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songs I've been listening to a lot lately old and new

good songs I’ve been listening to :
get away - yuck
thinking about you - the big scary
chamber of reflection - Mac demarco
dissolve me - alt j
cobwebs- animal collective
street flash - animal collective
the purple bottle - animal collective
raspberry cane - youth lagoon
mute - youth lagoon
everything is happening so fast - mgmt
tiny dancer ( never gets old ) - Elton John
band on the run - Paul McCartney and wings
advanced falconry - mutual benefit
I just wanna die - FIDLAR
unfucktheworld- angel Olsen
post production - over the Atlantic
walkabout - atlas sound
oh Louie - Shannon and the clams
beetles - warpaint
liar - built to spill
Crimson and clover - tommy James and the shondells
I think it’s beautiful that you are 256 colors too - black moth super rainbow
skeleton key - Margot and the nuclear so sos
float forever - peace
jump into the fog - the wombats
what’s a girl to do - bat for lashes
last night at the jetty - panda bear
how can you really - foxygen
anemone - their satanic majesties second request
heartbreaker - girls
all die young - smith westerns
horse race - colormusic
the city in the sea - crystal stilts
Nancy from now on - father john misty
nightmare of you - I want to be buried in your backyard
tell me ( what’s on your mind ) - Allah-las
Bisou magique- melodys echo chamber
the sun was high - best coast
the hours - beach house
other people - beach house
sad girl - lana del rey
you and me - disclosure
she’s a rainbow - the Rolling Stones
im gonna crawl - led zep
punching in a dream - the naked and famous
Simeon’s dilemma - why
election - don dilego
never known love - thieves like us
bad kids- black lips
Billie holiday - warpaint
snow days - real estate
stop crying your eyes out - oasis
Caesar - Ty segall
one million lovers - the growlers
golden age - beach fossils
sleeping lessons - the shins
curse of curves - cute is what we aim for
ice hotels - dinosaur bones
daughters and empty space - the story so far
song for zula - phosphorescent
and many many many more

hunterx700  asked:

I saw your post about Mizar refusing to eat his food longways, and I noticed you fed him a reptilink. I was just wondering if I could ask you about them? I'm curious about how you like them? do you feed them occasionally as a snack, or as a total replacement for mice/rats?


I really like Reptilinks and so do most of my snakes. Prepare for a novel on why.
I know that in the past there was at least one company that made an attempt to offer an alternative product to replace whole feeder animals, but it was made with low grade ground beef and filler and was designed for very large snakes with very squeamish owners and was not an appropriate prey replacement. That failure tainted the image of the “snake sausage” for a long time.

Prey animals like mice, rats, rabbits, and chickens have been the industry standard for a long time, but how good are they really? Most snakes have a varied diet of mammals, amphibians, fish, birds, other reptiles, invertebrates, etc. and their prey also have varied diets in turn. Honestly I doubt very much that there are any wild species of snake that feed exclusively on mice, let alone mice that eat mostly soy and corn-based diets the way commercial mice do. 
I’m not exactly wild about my pets not having variety, and I’m also not wild about factory-farmed mice eating who-knows-what and living who-knows-how, so I tried for a long time to find ways to supplement a single-prey diet. I raised my own colonies and gave them the best lives I could offer and the highest quality food I could find and even made my own rodent diets from scratch. It was time consuming and expensive, but I felt that I was doing my best I could for my pets. My snakes were healthy and my personal ethics were satisfied.
After a move and a promotion at work, I just didn’t have the time to maintain enough mice to feed all of my snakes and also maintain the snakes. I was forced to once again purchase feeders that were raised who-knows-how.

Reptilinks, in contrast to the attempts made by other companies, are designed for all snake sizes and species and marketed towards owners who want MORE for their animals instead of just wanting to pay less or who are merely avoiding having to see a dead animal. They use whole prey, locally sourced and raised for human food, and include bone, fur, feather, entrails, and organs (with the exception of I think the rabbit links, which do not include guts). They’re conveniently sized and priced similarly to equivalent prey, with the added benefit of being more nutrient dense so you can offer smaller prey with the same nutritive value. There are multiple formulations to allow you to select an appropriate prey type with the correct protein and fat ratio to meet the needs of your pet and they also cater to species that usually favor non-mammal prey by offering blends made with various fowl, frogs, and even insects. Just be aware of the fat/protein ratio and the size of the link you’re offering because it is easier to overfeed with Reptilinks.

Not all of my snakes will take Reptilinks, but pretty much all of my hognoses prefer the megablend (Guinea fowl, pheasant, chicken, quail, rabbit, and frog) links to mice and my ratsnakes LOVE the rabbit and rabbit/quail blends, though I have to be careful not to overfeed the latter because quail is quite rich. I usually alternate prey items for snakes who are amicable to it, offering a mouse or rat one week and a reptilink the next so that my snakes get even more variety in their diet, as they would in the wild. I also use the richer reptilinks like quail to help my breeding girls get back into condition after egg laying and I have used links as the next offered meal after a rodent regurge because they’re easier to digest. I have never had a snake regurgitate a Reptilink.

There has been at least one breeder who split a clutch of baby snakes and fed half exclusively mice and the other half exclusively Reptilinks and it seems that the snakes grew at pretty much the same rate. I don’t know that I’d say the links are inherently better than rodent prey, but they certainly are not worse and they do offer greater variation for more well-rounded nutrition, and their devotion to husbandry and customer service are really stellar.
I’m happy to support a small business, my personal ethics are satisfied, and my snakes are happy and healthy.

Everybody wins!

Eastern Screech Owl by Tony on Flickr.

“When your ex wants to get back together.”

“When you ask nicely, but Mom still says no.” 

“When there’s no headphone jack on the iPhone 7.”

“Lecture slides are online, but attendance is worth 10% of your final grade.”

“When someone comes in at 9:59 and y’all close at 10:00.”

“When your boss makes you work on your day off.” 


Alaska Loves Apples by Debby Armstrong Herold



here it is- my 2nd yr film!!! it’s ok hahaha i’m pretty proud of getting it done and how most it came out since i did procrastinate a lot…. so yeah. animal western. music by my good friend and the hawkeye to my hawkeye- wallace s. so yeah enjoy!!! while i got sleep of the fatigue halp


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Boëthius - ’De Musica’, is a manuscript about the theory of music. The main focus of the treatise is the mathematical basis of music, and the beautifully-drawn diagrams with their graceful arches illustrate the mathematical ratios which produce the various intervals in the musical scale. Sometimes these diagrams take on animal forms such as here.