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Feed Your Eagle

I wanna share a little visualization that I started as a child, and picked back up again recently because I needed it. I want to emphasize that this is not a sprit animal or any such thing. That’s not what they are and not what this is. This is a thought form, a visualization, self-made guardian.

When I was very little, my mother made an offhanded comment about people not needing to feed my ego, because it was big enough. I was very small, and hadn’t yet heard the word ego, so my child brain went ahead and subbed in the most reasonable word that I did know, and I went with eagle. So the exchange went something like this:

Someone: *Gave me an over-the-top compliment on something simple*
Mom: Don’t overdo it, you don’t need to feed her ego, its big enough.
Me: No! Do it! My eagle is hungry!

And then I raced around screeching like an eagle. My mom cackled. Child logic is so pure and direct, untroubled by all the facts they don’t yet know, and remember, my mom is a witch. I was really sure that if she said someone was feeding my eagle, she meant that I had a spiritual eagle that was fed by compliments. My mother or course, sat me down and taught me about ego. But when she saw my face fall she said it was perfectly fine to imagine a defender of that ego. And for a long time I did. And I grew up and stopped, but now? Now I’ve needed to summon him back, and he’s helping.

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Sit comfortable, gather your energy in whatever manner is most comfortable for you, and call it. Envision it, or if you can’t envision it in your mind, write about it, or draw it, or find pictures of an eagle that could be your eagle. See it. Then bring it to life. Fill it with your will, perhaps your words. Maybe you want to chant, or maybe not. Its ok. Whatever makes you comfortable, whatever you can do, because this is your eagle, and it will be a part of you. Feel free to crib mine, though:

My ego has talons and a sharp beak. It is above pettiness and jealously, because it is magnificent in its own right, and so am I. It is powerful, and so am I. An eagle can see a fish from dazzling heights, through the distortion of water, and swoop down to snatch it out for a feast. So, too, will my eagle help me find the good about myself through the murky distortion of my own mind, and help me snatch it out for my own benefit. They are fierce guardians, and he will protect me.

When you’re feeling down, when you need help, when your heart is breaking and your fragile pride cannot take another blow, find your eagle and feed it.

So I drew my sprit animal, Joshua Dun. First time drawing realistic art!

I’m obviously not a professional, so constructive criticism is greatly appreciated <3

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