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Call me an old crybaby: I’m still butt-hurt in the aftermath of RomanceGate. Yeah, yeah; I’m putting on my big girl panties and beginning to move past my utter dismay at Rian’s “no romantic centerpiece” remark in the Vanity Fair interview - at least enough to resume looking forward to The Last Jedi.

But here’s the other thing Rian said that bugs me: “I can’t speak to what Colin is doing [in IX].” Seriously? You don’t have a clue? Are the three directors operating in a vacuum? What does Kathleen Kennedy bring to the overarching vision for the sequels? What instructions are the directors receiving beyond “Have at it; it’s all yours; do as you wish”?

I’ve been looking forward to seeing VIII and IX advance very specific threads of the narrative JJ Abrams established in VII, particularly those relating to the bond between Kylo Ren and Rey - which JJ positioned with explicit romantic allusions that now we learn may or may not be brought to fruition by Rian or Colin. 

Different styles of directing? Absolutely fine. Zigging and zagging major storylines from one film to the next? Not so much - and I hope that’s not what Rian’s remark implies.

Until we’re assured that we’re not getting a choppy narrative mishmash in the sequels, I’ll continue to have a bad feeling about this.