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I was browsing the nintendo store and was kind of saddened to see that they are dividing their gift ideas by gender.

So out of curiosity I decided to see what they were marketing to me, as a woman. Is it just going to be cutesy games like nintendogs or something?

The signs are not good. Is this going to be a ‘men play consoles women play handhelds’ stereotype or something? Lets scroll down…

Huh. Well Pokemon is the next big handheld release. So lets see what they’re marketing to men?

…the same thing…? 

literally the exact same thing.

They posted the same page twice, and just changed the pronouns in the captions.

Nintendo doesn’t care what gender you are.

They just really, really want you to buy Pokemon.

All about Aurora!

Thank you to everyone that supported Aurora and helped her win $657 that will go toward her care!!! I realized I haven’t really shared much about Aurora’s story, so I wanted to post little snippets of her life for all those that wanted to know about her. And to show off how adorable she is!

A few of my classmates started fostering a pregnant cat around the beginning of the school year (we are all 1st year vet students) and she gave birth to six very sweet kittens. While five were able to nurse normally (and have since been adopted), Aurora had a visible facial deformity and couldn’t nurse. She has a small area on the side of her mouth that can open, so her foster owners had to tube feed her every 2 hours.

She’s much smaller than her litter mates in size, but not in spirit. Aurora is lively, loving, and just as naughty as any other kitten. Since she has grown, Aurora no longer needs tube feeding every 2 hours, which is lucky for my classmates, who were feeding her between classes. However, she does still need to be fed with the tube. Because of this, Aurora is at school quite often and visits during lunch and between classes. She was present after our recent endocrinology exam, wearing her little harness and greeting everyone. Seeing her never fails to lift all our spirits. I feel very lucky to be one of her lunch-time kitty sitters (AKA we get kitty play time while mom gets a break from shenanigans) so I’ve gotten the chance to get to know her and watch her grow.

That’s not how you walk on a leash…

Aurora has a visible cleft lip, but it was unclear beyond that how extensive the deformity is. In an attempt to find out, Aurora had dental x-rays taken that were reviewed by a boarded dental specialist. Unfortunately, the results were inconclusive due to structure overlap. Aurora also had a hard time coming out of anesthesia, which gave everyone a scare, but she recovered perfectly!

Much better!

The next step for Aurora was a CT scan. It took a lot of extra care, because she was high risk for anesthesia, but her foster mom reports she handled it really well! She is also now wearing a fashionable purple scarf, because she has stitches and staples from a tracheostomy tube (the only way to intubate her) and was messing with the site. Typical kitten! The results of the CT scan showed that her right mandible (lower jaw) is fused to her maxilla (upper jaw) and her temporomandibular joint is also fused, and she has a cleft palate. Now, Aurora’s vet and the rescue are discussing what is going to be done next. In the mean time, she’s busy being our unofficial class mascot and bringing smiles to all our faces!

How could you not love this face?

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE! Luca is now home from surgery. They did a spay, mass removal, and tail amputation. They took a lot off her tail which means her tail was a lot worse than we thought, both myself and the vets. They did xrays to see if the cancer had spread and if so, where and she is officially cancer free!

We do, however, have to do a few follow up visits, so she’s not out of the woods yet. There’s still a chance something could happen during the healing process that could require emergency attention.

I spoke with the investigating officer today about her and her case, I brought my vet bills, pictures, screen shots of conversations, and they will be making contact by tomorrow afternoon with the people that did this to my baby.

As I said, we’re not out of the woods yet. Please continue to share her gofundme, we still need help covering some costs for her. We want to make sure she gets the best care and treatment possible. So please don’t give up on us.


I updated Nordale during winter solstice !

Minor updates such as the apple trees that I removed or the secret beach, I did edit some others small details

Have fun in my little winter wonderland (ᵔ ᗜ ᵔ)



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