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Happy #ClearTheShelters Day!! Go to your local animal rescue to find your new best friend. 🐱🐶❤️ If you’re in the NY area - @animalleague is waiving fees for animals over the age of one for approved adopters today! #GetYourRescueOn #AdoptDontShop

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Animal shelter worker Bucky, being this big beefy guy that shows you around on your first day working. You'd slightly intimidated by him but then you catch him on his lunch break sitting in the cat room surrounded by the balls of fluff. Or he goes and sits with the old dog that's been at the shelter for months and your heart just melts at the sight of him, then years down the line when the two of you marry it's at the shelter with all the wedding guests adopting a pet! - 🎀

Okay but this also reminds me of people who have shelter puppies instead of bouquets in their wedding

Spinoff Saturday

A Towel Is All You Need (Bucky x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys!! I’m so sorry to the anon who sent it, I’m sorry that I posted so late😅 But I still hoped that you had a great birthday!! Btw, I hope that you don’t mind that I didn’t add smut, I wasn’t really in a feel for writing that and I’m scared it wouldn’t turn out that well haha. I also just realised that I don’t really post on weekends and it’s because I’m usually slightly busy on those two days, I help out at an animal shelters on Saturdays and Sundays are usually family day so yeah…I’ll still try to post as much as I can though!! Anyways, enjoy!!!

Request: Hey doll :) It’s my bday hihi sooooo I wanted to ask for a Bucky imagine where you’re Buckys girlfriend but you’re very shy. So one time you visit him in the Tower and want to surprise him but when you open the door to his room you see him all wet coming just out of the shower. You get all flustered and shy again but Buck finds it totally cute. He then pulls you in for a sweet kiss which slowly grows more intense and you ask Buck to be your first that night? I hope this is ok :) ILY btw <3

You stared up at the tall building in front of you, biting your lips in uncertainty as you hesitated to enter. What if he’s busy? Should you enter?

Taking a deep breath in, you entered the building. You had come all this way to surprise your boyfriend as he recently had been so busy with his missions that he couldn’t come see you and you missed him so you weren’t going to let this chance slip past you as you heard that he had just came back.

He was part of the Avengers, and being part of them meant that you won’t really have much free time and you hated that his job requires him to put his life on the line. You knew that his life wasn’t very peachy in the beginning, being the Winter Soldier and all, and that now it was a lot better however you still couldn’t help but feel very worried for him.

As you stepped into the lift, you started fiddling with your fingers as you sighed, feeling slightly nervous that the team were all there. You were fine with them, it’s just that you get a bit overwhelmed when there’s too many people, and it also sucked that you were shy.

“Oh, Y/N, hey.”

You looked up as the lift door opened, seeing Steve pause in front of the lift.

“Hi,” you greeted, a small smile on your face as you looked side to side seeing that no one was there.

Steve seemed to know what you were thinking as he smiled. “Don’t worry, the rest are off doing their own things. You here to see Bucky?”

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