animal visions

the signs as superpowers
  • aries : telekinesis
  • taurus : animal communication
  • gemini : laser vision
  • cancer : empath
  • leo : no power, you're just a good person
  • virgo : super speed
  • libra : super intelligence
  • scorpio : mind control
  • sagittarius : super strength
  • capricorn : immortality
  • aquarius : being rich
  • pisces : all of them

Like most penguins, yellow-eyed penguins rely mostly on their eyes to get about, and those eyes are primarily adapted to see underwater.  On land, the birds are very near-sighted.  In the water, however, a membrane means that they can see clearly even while swimming.  They have excellent colour vision, and react to blue, green, and violet light, and use their eyes as their primary means to hunt and avoid predators.


Some excellent hunting shot captures of bald eagles


Shipibo Tribe. Textiles. Peruvian Amazon.

The Shipibo believe that our state of health, both physical and psychological, is dependent on the balanced union between mind, spirit and body. If an imbalance in this occurs - such as through emotions of envy, hate, anger - this will generate a negative effect on the health of that person. The shaman will re-establish the balance by chanting the icaros, which are the geometric patterns of harmony made manifest in sound, into the body of the person. The shaman in effect transforms the visual code into an acoustic code. A key element in this magical dialogue with the energy which permeates Creation and is embedded in the Shipibo designs, is the work with ayahuasca by the Shipibo shamans or muraya. 

In the deep ayahuasca trance, the ayahuasca reveals to the shaman the luminous geometric patterns of energy. These filaments drift towards the mouth of the shaman where they metamorphose into a chant or icaro. The icaro is a conduit for the patterns of Creation, which then permeate the body of the shaman’s patient, bringing harmony in the form of the geometric patterns which re-balance the patient’s body.

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🌿Hedgehog Medallion🌿
Acrylic washes on cotton paper.

I have fallen in love with the hedgie messege…
The hedgehog is associated with the earth, intuition, sensitivity and resourcefulness. The curious hedgehog loves to explore and has the tools to defend itself along the journey. The hedgehog lesson tells us that we need to balance protection with openness. We all need a little space here and there, but don’t forget to share your unique gifts with the world - there is no one else like you.

REA: Why? Must we not love the homeland more than any other thing in the world?
ROMULUS: No, we must never love it more than a being who is dear to us. On the contrary, it’s exactly of the homeland that we must always be wary. To no one is killing so easy as it is to the homeland.
ROMULUS: The State always makes others call it homeland when it prepares itself to assassinate.
REA: It was our unconditional love that made Rome great.
ROMULUS: But our love for Rome didn’t make her kind. Our virtues served to raise a ferocious animal. This vision of our homeland’s greatness inebriated us like generous wine, but now what we loved in her changed for us in as much bitterness.
—  Romulus der Große, Friedrich Dürrenmatt

Steve and Tony:
“(Y/N) we talked about this, you can’t bring animals into the tower,” Steve said and crossed his arms over his chest. “Yeah and I can’t have that little beast running around wrecking all the expensive stuff we have in the tower,” Tony said and looked up from his phone.

Pietro and Clint:
“Omg that’s the cutest thing that I’ve ever seen,” Clint said and petted the sleeping dog in your lap. “Can I hold him, please? Omg he’s so fluffy, why’s he so fluff?” Pietro said when you handed him the dog.

Sam and Natasha:
“So you like cats huh?” Sam asked when you brought the little kitten into the tower. “I never saw you as a cat person, though,” He continued. “Shut up bird man, this is the cutest little kitten I’ve ever seen, and I hate cats normally,” Natasha said and nudged Sam in the shoulders.

Wanda and Vision:
“What tricks are you teaching her,” Wanda asked and smiled down at the little puppy running around your feet. “I don’t know, the basics maybe,” You said and picked the little one up. “Mr Stark is going to be so mad at you for bringing a dog home,” Vision said and disappeared from the room.

Thor and Bruce:
“What is this little beast?” Thor asked while cuddling with the bunny in his arms. “It’s called a bunny, it’s an earth thing,” You said taking the bunny over in your arms. “Wait is that a bunny? I’m allergic to those,” Bruce said and sneezed.

The Easy Way (Part 19) - Carl Grimes & Negan Imagine


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summary: war war and some more war 

a/n: i’m thinking that the next chapter will be the last :-( this series was so fun to write, and depending on how well everything wraps up, i may write a prologue or an epilogue (or both bc why the hell not)

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word count: 877

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Cyndie’s group had divided throughout Alexandria and taken shelter in different homes. She told you they were sent to your town from a village by the sea, where almost everything was peaceful. She said the waves of the ocean made a sound so pleasant, she slept sweetly almost every night. 

Of course that was bullshit. Nobody slept without one eye open, and if they did, they were stupid or dead already. Bliss is ignorance, and ignorance gets you killed. 

The smoke in the air was thick and foggy, making your eyes water as debris irritated them. The Saviors were out of Alexandria, and there was only one thing left to do: Get Maggie.

You no longer had to hide behind the houses lining the border of the town. Cyndie looked around until she found a house she recognized. Opening the door slowly, she revealed a woman with short, dark hair holding a knife. 

“Shit, Cyndie. You scared me,” she sighed in relief. 

“This is Beatrice,” Cyndie introduced. “This is (Y/N) and Carl.”

Beatrice nodded at you once, allowing you to come inside. 

“Who else is in here?” Cyndie asked, walking to a bag and opening it, revealing its contents. Guns, ammunition, knives, and grenades filled up the small bag. 

“Holy shit,” you gasped. “Isn’t it, like… really dangerous to keep all that stuff in one bag?”

“Isn’t it really dangerous to fight a fucking psychopath?” Beatrice quipped. 

You sighed and raised your eyebrows. “Fair enough.”

You all used your limited time to your advantage, reloading your guns and grabbing extra knives. You could never be too prepared. 

“Negan’s dipshits got a pregnant woman. We gotta get her before they take her or hurt her,” Cyndie explained. Beatrice nodded, grabbing some extra supplies, herself. “Almost everyone’s gone. The Saviors should be going soon; There’s really nothing left of them.”

“Keep in mind, kid, they have an assload of outposts,” Beatrice reminded. “More of them could come any time, now.” 

Carl shook his head and led you out the door. “We can’t keep taking our time like this. We have to get Maggie now.” You followed him, unsure if Beatrice and Cyndie were following you. “I’m not letting those sons of bitches hurt her or her kid.”

“Carl,” you said softly, placing your hand on his shoulder. “Do you really think you can just go out there and get her back? They’ll smoke you.” 

Carl sighed, knowing you were right. “I don’t have time to make a plan. I’m just gonna take as many out as I can.” He left you, running off towards them. 

“God damn it,” you huffed. “You two, go make sure he’s okay. I’m gonna round up our best shots, and we’ll take them out. Go!” you demanded, running towards the houses filled with your family. 

You ran as fast as you had ever run in your life to the infirmary. You bursted through the door, not giving a damn if anyone was behind it. 

“If you can shoot, I need you right here, right now. They’re almost gone. We just have to get Maggie, then this shit is over for now,” you stated loudly, your voice filling the small room. Daryl and Rick ran to you, followed by Sasha, Jesus, and Eugene.  Tara led a young girl, who couldn’t have been older than twelve to your group. 

“Anyone else?” you asked. Aaron and Rosita emerged from a closet where more guns had been left by the people of Oceanside. Enid was limping behind them, but she was there, nonetheless. “Let’s go.”

Your group of eleven ran swiftly and spread out behind a few remaining spots of the front gate and some immobile cars. “Open fire!” you yelled, signaling the group. They began shooting down Saviors left and right. The roar of the giant Tiger could be heart from the other end of the town, but was soothed by Ezekiel, calming the animal into tranquility. 

Your vision went black as your head was swiftly hit by a piece of metal, and your limp body was picked up from the ground. You didn’t try to open your eyes; You just lay in an unknown predator’s grasp. A bullet was fired from behind you, and the person holding you dropped. You fell face first into the gravel, slicing below your cheekbone in the process. Blood spilled from the back of your head and your face, now, in addition to your forehead, nose, and chin. 

“Come on, honey,” a familiar voice mumbled, dragging your body behind a car. You opened your eyes slowly to see Carol crouching over you, and a fallen Savior a few feet away. 

You would have smiled at her if you hadn’t coughed up blood on your shirt. The fluid burned your throat and nose as it spilled out in front of you. “It’s okay, honey. It’s almost over. You’re doing great,” Carol whispered, rubbing your back. 

You turned your head and spit out the remaining fluid in your mouth, getting back up on your knees and aiming your gun at the Saviors. 

“Take them all down!”

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