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You can be vegan all you want, good for you, but not being vegan doesn't make someone a bad person. Not everyone in the world will convert to being a vegan so maybe y'all should stop being angry people and just get over it.

Of course the whole world will never be vegan, but I strongly believe that someday a majority of the world will be vegan. In fact, the world will have to go mostly vegan or we are screwed, anon. Veganism is the future, out of necessity, and the UN agrees.

Animal agriculture is destroying our world. 

No, not being vegan does not make someone a bad person… but if you’re aware of the slaughter you’re contributing to and you’re able to change that and choose not to, that is extremely problematic. Especially if you mourn the deaths of companion animals, but not the ones on your plate. 

Today in Aquarist-ing

•Got smacked in the face by a live fish
•Covered in dried algae, dirt, and sand
•Got soaked literally from head to toe in saltwater
•Didn’t have time to take lunch until 2pm
•Acquired at least 3-4 new scrapes and bruises
•So exhausted I could barely move when I got home
•Still think I have the greatest job in the whole entire world 😊

Animal Crossing ideas

- Beach, transportation and shop publics works projects; say choosing between a bus stop or train station, or choosing between a gardening store and a refurbishing store. It allows for more differences in towns and makes it so people are more likely to visit other players in order to get shop specific items

- More plants and gardening options, flower boxes and pots as pwp (that aren’t just a 2 x 2 square of dirt)

- Jobs, new daily that lets the player work part time at more than just brewsters, also make it so villagers occasionally work- this could even depend on villager personalities being related like cranky villagers being more likely to work at the museum and so on.

- Bring back AC:CF maps with hills and more randomly generated layouts.

- House sign/plot pwp or something similar to those found in City Folk- can be a public works project or possibly something you’d buy from nooks that allows you to choose the spots where villagers could move. Would work so that each sign is a possible place where the villager could move so long as it was in a viable area

- Let me send mail to other towns again

on the post about earth prison, what if humans were once a major threat to the universe?

The humans are a horrid race where each individual could match 3 alien soldier equivelents and their society was ruled in a strict militaristic Empire. They had taken over a quarter of the universe before they could be thwarted.
It took everyone else left to band together and take them out, culling their race in a costly war that spaned millenium. Eventually they got us down to an endangered species, only the richest diplomats who payed their way to be given the ‘mercy’ of being placed into a inhospitable prison with memory wipes. Earth.
No technology on planet, heck the whole sol system is in a intergalactic black out zone to insure that no outsiders can find them in the chance certain individuals were payed off to save them before hand.
Covered in more deseases than any place else in the universe, many of the strongest predators gathered and placed there to keep their numbers in check, with a good spinkling of poisoness plants and animals for good measure. A hair balanced ecosystem was also created so that in the off chance they happen to start progressing technologically again, in the minimum 6000 years (500 faster than the fastest progressing race recorded in universal history) it will take them to progress through the industrial age, their entire planet would have have become devoid of any form of sustenance to support themselves and they will either have to give up or die.

this is all punctuated with their already small planet being mostly covered in undrinkable water and filled with even more deadly creatures so as to deter them from populating its surface, hence keeping their numbers down. While this resulted in some of the landmasses being a little too hospitable, we evened things out by altering their structure until there was a constant threat of natural disasters to deter them from settling in those areas.
We even went as far as placing fake evolutionary fossils around to help turn them away from thoughts of where they came from leading to ideas about space travel.
I think we can safely assume they will serve their punishment for their races crimes well here, or die trying to escape it.

~year 3452AD earth years~

After finding a drifting peice of strange metal in space, a trading ship sent it into our department as it seemed to be sending out a strange noise on radio wavelengths. something only descovered due to certain animal cargo they were transporting stressing out when near the device. After our department analysed it and found it to be a message of peace we were exstatic, hoping to meet a new species to introduce to the galaxy.
However the excitement died down quickly once its point of origin was tracked down… a black out zone containing the most heinous of criminals. Due to how it was traveling through space, we believe it was sent over 1000 years ago. Which should be impossible as due to all calculations they should barely be out of the stone age by now… these implications are worrying to say the least, and unbelievable to most. Although the majority have come to the conclusion it is simply some distastful prank, we must check to be sure.

And so the first check up on the human prison was started. A fleet of 300 science vessals to quickly scan the planet and leave within a few days. They also were accompanied by 20 military ships to deter any would-be pirates. They all enter ftl with the destination of earths moon to set up a temporary station while the scanning will be on going.

The crew is discussing and argueing about whether the humans will either be dead or they will get to see the galactic boogey men poking at monsterous beasts such as the legendary ferocious ‘bull’ with sticks. Only to be shocked into silence upon exit of ftl to see litterally tens of thousands of battle space ships aiming their weaponry at them, their sensors indicating that at least 20 of the biggest ships have weaponry that can wipe through a quarter of their fleet and their sheilds in a single blast. After only 5 minutes of silence their com links seem to have already been hacked through and a screen opens with a terrifying angry human on the other side shouting at them in another language, after a breif few seconds the auto translator kicks in and their voice rocks them to the core.

“I repeat! You are in the United Continents of Earths no space flight zone! Identify yourselves immediately or by law we will be forced to remove you perminantly via lethal means!”

The chief scientist scrambles at the controls before managing to hit the right button “W-we come in peace! j-just some civilian vessals passing through, we will just… turn and go now! haha!” he blurts out nervously as a few crew facepalm and the rest sweat just as nervously.

“civilians is it? a likely story! Do you take me as a fool!?”

“oh no of c-”

“I dont even need to glance at my scanners to see the military vessels hidden among your fleet! Who are you allied to?! Is it those red mars scum!? no… the ship style isnt like them… Ah, you must be part of those damn reclusive jupitarians huh? the saturnites giving you too much trouble so you tried to sneak back the homeworld did you? well too ba-” the angry human is interrupted by a smaller and thinner human arriving beside him, handing over a peice of glass with glowing letters before saluting and running off. The angry man peruses it for a short while, tension in the air before a disturbingly sweet smile crosses his face.

“Well well, honored guests from another galaxy is it? forgive my inhospitality earlier, i was unaware who you were. It seems obvious we couldnt identify you sooner now. Please, do let us guide you down planet side so we can talk further on this…” he glances down at the glass again “ FTL drive. I am sure we can come to a reasonable understanding.”

Alien crew members start screaming things like “oh gods! how do they-” “we cant!” “we would be hated as the villains who brought mankind back to the universe!” “were screwed!” before they are quitened down and the cheif researcher tries to see if they can be reasoned with.

“o-oh, we simply couldnt, perhaps another time! uhh, we really dont want to inconvenience you.”

“oh no, I insist.” the human punctuates his words by waving his hand in a seemingly meaningless gesture… if you were able to ignore the entire fleet of tens of thousands of warships move out almost immediately after to surround them.


(this idea got a little away from me, plus bad writing cuz im lazy on my mobile)


Axel: In Loving Memory of a Guy Who Was One in a Billion — or 50 Billion

Each year, more than 50 billion chickens are slaughtered for food worldwide — a number that, if you attempt to break it down, seems impossible. Hundreds of millions of chickens in the meat industry perish even before they are sent out to slaughter — and they are still just babies.  

Many of the birds above will have died before they even reached 2 months of age. An industry that bases its profits on fast growth and no individualized care is no place for any living being. 

And like every cow, sheep, pig, dog, cat, or human, each of those billions of birds, when pulled out and met on their own terms, is an individual with their own personality, their own quirks, and their own needs.

Sweet baby Axel arrived sick, frightened, and injured — thankfully, fate brought him to Farm Sanctuary. 

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Ridge - Roadkill to shelf

WARNING !! This post contains photos and descriptions of dead animals, skinned animals, decomposition, maggots, and the general gory details involved with cleaning up bones.

I’ve gotten a couple asks about the methods I use to clean bones, so I thought I’d put together a quick summary of the journey of my female Badger, Ridge, from road to shelf. It’s not really a tutorial, but I have almost kind of written it like one - keep in mind this is just Ridge’s personal cleanup journey, and all the steps she went through while being processed (it’s pretty similar for all my roadkill though) It’s a bit garbled and I haven’t really clarified anything… Hm. Maybe I will put together a proper tutorial in the future. For now, this is Ridge~

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GOOD MORNING Fitblr, Runblr, Recoveryblr, Anxietyblr, EatPoopblr (I know y'all readin this, too

Breakfast is my Grandmother’s Cinnamon Spice Oatmeal (added chia seeds and flaxseeds) and some Dragonfruit and 32oz of Pumpkin Spice Protien Coffee
Macros for oatmeal:**420** cal lol, 71.8 C, 10.6 F, 12 P, 181.2 Na 210.0 K
Macros for all listed:635cal, 99.9 C, 18.3F, 34.9 P, 588.6 Na, 890.0 K
- 1/2 cup Groats (steel cut non-rolled oats)
- 1 cup unsweetened almond milk
- 1/2 cup water
- 1 tbsp Splenda brown sugar
- 1/2 tsp ground Cinnamon
- ½ tsp Pumpkin Spice (the secret)
- 1/4 tsp Ground Nutmeg
- 1/4 tsp ground Allspice
Bring to a boil and remove from heat. Let stand for 10min until Groats soak the milk up. Fyi: unlike classic rolled oats, Groats will NOT turn mushy. Also, think olden times; farm land; middle of winter; no civilization for miles; you are snowed in; all you have is grains and spices in storage. What is mama gonna do? Lovely little factoid on this meal origin.
For new followers: Short story, I inherited my great grandmothers cookbook when my mother passed. See food link or tag. I tend to post some of her recipes, modified for Health benefits obviously. Feel free to use the original ingredients like whole milk and real brown sugar (which is nothing more than grained sugar and pure molasses)
Veggie stock is on. Meal prep is Vegetarian Chicken Parmesan. No animal transport today so day off for me. Woohoooo finally!!!
Have a great day!

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I've got a question about a bee, so I may be in the wrong place. A month or so ago, we were making strawberry jam, and I found a honey bee in the strawberries. Poor thing had probably landed on a strawberry and then been picked. We got the bee outside, and it went nose-first into a sweetspire. I checked on the bee a few times, and it seemed to recover from being abducted by aliens. Did we do the right thing? Should we have tried to take it back to the farm where it came from? Thanks!

I think letting it go and leaving it at that was the right call. It’s impossible to fix everything that goes wrong for every animal, and trying to transport it could have potentially stressed it out more or injured it. Depending on how far away you were, there’s a good chance it would be able to find its way back to the hive just fine. 

Have you ever wondered what happens when Zoos receives a new animal? Where does that animal go? How do we introduce it to its new friends?

A lot of people don’t know this but…

We get most of our birds for our collection from other zoos. Most of the time, we are getting these birds due to recommendations from other zoo professionals for those animals to breed, but sometimes it is because they may no longer have space for them, or they have lone birds that need some friends.  For example, we have a single male Guira cuckoo that lives in our Living Treehouse habitat. While this bird lives with almost 40 other birds, he no longer lived with another of his species, so we needed to find him a companion. Luckily, another Zoo had a female cuckoo that they were willing and able to send to us.

So the paperwork begins! Once we get the correct permits and permissions from both zoos

Not a lot of people know this but transporting an animal is hard

Besides getting approval from each of the vets saying that the bird is healthy enough to travel, we all have to agree on travel arrangements. Then, due to exotic laws being state regulated, we have to get permission and permits from every state we drive through!  On her arrival, the first step that any animal goes through is to go through a 30-day quarantine. This is to ensure that the new animals are healthy, while keeping it away from any other collection animals, just in case they have anything that can spread to other animals.  As you can imagine, most animals make it through quarantine without any problems.

Once released from quarantine, there are a few different ways that we can introduce birds to each other, and they all depend on the personalities of the animals involved. Because our cuckoo lives in The Living Treehouse with many other birds, we decided to put our lone male into our indoor space for this introduction. This space is divided into two aviaries with a connecting door between them. So we placed the female on one side and the male on the other, allowing them visual access but not physical access. This gives the two birds time to get used to each other and gives the keepers time to assess how they are going to act.

After 24 hours, and no negative interactions through the mesh, we opened the shift door. Usually these introductions are uneventful, birds get along, or they don’t mind each other and sometimes they bond immediately. Rarely do we have issues, but we are always prepared for them. Because these cuckoos are so social, we were confident that he would be very agreeable to meeting a girlfriend. But when we opened that shift door, the male flew over to the female, the female fluffed up all of her feathers, and the male landed on the perch right next to her. They sat about six inches apart, then four, then two, then right next to each other! Within hours the male started grooming the feathers on his new girlfriend’s head! Today, at any moment, we can walk into the indoor space and see these two sitting very close to each other, and preening. It’s a very good match!

To learn more things people dont realize about zoos here ~>  Zoos Queues