be as lovers, enemies, or friends maybe all three? Idk, i could be biased because Apollo was basically my first love and Aphrodite is my beautiful goddess.  I guess i should ask Aphrodite about it. I just don’t want to possibly hit a nerve…that would be bad….BUT I NEED TO KNOW!!

On another relationship, Its pretty well known that most of us think very highly of Persephone (as one should since shes a badass with flowers in her hair, come on!) But I always feel so awkward as an Aphrodite devote being all open about my admiration of Persephone. Idk how other devotees are, but I really see the two of them as having a deep rivalry. Like they are each others nemesis. I mean I can’t imagine after what happened with Adonis that Aphrodite would let that shit go. And neither would Persephone. And Hades and Ares are just like “WTF IS SO GREAT ABOUT THIS KID!?!” ANYWAY, Im so rambling, but yeah I have a real hard time openly saying positive things about Persephone, or even really saying her name. Which is rough since not only do I respect Persephone but I ADORE Hades! 

Okay lets talk more about just Aphrodite! When I dream about Aphrodite she comes to me with many faces, representing the fact that we are all beautiful. But when I picture her I always picture her with long red hair and shes naked. I love the fact that shes always naked. I love being naked.  Its so freeing and I honestly have never been ashamed of my naked body. I wish we could all be like Aphrodite and walk around naked and not give a shit. Damn it she’s so cool! 

I like to imagine her naked on the beach soaking in the sunlight and dancing in the water. Ares shows up after a battle and Aphrodite uses the sea water to wash the blood from his body. They have sex on the beach and then lay together watching the sunset as Ares tells her all about the recent battle he fought. She loves hearing the passion in his voice and she can’t help but kiss his body as he talks. Which will probably lead to them having more sex until the moon comes out. Then they go for a night swim which is sweet because thats when you can hear love and war laughing together. xD 

California Will Continue to Sell Ivory From Elephants if We Don’t Close This Loophole

After China, the United States is the second biggest consumer of elephant ivory. Every 15 minutes an elephant is poached for its ivory tusks, and wild elephants could go extinct as early as 2025.

President Obama’s recent announcement to ban the sale of ivory in the U.S. was welcome news to animal-lovers around the country.

Unfortunately, California ivory sellers have already found a loophole to continue legally selling ivory. And we need your help to close this loophole.

Obama Stepping Up for Elephants

California sells a lot of ivory, particularly San Francisco and Los Angeles. According to a Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) press release, investigations revealed that there are 100 ivory vendors, and the Bay Area sells 1,200 ivory items. According to the report, the majority of the ivory is likely illegal.

Los Angeles’ ivory:

– Between 77 – 90 percent of the ivory seen was likely illegal under California law

– Between 47 – 60 percent could have been illegal under federal law

San Francisco’s ivory:

– Roughly 80 percent of the ivory was likely illegal under California law

– 52 percent could have been illegal under federal law

It’s great news that President Obama is cracking down on the illegal ivory trade with a new proposed rule. There will be increased restrictions on commercial exports. The proposed rule would also ban the sale of most ivory across state lines. Yet there are exceptions. For instance, antique ivory, or “pre-existing manufactured” ivory items, would be exempt. But exemptions aren’t the only issues with Obama’s plan.

Misleading Mislabeling

As reported in The Associated Press, California ivory dealers are passing elephant ivory off as something else, such as wooly mammoth ivory or cow bone. Yes, that same extinct, Ice Age wooly mammoth. While it sounds far-fetched, melting ice (thanks global warming) is exposing the remains of the elephant’s distant relative, which has led hunters to cut down their tusks.

With two of the biggest destinations for ivory in the United States — San Francisco and Los Angeles — California needs to close this loophole now. San Diego’s Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins is trying to do just that with Assembly Bill 96 — the bill would ban all sales of material resembling ivory from all sorts of creatures, including: elephants, wooly mammoths, wart hogs and whales. Atkins believes we can save thousands of elephants (and endangered rhinos, for that matter) by closing this loophole and closing the ivory market in California for good.

We have a big problem with mislabeling. An ivory researcher from Kenya, Daniel Stiles, estimates that “90 percent of ivory then on sale in Los Angeles, and 80 percent of the ivory then on sale in San Francisco, was elephant ivory and illegal under state law.” It’s easy for dealers to get away with mislabeling. Only a trained scientist can spot the subtle differences between an elephant tusk and wooly mammoth tusk — genetically-speaking, they do share a common ancestor.

Take Action!

It’s time for these senseless elephant massacres to stop. We can save elephants by killing the ivory market. California and the United States can help lead the way with Atkins’ Assembly Bill 96. Sign and share this petition in support of the Bill and in support of saving thousands of elephants in the process.

Bird specialty store to close after 20 years in city

A local business that is a favorite among animal lovers is preparing to close its doors! Backyard Birds in Plymouth is gearing up to say goodbye after 20 years and it is taking a rich history with its locals with it. Take a look at this article to find out more on the store and its owner and tell us your thoughts on its closing. Share some of your favorite memories of this great local business with us!

Visit us at:

help! meat-eating animal lovers?

I recently had a conversation with someone who clearly loves animals. Like, more than your average person. She keeps tons of pets and treats them like children, giving them all the best.

However, she eats meat.

As a vegan, I truly do not understand how a person can love animals so much and feel comfortable with eating them. In saying that, I am NOT trying to accuse or upset anyone. I simply want to know your reasoning.

When I asked this person, she got defensive and rude about it and has been ignoring me ever since. Her only ‘reasoning’ was, “not everyone is a vegan.”

Can anyone give me a real answer? (”BACON!!!” is not a real answer)

Is there reasoning behind it? Why are certain animals held on pedestals as “pets” while others are slaughtered for human consumption? Why do existing animal rights laws only protect the animals we as a society have decided are the ‘good’ or ‘cute’ ones? Don’t ALL animals deserve a right to a happy and healthy, unexploited life?

How can you consider yourself an animal lover, and be comfortable with eating animals?


Some recent years ago,
A saw this fellow,
Who slept like an angel,
A pure golden soul.

I stopped in my path,
Stared at this child;
He was four legged,
With that tail-half mile.

The baby snored a song,
I instantly developed a bond.

I looked at him some more,
Those droopy, velvet eyes,
He half shut them to sleep,
With a smile of the wise.

No money in my pocket,
I rummaged my torn wallet;
Then I remembered I’d a card,
To use, if life was scarce.

The machine beeped in suspense,
Finally appeared- the bill in my name.

That February afternoon,
A mother awoke in me,
The child was curled in my arms,
His even breathing- my memory.

Today I feel accomplished,
When pulling my hair, he growls,
He pushes me in a muddy ditches,
And I laugh out aloud.

That one impulse changed my life,
Into golden hues of contended smiles.