animal shadows

Oh noes, a spooky shadow at the window!

which appears to be dancing, but no matter.

Scooby checks outside to see what it is, but when he gets there…

…the shadow isn’t on the window at all, and is now in front of the door?

…and the shadow is allegedly coming from a chipmunk, which is: 

A. Really funny to imagine dancing side-to-side like the shadow was

B. Not tall enough to cast a shadow on the window

C. Physically unable to cast the shape of shadow they saw

D. Requiring a perfect rising/setting position of the moon to even cast its current shadow, rendered impossible by the amount of nighttime in the episode before and after this scene

But other than that, this sequence makes perfect sense.

…and then when Scooby goes up to the chipmunk 5 seconds later, the shadow’s entirely gone, because the animators themselves have the attention span of chipmunks.

wolf witch self-care tips 🐺

- feeling more at home when the moon is at her fullest

- understanding that there can still be sweetness underneath the toughest exteriors (don’t lose your sense of loving)

- reminding yourself that there is no failure, only strength through learning experiences

- keeping a sharp tooth (real or fake; humanely acquired), on a necklace as a good-luck amulet

swan witch self-care tips ☁️

- gently remind yourself that being poised and optimistic is ultimately more beneficial than being sour and hopeless

- close your eyes, take deep breaths, and see feathers of white, soft skies, and golden ponds to help yourself relax

- wear lovely white fabrics to feel more graceful, especially in instances of stress or panic

- carry a feather or bird-shaped charm for good luck

- remember that you cannot always be the healer - sometimes, you must confide to others and seek their advice, as well (never feel weak when asking for help)