Spent all day at an HSUS class on animal cruelty investigations. Pretty disturbing topic for most to sit through, even as calloused as one can get doing this as long as I have.

Still… it beat having to work 12 hours in the cold rain :)

This slide made me smile. They have probably done this presentation hundreds of times. I can’t be the only person to notice.

I wanted to raise my hand and ask, “Who is Manuel?” :)

Side note factoid: A surprisingly high number of jerkoffs convicted of Dog Fighting are also convicted pedophiles. It Figures.

this is your yearly reminder that animals are not toys. they are a huge commitment. even small pets like hamsters and fish can be expensive and require a lot of work. if you’re planning to get someone a pet as a gift this holiday season, please only do so if you’re 100% sure that they are willing and able to take responsibility for the well-being of a living thing, potentially for years or even decades.


Grecia the Toucan was brought to a Costa Rican animal hospital in January 2015. He was missing the top half of his beak after being brutally attacked by a group of young boys. After news of this cruel attack on such a beautiful, innocent, animal gained widespread attention, a number of 3D printing companies were eager to create a prosthetic beak for Grecia which was paid for by donations from the generous public.

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE! Luca is now home from surgery. They did a spay, mass removal, and tail amputation. They took a lot off her tail which means her tail was a lot worse than we thought, both myself and the vets. They did xrays to see if the cancer had spread and if so, where and she is officially cancer free!

We do, however, have to do a few follow up visits, so she’s not out of the woods yet. There’s still a chance something could happen during the healing process that could require emergency attention.

I spoke with the investigating officer today about her and her case, I brought my vet bills, pictures, screen shots of conversations, and they will be making contact by tomorrow afternoon with the people that did this to my baby.

As I said, we’re not out of the woods yet. Please continue to share her gofundme, we still need help covering some costs for her. We want to make sure she gets the best care and treatment possible. So please don’t give up on us.

it’s world milk day pals which means ur local salty vegan is here to give u some #facts

  • like all mammals, cows have to give birth to produce milk, they carry their calves for nine months just like humans
  • there is a myth out there that says a cow only has to give birth once in order to supply us with endless milk, this is false - after giving birth dairy cows lactate for ten months, and then they get forcibly impregnated again … and again … and again …
  • pretty much all dairy calves are removed from their mothers within the first 24 hours of their lives, some “humane” dairy farms only give the calf an hour with its mother, claiming that it’s “less stressful” - a bunch of bullshit
  • to keep up with our demand for milk, these millions of dairy cows get forcibly inseminated year after year, only to have their calf ripped away each and every time! this means that we have a shitton of calves that we don’t “need” - the female ones might get to join the milking herd, but most are sent off to get slaughtered
  • most commercial dairy cows don’t get to go outside
  • a cow can live up to 20 years, but dairy cows rarely make it past 4, their bodies have been overworked, and they get sold to the meat industry

no matter how “humane” dairy products claim to be, there will always be a mother’s repeated suffering behind them - a mother who never gets to keep her babies because we feel entitled to her milk

humans lived thousands of years without milk, our bodies don’t need dairy, especially now when we can get plant milks with the same nutritional benefits for the same price

cows are amazing, clever, compassionate animals and we aren’t entitled to their milk or their lives