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“you guys want to know about me?” you laughed, “im the least interesting person here.” you blushed.

“quite the contrary.” Pope stated, sitting up in his seat, “you are the most interesting thing thats been through here in a while.” 


“Fuck.”  He murmured, rubbing his hands over his face as he let your news sink in.  You hadn’t really known how to tell J, so you just blurted it out.  Not the most eloquent reveal, but at least it was off of your chest.

“I figured that you should know.”  You offered while gnawing on your lower lip.  J nodded at that in understanding before sighing once more and looking over at you.

“We have to tell Smurf.  she’ll know how to help us.”


dating + j - a playlist for dating josh cody 

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imagine dating J and…

‘stealing’ his hoodies and flannels, though he doesn’t really mind because it turns him on to see you walking around in his clothes

spoiling him with attention, home cooked food and back rubs

smoking him out for the first time  

driving too fast and kissing too long at red lights

J dragging you into the water, determined to teach you how to surf. it’s a complete disaster, but neither of you can stop laughing long enough to care

being slightly surprised at how dominant he likes to get in bed, sometimes even a little rough. even more surprised at how much you love it. maybe because he knows how to do more than take. he knows how to take care of you too, how to give you what you need until you’re a melty little mess desperate to give him anything he wants

getting cornered by the police and pressed for information about the Cody family but refusing to say a word

letting him use your laptop and printer for schoolwork since he doesn’t have one at home and hates using the school library

watching him in awe sometimes. just so astounded by him and proud of him, never sure where he finds such steady, grounded strength day after day no matter what comes hurtling at him. 

reading in bed together

J waking up early and making waffles for breakfast, topped with ice cream

waking up when he sneaks in through your window late at night, neither of you saying a word as you pull him close and wrap yourself around him. knowing you have to be up early but not minding the interruption to your sleep, just happy he knows to come find you when he needs somewhere to hide

helping him babysit Lena when no one else is around; secretly enjoying just staying in and playing house with him 

noticing that, despite other girls romanticizing the strong, silent hoodrat boy they think they see and most guys just thinking he’s cool because he can hold his own and doesn’t talk too much, J has a strong intellectual and creative side. you try your best to encourage that, to ask his opinion and show him that his brain turns you on as much as his body

dragging him to art shows and blues festivals

getting maybe a little overly defensive of him sometimes, but unable to help it when the only people in his life are always using him and/or manipulating him when he’s never asked anyone for anything and all he’s ever wanted is just to be safe and loved

feeling your chest fill with pride as he grows more and more into himself the longer he lives with Smurf and adapts to their lifestyle


The pen hit your notebook over and over again, tapping away your annoyance. This job sucked. No wonder they had send the new girl out here, who else had the patience for this shit. There were loads of reports to fill out back at the station and you had to sit here and get those damn guys to talk which was basically an impossible job to do.

“Let’s try this again…where were you last night between 8pm and 11pm?”

“At home.” Craig answers, leaning forward in his chair closer towards you, “You sure you don’t want anything to drink? We could go out, have some fun.”

“No really I’m good.” His brothers had been a pain in the ass but your patience with this one was really running out, “So you didn’t notice any of your brothers were gone?”

“Not that I know of. You look like you can’t surf. I bet you can’t surf, want me to teach you?”

“What? No I…”

“How about we go down to the beach and try it out.”

“Okay listen…!”

Your complaints fell on deaf ears because he had already jumped up in his seat, took you by the arm and dragged you to the front door towards his car.

“Do you have a swimsuit?”

“Wha…no of course not. I’m on duty, I can’t just go and…”

“We’ll buy you one on the way.”


“ever heard of locking?” Nicky said angrily as she eyed you sitting on J’s bed.

you shrugged, “i have nothing to hide from you.”

“oh yeah and what’s that supposed to mean?”

“it means.” you stood up and stared her down, “im not doing anything right now so it doesnt matter but when im fucking the guy who dumped you, i’ll be sure to lock the door.”



Their response to you revealing that you’re inexperienced at intimacy.

Pope: He silently listened to your insecurities, stone poker face refusing to reveal any hint of what he was thinking to you as you babbled on.  Once you finally finished your sentence, trailing off into a long and semi-uncomfortable pause Pope reached forward to brush a thumb across your cheekbone before cupping the back of your neck with his hand.  Drawing you forward he kissed you hard, using his other hand to grab at your waist and pull you into his lap.  “I don’t care about how much experience you’ve had.”  His normally raspy voice is made even deeper by his sexual arousal.  “If you’re ready, I’ll make this as good for you as I can.”

J: “If you don’t want to stay with me, I’d understand.”  Unshed tears made your voice sound foreign to your own ears.  Coming forward with your insecurities had been terrifying, but you knew that it was time you told J what had been eating away at you.  He had listened without interrupting you.  Now that you had finished you waited for him to speak up, almost afraid of what he would say.

“That’s not a reason for me to break up with you.”  He started with a frown.  “And anyone who would break up with you because of that is an asshole that doesn’t deserve your time.  I love you, Y/N.  Nothing’s going to change that.”

Baz: It had turned into one of those nights where you just laid in bed and talked for hours on end with Baz.  As the night wore on your topics of conversation became more and more personal, as they always tended to do.  “I’ve never really had too many sexual experiences.”  You whispered into the darkened bedroom, half hoping that Baz had fallen asleep.  The bed shifted next to you until you felt hot breath tickle your face as Baz rolled to face you.

“You just never found the right person.”  He murmured, voice thick with impending sleep.  “That’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

Feeling like a weight had been lifted off of your shoulders you reached out blindly in the dark to grasp onto Baz’s hand, squeezing it gently.  “I think that I might’ve finally found the guy I was waiting for.”

Deran: You hadn’t meant to reveal it during the argument, but the statement had just slipped out.  Your insecurities shocked Deran into silence and had him gaping like a fish for a moment as he scrambled for something to say.  Anger overpowering your embarrassment you threw his jacket at him and crossed your arms over your chest.  “I think you should leave now.”

“Hang on a second.”  Deran frowned, letting his jacket fall back down onto the floor.  “Does that really bother you?”

With a loud huff you nodded curtly.  “How could it not?  You have so much more experience than I do.  And it would be so much easier to find someone at your level instead of me.”  Deran reached out to cup your face, pulling you a step closer to him even though you were reluctant to move.

“Y/N, I don’t care about how much experience you’ve had.  There’s no one else I’d rather argue with than you.”  With a quiet laugh you shoved at his shoulder, rolling your eyes.

“You’re annoying.”

“Yeah, but you love it.”  Smirking he pulled you to him once more and kissed you, your previous fight forgotten.

Craig: “You’re kidding.”  Craig accused, naked chest heaving as he tried to catch his breath from the hot and heavy makeout session you had just been engrossed in.  Nervously you shook your head, tugging the portion of your shirt that had rose up with the help on Craig’s hands down just to give yourself something to do to fill the silence.  Craig ran a hand through his hair, trying to sooth the tousled locks as he thought.  “How?  You’re hot.”

A light laugh escaped you as some of your nerves were appeased.  “I just never met the right person, I guess.”  You shrugged.  “Does it bother you?  That I’m not exactly…. Experienced?”

“No way.”  Craig leaned down to you again, bracing his upper body on his forearms to keep himself from crushing your body while pressing kisses from your chest bone up your neck and to just under your ear.  “If it doesn’t bother you, it doesn’t bother me.”

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Can you do what dating J Cody would be like?

Dating J Cody would Include…
•J is always caught up with the hectic and harsh side part of his life when living with his grandmother, so he’d come over to your house just to cool down and chill out and be an actual teenager
• When he comes over, he’d just lie on your bed and not really do anything
• Smurf inviting you over to the house for dinner
• Helping clean up afterwards
• Maybe smoking a joint with his uncles on the off occasion but other than that you just do it with him or not at all
• Hand holding
• Cuddling
• Stealing kisses from each other all the time
• Helping each other out with homework
• Scolding him because he never goes to school anymore
• Being comfortable with Nicky around but it’s still kind of awkward
• He’ll always joke about pushing you in the pool until he actually does it and you have something important in your pocket
• He’d shower you with gifts. But gifts like, buying you your favourite snack and dropping it off at school just because
• Walks on the beach
• Playing with Lena when she comes over
• Spooning
• Having sex when the house is empty and it’s either a quickie or its really intimate


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Warning: Swearing 

    “So this was is our new apartment!” Your Dad took off your blindfold.

                                               It was a shithole 

   Your Dad and Mom recently got a divorced and your father won custody of you. Your Mom was a common day whore, slept with everyone in town. She barely took care of you and she was drunk most of the time. Back in Kansas, your family was poor but your dad made an effort. When your Dad lost the house due to legal fees he packed you and your dog up and moved you to his home town of Oceanside, CA.

   Here in Oceanside your family was poor but your father made an effort 

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Awkwardly confessing they love you.

Pope: Somewhere along the line the job had gone sideways, leaving you all scattered through the building trying to find shelter from the security guards now looking for you.  Pope had snatched your hand early on, leading you through the maze of hallways and into a darkened, cramped, supply closet.  You could barely see your hand in front of your face, so the only way you knew that Pope was still beside you was his hand firmly wrapped around your own and the sound of his heavy breathing mixing with your own as you caught your breaths from running.

“Those morons.”  He mumbled between deep breaths.  “Couldn’t even case the place properly.”

“At least we lost the guards.”  You countered, though you weren’t feeling particularly lucky at the moment.  Pope made a noise in acknowledgment, thumb absentmindedly rubbing at the back of your hand.  You both remained silent for a handful of moments, ears straining for the sound of approaching footsteps.

“I love you.”  He mumbled, so quietly you thought that you must have heard him wrong.


“If we get caught I’m going away again for much longer than last time.  I don’t want to leave you without telling you that I love you.”

“We’re not going to get caught.”  You tried to assure him, grinning widely to yourself in the dark at the thought of Pope having feelings for you.  “I won’t let you get arrested again.”

He gave a dry chuckle, thumb stopping its movement against the back of your hand.  “That’s why I love you.”

Craig: “Oh my God.”  Craig moaned as he took another chunk out of his burrito.  “This is the best burrito I’ve ever had.  And that’s saying something.  I’ve been to Mexico to have burritos, and this is better than those.”  His compliments made you laugh.  Stuffing the rest of the burrito into his mouth Craig gave another loud moan before coming around the table to hug you tightly.  “I love a woman who can cook.”  He mumbled as he placed a sloppy kiss against the curve of your neck.  You froze for a fraction of a second, surprised by his confession, even if he hadn’t meant it.  He seemed surprised by his own words, forehead drooping to rest against your shoulder as he mumbled “Shit.”

“Don’t worry about it.”  You brushed off his words with a half-hearted shrug.  “Heat of the moment.”  It hurt, but if he didn’t mean that he loved you, he didn’t mean it.  You tried to quickly worm away from him, create distance before your disappointment could be seen, but he held onto you tightly.

“I did mean it.  I just… didn’t want to tell you like that.  I wanted it to be more meaningful than coming out over a burrito.”  Annoyance at himself crept into his voice as he released you enough to let you turn around in his arms.  “I love you, Y/N.”

Baz: He had been caught up saying goodnight to everyone at the end of the house party.  Giving hugs and kisses on the cheek to Smurf, Nikki, and yourself while giving a quick hug to his brothers.  With each ‘goodnight’ he’d add some variation of ‘love you’.  You weren’t sure why he had hugged you goodbye.  He was giving you a ride home, after all.  He must not have been paying attention.

He’d pulled you into a tight hug and while he was releasing you he’d quickly let out an “I love you.”  He was about to continue onto the next person, but it seemed to sink in what he had done.  Pausing, he turned back to you with a soft frown.  “I’m driving you home.”  He stated, more for himself than for you.

“That you are.”  You teased gently.  “But I guess we can say goodbye now if you really want to.”

“Would it make this more or less awkward if I said I hugged you goodbye because I thought you were Smurf?”

“More.  Definitely more.”  Laughing you entwined a hand with his and stood up on your toes to press a chaste kiss to his lips.  “So I’m going to pretend that you didn’t tell me that, but I love you too.”

Deran: The covers stuck to your sweat lined skin as you stretched out on the mattress besides Deran.  He ran a hand through his hair, pushing it messily back off of his face as he struggled to catch his breath.  “Jesus.”  He mumbled, reaching out to wrap an arm around your shoulders and pulling you into his side so your head rested against his chest.  “I love you.”  Sleep had crept its way into his voice, making it an octave deeper and his speech to come a lot slower than it would be if he was wide awake.

Soft snores clued you into the fact that Deran had fallen asleep before you could even respond.  You weren’t sure if he meant it.  If it had just been a slip of the tongue after mind blowing sex.  But at the moment you were too tired to wake him up to question him about it.  Closing your eyes you pushed it towards the back of your mind, drifting off to sleep with the notion that you would bring it up to him in the morning.

J: “Holy crap.”  J mumbled as he furiously scribbled the rest of the math homework down on his own paper.  “You’re a genius!”  Homework together had become a typical Tuesday night adventure, especially because J always seemed to need help on his math homework.  You’d taken on the role of ‘tutor’, not that you were complaining.  You loved seeing the way his face lit up each time the question finally made sense to him.  Once he finished scribbling the answer he dropped his pencil and lunged forward to kiss you quickly.  “I love you!”  He pulled back, seemingly not realizing what he had said as he picked up his pencil once again and studied the next problem.

“You love me, huh?”  You asked after a stretch of silence.  He glanced up at you, confused for an instant before realization crossed his face.

“Sorry.”  He rushed to say.  “I meant ‘thank you’.  Came out wrong.”  His explanation made himself flinch at how pathetic it sounded.  

With a light laugh you went back to doing your own homework, glancing up at him before quietly mumbling “I love you too.”  He perked up at that, grinning like a fool as he typed away at his calculator.


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“who’s your favourite uncle?” Craig asked.

“you.” Lena answered.

“and you like my girlfriend?”

“love her.” Lena grinned.

“do you think we’re good together?”


“do you want a cousin?” Craig asked.

“Craig!” you laughed, hitting his arm. Craig just grinned at you, just Craig being Craig.


You sat on your bed scrolling through your phone when a knock on the window caught your attention. You rolled out of bed and walked over to the window, moving the curtain to see J standing outside​. You quickly opened the window and stepped aside allowing J to come through. Once he was in the light you saw the marks on his face. You also noticed how he winced as he pulled his leg through the frame.

“What happened?” You immediately asked as you examined the scrapes and bruise’s on his face.

“Nothing. I was on my bike when a car almost hit me and I crashed.” J said spoke with a shrug.

“Why didn’t you call me?” You demanded.

“Because I didn’t want you to worry.” J spoke and you narrowed your eyes in suspicion.

“I’m fine, really.” J said pulling you close as he leaned in, soft lips landing on yours in a tender kiss that you couldn’t help but return.

“You know that’s not always going to work?” You lied.

“Yeah, sure.” J said with a smile. He took a seat on your bed, backpack slipping from his shoulder to the floor, something falling out in the process and landing at your feet. You realized it was a gun and quickly picked it up.

“So I’m guessing the whole bike crash was a lie?” You asked as you held the gun up.

“Y/N.” J spoke as he abruptly stood from the bed.

“I’m not mad but you know you don’t have to lie to me, right?” You asked as you looked into his eyes.

“Of course, I just don’t want you to get mixed up in things.” J replied with a shrug.

“And I wont, it’s not like I’m asking for every detail. Just enough to know I’ll see you again when you leave here tonight.” You stated.

“You’ll see me again, I promise.” J assured you.

“Good. So how do you work this?” You asked as you looked at the gun.

“Seriously?” J asked skeptically.

“What? You can’t expect me to hold a gun and not want to know how to use it.” You replied which caused J to laugh before he stepped closer and you moved so you were facing the window.

“First, you make sure it’s loaded. Pull this back, all the way.” J said as he pointed to the top part of the gun and you pulled it until you heard a click before releasing it.

“This here, that’s the safety. You have to flip it in order for it to shoot.” J explained pointing to a little piece on the gun and you did as he said.

“Ok, you see these white dots? You use those to aim.” J continued as he showed you the dots along the top.

“Like this?” You asked as you took aimed for the water bottle on top of your dresser.

“Actually, it’s more like this.” J said as he took ahold of your waist, turning your body slightly before repositioning your arm.

“Now what?” You asked glancing at him.

“Now’s the time when you would fire, but I don’t ever want you to have to do that.” J stated, taking the gun and putting the safety on before slipping it back into his backpack.

“You know I have no choice but to worry about you now?” You said anxiously.

“Well don’t, I’ll be fine. It’s getting late, I should get home.” J spoke as he grabbed his backpack and gave you a kiss.

“Be careful. I love you.” You said as he walked towards the window.

“I will, I love you too.” J stated before slipping out the window.


“What the fuck is going on here?”  Craig demanded, arm dropping from around Nicky’s shoulders as he glared at where you and J were curled up together on the couch.

Glancing up at him you quirked an eyebrow innocently.  “What do you mean?”  Tossing a leg over J’s lap you managed to curl deeper into his side.  Craig stepped forward quickly, grabbing the front of J’s shirt and pulling him up to his feet.

“I know what you’re doing.”  He growled, anger rolling off of him in waves.  “I suggest you stay away from her, J.”

“It’s not like we’re dating.  You don’t own me.”  You stood up, arms folding across your chest as you send a glare towards Nicky.  “If you can see other people, so can I.”