animal rights patches

imperfect prints May Give Away 

Prints, that originated from my drawings and screen printed by me. They all are somewhat imperfect due to patchy screen print paint or insufficient padding to the edge of the fabric, so i wouldn’t want to sell them on etsy (in case anyone might be niggling), but actually they still are perfectly alright and it wouldn’t make any sense throwing them away. So here is to all my animal rights companions :3
Besides my patches and the t-shirt, there is a copy of the Vegan Comp! CD, released by Gox Records.

Important: Give away ends on Sunday the 24th May 2015. Like and/or reblog if you want to participate. This Give away isn’t about promotion of my tumblr, so following me isn’t a necessity - because what is the point of getting people to follow you, when what you post/share on a regular basis doesn’t appeal to them?!
On the 24th, i’m going to randomly pick someone who shall receive these items. Please note, that you will need a open ask-/message-box for me to contact you for this purpose.
Please only participate if you really have use for the prints and not merely, because you are collecting give-away items. Multiple re-blogs don’t count. If you re-blog multiple times, you obviously don’t give a shit about the intention of this give away and you are disqualified.
If your tumblr is a space for racism, sexism or speciesism, you are disqualified.

And last but not least, if my patches appeal to you and you wanted to support me beyond this give-away. You can always check out my etsy: