animal's crossing

my new Bee and PuppyCat themed town, Island !

you can watch a lil tour of Island’s humble beginnings in my most recent live stream on YouTube. next one is this Sunday at 2pm est! (❁´▽`❁)


Okay I said I would do an art giveaway for my followers and I just reached 75 followers which is quite a milestone for me so I’m doing a giveaway!

🌸First prize: Full Body of your mayor + a villager of your choice and a background!

🌸Second Prize: Full Body of your mayor + background

🌸Third Prize (I’ll be picking three of these): Headshot icon of character/mayor of your choice!


🌸Must be following me (this is to thank all my followers of course!!)

🌸If you followed for the giveaway please dont unfollow right after :(

🌸No giveaway blogs/Please dont tag as giveaway

🌸Winners please credit me if you choose to use my icons 💖

🌸Reblogs/Likes count as entries but only one entry per person!

Giveaway ends July 15th!!

my dash is like super dead and im too lazy to go out and look for new blogs to follow so like hmu if you blog any of these things (preferably over 18 bc I’m over 18 and that’s just a preference)

Sailor Moon
Vidya games (animal crossing, legend of Zelda, Overwatch, dragon age, mass effect, Alice madness returns, Pokémon, fire emblem, etcetera.)
Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter/Funhaus
RWBY/Camp Camp/RvB
Bi/Aro pride
Shoujo Anime (hmu with suggestions lmao)
Rick and Morty
Gravity Falls
Steven Universe
Heathers/RENT/Hamilton/Musicals of the such
The Raven Cycle
All for the game/Foxhole Court
Rupaul’s Drag Race
High School Musical 
Mythical creatures (I’m really into like mermaids and faeries and vampires) McElroy Brothers
Sebastian Stan
Avatar: The Last Airbender

 Lmao that’s all I can think of atm