Climate change could force the displacement of nearly 3,000 species of animals in the coming years if Earth keeps warming and sea levels keep rising, according to research from the University of Washington and The Nature Conservancy. Scientists who worked on the research created a moving map of the forced migrations that could happen in the future.

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William Wegman. Elephant II. 1981 | MoMA

Who better to represent National Dog Day than William Wegman? The artist is known for his films and photographs featuring his very obedient Weimaraners. 

[William Wegman. Elephant II. 1981. The Museum of Modern Art, New York. © 2016 William Wegman]

(via William Wegman. Elephant II. 1981 | MoMA)


Celebrating National Dog Day the Vulture Culture way! Don’t worry, my live pup got lots of love and tasty treats to celebrate too. <3

Here’s my collection of domestic dog skulls. Most are mutts or unknown breeds but there’s a few known breeds in here that I’ll post a photo of separately in a bit.

Dog skulls are some of my favorite skulls to collect because they come in such an incredible variety of shapes and sizes!