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 Animal Bellies That Need To Be Rubbed Right Now.

The stomach rubs that we provide for our pets are fun and cute, however there’s a whole other world to it than that. At the point when a creature displays its stomach to you, it speaks to an indication of accommodation or trust. 

justagirlcalledbob  asked:

What's your opinion on dog rescuers, like hope for paws and such? Does Australia have a big stray dog population?

Dog rescues, breed specific rescues and foster carers are a valuable recourse for improving adoption rates, especially with difficult individuals.

A potential adopter looking for a certain breed may not even think of going to a shelter, but they may come across the breed rescue in their search and go through there instead. This is particularly useful for breeds that have special needs, or are a bit higher maintenance than average as it provides an extra level of screening or guiding potential adopters to ensure the dog doesn’t end up in a shelter a second time.

However, it is very easy for a ‘rescue’ or a foster carer to cross the line into animal hoarding territory, especially if they develop a hero complex. That’s a topic for another day.

I am wary of any rescue that uses negative language when talking about shelters or vet clinics. It’s not a shelter’s fault if they are time poor, they run on volunteers and donations, and vet clinics are a small business, there’s a finite amount they can do for charity, just like any other.

Some rescues expect far too much privilege, just because they are a rescue. In my opinion those benefits are earned, not instantly awarded just because you gave yourself the name.

I also have to question the distribution of funds. Is it really better to spend $XXXX on one dog that’s difficult to rehome for some reason instead of spending it to help multiple other dogs? It’s a different ethical conundrum, and in a shelter scenario the answer it often no.

I am also wary of any organization that says “We need donations to fix this! Donate now!” instead of “We spend $XYZ to fix this animal. Your donations are appreciated.” because the first may leave the animal in a state of limbo for an unnecessary time.

Not every rescue I’ve encountered has been ethical, and not every one has made the right choice for the animals.

Imagine Loki going with Thor to an animal shelter because Thor is trying to teach him kindness and humility, but Loki is in no way interested. When he hears a puppy whimpering incessantly, he rolls his eyes and ignores it. Finally, he comes face to face with the small, unimpressive creature when Thor hands him a puppy feeding bottle. To which, Loki looks at the apparatus and disgustedly asks “Why doesn’t its mother feed it?” To which Thor explains she abandoned it and refused to care for it because it is a runt, the owners had left it to die in a box by a river. On hearing that Loki swears to tend to the pup and when it is old enough to be rehomed, a family come to take it, but it will not leave Loki, it refuses to be parted from him. 

I presented Rosie with Christmas lights and she was very perturbed by them 😂

Also, as of yesterday, it has been 2 full months since we adopted her squishy little toothless face 😍♥️

Imagine Loki getting in trouble with Odin. Rather than imprison him or banish him, this time Odin sends Loki to Earth as a magicless human to learn tolerance and respect. Loki, still able to use his magic (either all of it or a small fraction of it), goes and finds a job at a local library that just so happens to be next to the animal shelter that you work at as a veterinarian. You two become fast friends, and eventually, the two of you choose to rent an apartment together so that you can both afford better housing. Shenanigans ensue when Thor comes to collect his brother (of his own volition and not because Odin asked for him).

Every time Rosie gets a little bit closer to me on the couch when she naps or she butts her head against my hand when I stop petting her or brushes up against my legs when she wants attention, it just makes my heart so happy.

Because it’s like…this baby who probably had a home with people she loved for a long time but was then ripped away from them and spent half a year in an animal shelter is slowly starting to accept me as her mama. She had a mom once who betrayed her trust and she’s letting me fill that spot and I just feel so lucky and full of love for this sweet little dump truck of a cat.

Seriously, guys. Adopt shelter animals. They need homes so badly and your heart will never be more full.