animal santuary


I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Estella at the 2015 Toast to the Turkeys event at the Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary in Stockton, CA. Poor Estella had her spine broken by a small child who squeezed her too tightly. She had a wheelchair designed just for her and is living a great life at the sanctuary with her boyfriend, Pip. They made ABC News and her story touched my heart. I’m so glad I got to meet this strong, sweet, little piggy.

I really hate it when people rename rehomed animals. Like if you’re taking an animal from a santuary, shelter, etc that has a holder name sure no problem. But if someone who loves their animal has to rehome it and you immediately change the name? That makes it so much harder it’s damn disrespectful and makes it like the person never owned it. This is way more relevant for animals that are able to learn their name bc then they have to relearn what they are called. Appreciate the animal for what it is, you don’t have to personalize everything about it.