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How much agency do former Alma Torran chieftains retain as djinns?

Now that the final arc has started taking us into deeper discussions about the rukh system, Alma Torran, and “freeing the new world from Alma Torran,” I think now would be a good time to revisit fundamental questions about the dungeon system and the djinns who are now in charge of the Sacred Palace. I’ve simply updated this post with anime screencaps, mangacaps, new questions & details, and some corrections. Enjoy!

I’ve always found it sad & disturbing that djinns seem to have no agency after choosing a king. We know very little about what any if the djinns think or feel about anything regarding how they’ve been used since Ugo created the dungeon system. I imagine Vinea felt awful when she was used to wound Ugo & was about to be used to kill Aladdin.

TINFOIL HAT CONSPIRACY: Letting her lovesick teenage king vessel test drive her kick-ass new toy on Ugo was NOT part of Vinea’s original game plan.

I doubt Barbatos was happy about Muu using him to attack Aladdin. In both cases, a human had to intervene to save Aladdin’s life. I find it hard to believe ANY of the djinns would willingly kill Aladdin out of loyalty to their king candidate. Neither Vinea nor Barbatos had the opportunity to speak up in problematic combat situations.

PICTURED ABOVE: a friendly sparring match between a prince and his retainer… Whatever, I’m sure Barbatos was totally on board.

On the other hand, Amon got to complain about not wanting Alibaba to get another djinn while Alibaba was in a non-combat situation. The circumstances in which they’re able to communicate with their vessels seems to be rather inconsistent. Are they really only able to speak up in a non-combat situation? Do they really have no say about who they’re used to kill, but only complain about working with other djinns?

Aladdin‘s fetus was the only thing Ugo was able to use to keep them from giving up while he created a new world. The chieftains agreed to become djinns out of loyalty to Solomon’s son. A system in which former Alma Torran chieftains who swore absolute loyalty to King Solomon can be used to kill Solomon’s son is fatally flawed.

It hasn’t been made clear just how aware they are of what’s going on in the world. We don’t know the  how often they’re conscious in their dungeons, if at all. They don’t know who raised their dungeons or why. Zepar didn’t seem to know or care about the civil strife his dungeon was causing in Heliohapt. Does his opinion really even matter when a child magi can shut him down at will? Why concern yourself with current events at all in that case?

After 1,000 years in his dungeon, Zagan thought the whole idea of picking a king candidate was bullshit based on his knowledge of how humans treat each other

…until we find out the Zagan above a doppleganger.  Amon thinks the creature’s statements are consistent enough with the real Zagan’s views to warrant using Alibaba’s magoi to emerge from his vessel on his own.

Both Zagan and his dungeon creature doppelganger stated that they “really humans,” the only species in Ugo’s creation. I’ll grant you that Zagan had no control over what his creatures were doing (and that’s a problem in and of itself.) They were still Zagan’s creations.  Do the creatures have an idea of what’s going on outside the dungeon or is their knowledge based on information from kidnapped villagers? And why kidnap villagers at all? Did Zagan instruct them to gather intelligence?

I don’t think it’s a total coincidence that so many Tran villagers (i.e. direct descendants of Zagan’s former oppressors) were trapped in the dungeon. sure the dungeon was near a Tran village but that looks like a lot of people down there. The dungeon creatures really seemed to be going out of their way to kidnap the “humany-ist” humans in the world. Just how much did Zagan have to do with the way villagers were targeted? If he had no role, than that leave’s Ugo’s original dungeon design as the culprit. That doesn’t seem likely given how much he favored humans/the Tran tribe when he created the new world, and the general tradition of people having to enter dungeons at will.

The real Zagan still hate-vomited on everyone except Aladdin. That suggest that he truly does hate generally hate humans. When you take this all together, Zagan’s attitude suggests that some djinns have come to regret the decision they made to become djinns over last 1,000+ years.

Zagan & Amon’s brief argument in Zagan’s dungeon also suggests that djinns are aware of what other djinns are up to in their dungeons. I wonder if any of the djinns in the story we’ve met are serving a second or third king vessel.  After their king dies and returns to their dungeons, do they get together and bitch about king vessels who were total fuck-ups? I wonder how many are as burnt out as Yunan?

How seriously should we take the SnB omake where Valefor is annoyed sharing a living space with “straight laced” Baal, who seemed to think of Valeor as his pet cat?

Why do they have the perception of sharing a home when one is bound to a sword and the other a necklace? Is it hinting at something important or just pure comic relief like the omake where teen!Sinbad shows off his ability to surf & sing karaoke in a talent competition? Just what are they doing in their vessels when thier KV is not equipped? For example:

  • Do they watch thier kings poop?
  • What horrors have Sinbad’s djinns seen when he wears them during a a quickie?
  • Does Leraje laugh along with Kouha when he tells bitchy jokes?
  • What if Dantalion fucking hates pigeons?

Jokes aside, the question of what djinns do in thier MVs leads me to wonder how a KV can cultivate such a strong sense of loyalty that they would be willing to directly rebel against Ugo, and by extension, King Solomon. It’s not that hard to imagine a djinn breaking their oath of absolute fealty after 1,000 years if they were interacting with the world in their original forms. 

On the other hand, Sinbad may have devoted unusual amount of time and effort towards communing with his djinns as he mastered each equip. Maybe he had to during the year he spent with Yambala (when he lost the ability to djinn equip after absorbing a massive amount of black rukh when Sindria 1.0 was destroyed). Maybe they all thought he was so impressive that they were willing to rebel against the system a bit from the beginning, or they may have simply thought absolute obedience to their king vessel trumped anything & everything else. Who knows?

I’m a bit skeptical about that last option upon examining the scene where Kouen’s djinns begged him to be more gentle with Aladdin. Perhaps Sinbad’s djinns would have reacted more apathetically. Agin, who the hell knows?

tl;dr: Djinns are people too and we know jack shit about how they feel about anything.

my continued love for Todd Chrisley

“How in the hell can you get somebody pregnant with something that small?”

“Does it say 35 in parenthesis (but you can go 46 and still be covered)?”

“You do understand i’m not doing this for my health and entertainment, don’t you?”

“She’s laying here bleeding!”

“Why are you in my business?”-

-“Because you’re seven!”

“I see you’re slacking off, I’m gonna put a foot dead in your ass cause I was not sent here to wipe a 23 year old’s ass.”

That shows you how dysfunctional the Georgia DMV is.

Every dark road he’s traveled on, I’ve traveled behind him with a flashlight.

Well y’all, we’ve reached one hell of a milestone (at least for me). When I started this blog, I never imagined so many of you coming hear to join me for the ride. I’ve been loving contributing to this fandom and the best part has been some of the people I’ve been honored to come across. While there are many more, these were the first names to stick out in my head so please do not be offended if your URL isn’t here. (I’m probably just an idiot who forgot). Some are my first readers to whom I am eternally grateful, some are other writers I admire immensely, and others are just awesome people. 

Without further ado, I present to you the people who I fangirl over (and mostly make a fool of myself) in no specific order: 

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Throughout history, the crow has been associated with both positive and negative symbolic meanings. The most common are:

Life magic; mystery of creation

Destiny, personal transformation, alchemy


Higher perspective

Being fearless, audacious

Flexibility, adaptability

Trickster, manipulative, mischevious

Other traditional meanings associate the crow with bad omen, death, and dark witchcraft. The crow also carries the power of prophetic insight and symbolizes the void or core of creation.

So I drew my sprit animal, Joshua Dun. First time drawing realistic art!

I’m obviously not a professional, so constructive criticism is greatly appreciated <3

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