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One of the few things I’ll cross-post from Facebook. Here’s a great image from the Zoo Nation Facebook page, and it’s commentary:

“The manipulation of an image can say a thousand words. The The Huffington Post recently posted an anti-zoo article with edited images trying to convey animals have miserable lives in zoos. Below we show you lie vs. reality. Please remember that animal rights groups frequently distort the truth to push their agenda.”

Huffington Post, while generally a sometimes reliable news media source, has increasingly been exhibiting an anti-captivity, pro-animal rights stance. Their media on captivity and animal rights are no longer unbiased surveys of information.

Humans were originally designed as cheap, efficient, easily-reproducible and moldable soldiers in galactic wars. However, after an “animal rights” group won legislature in the United Galaxy, all humans were dumped on the reservation planet, Earth, and forgotten about. A millenia later…

When you’re a ruthless dictator, your peer group is relatively small. Therefore, it’s extremely important to stay on good terms with the others by giving gifts and participating in some mutual ego-stroking. With Zimbabwe’s economy circling the drain, Mugabe needed a way to make a grand gesture on the cheap, so he did what any level-headed, practical person would do: He rounded up a bunch of animals from a national park and shipped them to his friends.

Mugabe’s most recent gift (and the largest by far) was a “Noah’s Ark” of animals sent to North Korea’s Kim Jong-il in 2010. Drawing criticism from animal rights groups and anyone with a common sense, the ark contained pairs of various animals, including giraffes, zebras, and 18-month old baby elephants that were too young to leave their mothers. 

This alone would be a tragic event, but remember that the Crazy Dictator’s Zoo Starter Kit is Mugabe’s favorite gift. In the 1980s, he sent two endangered rhinos to North Korea, where they died a few months later. Clearly not one to learn from his mistakes, he sent two other rhinos to what was then Yugoslavia, where they soon died tragically, if not unpredictably. By now, he’s just using zoo animals as currency, paying China for a military debt by sending them 35 elephants, eight lions, 12 hyenas, and a lone giraffe which he presumably found in his fridge.

7 WTF Acts Of Madness Committed By History’s Worst Dictators

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why shouldn't you mention PETA, HSUS, or Sea Shepherds. Im confused especially about why not HSUS so if you could clarify maybe

PETA is a radical animal rights group that wants to remove all animals from human control, including pets. They’d rather see all animals dead than in human care. PETA actively tries to fuck shit up, they’ll send people in as guests to trick educators into misspeaking, and I’m pretty sure they currently employ people who were high up in the group in the 90’s breaking into labs to free animals.

HSUS is generally not associated with your local humane society, and has exactly the same goals as PETA. I have personally sat in a panel when an HSUS rep said this directly - same goal, different tactics. HSUS likes to use legislation and lawsuits to get what they want done, and frequently write major holes into legislation they support to exploit later. AZA is partnering with HSUS only because they know HSUS would attempt to destroy them if they did not. Also, HSUS is paying out a ton of money for getting caught bribing someone during their lawsuit against Ringling.

Sea Shepherd is an organization that occasionally uses terrorist tactics to achieve their ends, like chasing and sinking whaling ships. They also do good education and have other activism projects, such as their vigil in Taiji. Their founder actually got kicked out of Greenpeace.

Anyone who supports these organizations is not someone a zoo will want to hire, both for ethos and because they probably can’t trust you to have access to anything behind the scenes.

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You're not an apiarist, what do you know over actual beekeepers telling you that you're wrong?

Just to be clear, I’m not against apiarists; I’m against people who take honey from bees for their own personal gain. There are lots of reasons to give a home to bees, but there are no good reasons to take their honey and sell it. Even those who believe that beekeeping is perfectly ethical and is somehow helping wild bee populations aren’t brazen enough to claim that making a profit from selling what they produce is an essential part of keeping the species alive.

As an observer, what you have are two different groups, animal rights activists and apiarists, and they’re not making claims that are factually different, because apiarists generally admit that everything we’re saying goes on absolutely does happen. The only thing these two groups disagree on is that exploiting bees for profit is wrong. One of those groups has a vested financial interest in you believing that honey is totally ethical, the other does not. So which is more likely to be unbiased? Do you think I just one day decided to be against honey for the sheer sake of it? I used to enjoy my Honey Nut Cheerios as much as the next guy, but the reason I now don’t eat honey is because I did the research. I found out that the bees exploited for honey are non-native, not even endangered, are not the bees who pollinate the vast majority of crops, that they spread diseases to wild populations and compete for the same food sources. I found out what honey production involves, that it isn’t “saving the bees” and most importantly that honey just isn’t ours to take. So I stopped eating it, you should too.

Keep in mind, I make no money from this blog, I have no reason to lie to you, but you don’t even have to believ me, because the things I am saying are readily verifiable by any reliable source. You’ll notice that when these people argue against me, not one of them has ever tried to deny one of my factual claims, because they know full well that they’re true and can be proved. All they ever try to do is make vague claims about how bees love it when we invade their hive and steal their honey from them, and that if we didn’t take their “excess” honey they’d all somehow mysteriously die on the spot despite the fact that they managed perfectly fine for a few hundred million years before the honey industry started “helping” them.

You’re not dealing with different factual claims here where you can say “you’re wrong because these people are experts and you’re not”, you’re dealing with two sides who more or less agree on the facts, it’s just that one side has no issue with what is done to bees, and the other does. The fact that these people are apiarists doesn’t make their objections to my ethical stance any more convincing. Apiarists are not some moral authority, they’re just people who keep bees. You can choose to believe the honey industry if you want so that you can keep buying their product, but the least you should do is actually do the research for yourself rather than blindly trusting the people who make a profit out of your ignorance.

Ok honestly another thing that REALLY bothers me about the “yay big game hunters were killed by animals!!!” post circulating around is that the animals responsible are probably going to be killed (if not already). When an animal attacks a human, the animal is often hunted down and killed because they are now seen as a threat to people. You aren’t celebrating just the loss of one life, but TWO. The animals responsible are now going to be targeted as a danger to people. Think about the consequences of what happened instead of celebrating in a bubble where you don’t think about the before and the after. I’m still seeing people I follow reblogging from OP and I hope my followers/mutuals see what I have said about it. No shade to the people tricked, but to the people who post these kinds of things and trim away the meat to give you just the fat to make you believe their version of the story. I’m so salty about all of this.

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Hi! I have to write an essay on Animal Exploitation in circuses/seaworld and such for one of my classes, and most of the sources I try to find are from PETA or affiliates of PETA. Do you know of any good articles or sites where i can get some accurate information from? thank you!

Hmmm. So, I looked through your blog to try to get a sense of where you’re coming from, and it seems like you’re in high school - which means that I’m going to base this response on the assumption that your teacher gave you a purposefully anti-captivity assignment (which is something I’ve seen more and more teachers going, and which is super frustrating because it only allows students to look at one side of a major controversy and then expects you to prove one side true). If you’ve got the flexibility to change your thesis a little bit (for example, to investigating if a company is exploitative instead of arguing that they are) I would highly suggest doing that, because you’ll find way more information and have a much more interesting paper at the end of it. I

I don’t know how much your school has taught you yet to think critically about sources, but it’s worth noting that the sources you can find on a topic will tell you something about the political / real world context of that topic. You said you’ve been looking up sources for animal exploitation in various contexts, and all you’re coming up with is results from extremist groups who are known for lying and manipulating information. If there’s nothing that shows up on a couple of other cursory google searches, that tells you something - in this case, it hints that no definitive answer on the topic exists, and more importantly, that either there isn’t enough research for people to publish or nobody not an extremist group supports the stance you’re looking at strongly enough to publish about it. This is something you can talk to your teacher about - any good teacher will listen to ‘hey I can’t actually find reliable sources for this, what do you want me to do’ if you can back it up with sources about how PETA and animal rights extremist groups and how they manipulation (there are lots of these, you can start with the website petakillsanimals as a jumping off point, but I would use what they talk about to find news articles or other pieces on the same topics because they’re also a radical, biased source). 

There’s also not going to be a lot of publications on the other side of the issue - things defending no, these places aren’t exploitative. That’s partially because it’s a super nuanced issue, and it’s also because the non-research parts of the animal world are just not academic in nature. People are generally working with animals rather than writing about them, and the publications that do occur tend to be focused at other members of the field rather than communicating with the public (that’s the job of the PR departments, apparently, and it’s stupid and they’re doing a really bad job of educating people which is partly why this blog exists). So the question then becomes: how do you find more sources and viewpoints on the topic when the specific issue you’re looking to learn about isn’t one that gets published on directly?

Here’s where I suggest you start. If you’re going to talk about something being exploitative, you have to define what exploitation is and why something is exploitative. Generally with animals, the arguments people use to back up claims of abuse or exploitation are low welfare, being under human control / used for human wants, not being in nature (with the assumption nature is nicer and better for animals), that sort of thing. I’d start looking into Seaworld or Ringling or whomever you’re focusing on with an eye to those issues - do the animals have good welfare? Has it been studied? If not, are the similar studies with that species or another species in the same environment? I’d look into some animal ethics, stuff about human use, and definitely look into the differences between the lives of animals in the wild vs in captivity in terms of average lifespan, injury, reproduction, that sort of thing. You can absolutely search the archive of this blog (use the search bar on the blog page, not the tags, because then you can search the text of posts) to get an idea of where to start. 

Now, you’re in high school, so I can’t imagine your teacher is expecting you to be reading academic publications - they’re dense and hard to get ahold of. So, where do you find this information? Sadly, I don’t think this blog will count as a primary source for most teachers. So, you have a couple options. You can get on google scholar and start plugging in keywords until you find authors who seem like they’re writing on what you’re looking for, and then search their name to find out if they’ve written books - those will generally be written for the public and be much easier to read. You can also get a list of what information you’re looking for and some keywords and talk to your librarian for help. 

When you’re using these sources, just remember - look up the author. Look up their political associations and memberships and see if they have a bias on the topic. Bias doesn’t mean that you can’t or shouldn’t use them as a resource, but it’s something to take into consideration when developing conclusions or when trying to figure out why statements between sources are contradictory. 

Good luck!

why u should <3 lee taeil
  • he cute
  • straight up he’s 5ft 4 basically a child
  • like hes really emotional and loves his fans so so much he appreciates every last one of us and makes sure we all know it
  • his laugh sounds like if u tickled a fairy 
  • he has a lot of serious self confidence issues, a lot of which have been contributed too by his ‘fans’ and even the other members of block b, and watching the way his face lights up when people call him handsome will simultaneously warm your heart and rip it out
  • he exercises frequently
  • frequently
  • f r e q u e n t l y
  • like honestly his biceps 
  • speaking of biceps did i mention that he is absolutely fcking covered in tattoos
  • because he is
  • literally he has 2 full sleeves; a leg tattoo; an upper chest/collarbone tattoo; and a chest/stomach tattoo
  • and those are just the ones we’ve seen
  • he has the kind of voice that can lower your stress level from the first note that comes out of those pretty pink lips (he uses lip gloss casually btw) and can hype you up just as soon as it can calm you down like honestly lee taeil has the most naturally perfect voice i’ve ever heard from any vocalist in any genre and any language
  • he’s queer af
  • he’s a grumpy old man when he gets hot like how adorable??
  • he loves animals
  • he follows 3 different animal rights groups on twitter i’m not joking
  • especially tropical fish he LOVES raising and breeding all kinds of tropical fish in high school he was in a tropical fish club and kept over 7~800
  • his favorite breed is the corydoras which he thinks is “cute, cute, just so cute” - direct quote
  • he likes chub
  • used to have an eyebrow piercing
  • buys gifts for the other members all the time for like no reason like once he bought jaehyo a new shirt just cause and he wore it to the airport and it was so cute
  • every time he gets invited onto singing competition shows all of the judges are so surprised that he can sing so well and they all think he’s adorable like once on a japanese show one of the judges touched his hand and almost fainted she was so excited
  • he’s so so funny like he’s the moodmaker at every photoshoot and he’s just so likable nobody hates him he’s too amazing
  • ALWAYS tweets support to members who are doing solo/subunit activities and gets genuinely excited for them
  • “taeil how do you feel after losing to zico?”
  • “it feels like not wiping after taking a shit.”
  • really he’s an angel
  • i promise
  • so cute and pure and precious
  • just love him u can’t not
  • thank u

Request 4-
A/N: I hope this is okay for you!!
I like doing requests!
(Y/f/n)= your full name

She was beauty, she was grace and she was Miss United States. Literally  . Miss United States otherwise known as (y/f/n) was visiting London and the BBC wanted me and Phil to interview her. No big deal right?

I had the biggest crush on her for as long as I remember. When I was young, before I became ‘danisnotonfire’, I would watch videos of her. Not rude videos or anything like that. She did human rights speeches, pro lgbt conventions and animal rights groups. The woman was a treasure. I was intrigued by her. Her views were similar to mine and any one who cast their eyes on her would gaze in awe.

Her long  (y/c/h) hair shone like gold in the sun, it fell perfectly to the small of her back. Her stunning  (y/c/e) eyes captivated any one who looked into them. Whenever I saw her on the TV or in a video they would glisten like a star in the dark night sky. Her voice was soft, smooth and gentle, never had I heard her shout or raise her voice.

I was thinking all of this sat on a dark red, leather couch covered in gold velvet cushions, (ugh tacky)  checking my notes with Phil. My mind was a carousel of thoughts  ‘Im going to fuck this up’ ‘Im interviewing  (Y/F/N)’ 'I can’t do this’. Phil saw me worrying and rested his note cards on the table in front of us
“Dan, what are you worried about, we’ve interviewed people before” Was he serious?! He knew fully well I had a HUGE crush on (y/n).

Just as I resumed going through my notes one of the BBC runners came in telling us (y/n) was on her way. Phil and I gave eachother a quick glance before taking our seats on the couch. Opposite us there was another couch with the same colour scheme. Looking around I cringed at how tacky the BBC had made this looks. Golden mirrors on one wall, framed photos of Phil and I with other celebrities on another, a small red carpet leading to the couches and to top it off, we had plastic, gold coloured glasses filled with ribena.

Second later, the big black double doors opened to reveal a gorgeous woman who I recognized to be (y/n). She stepped inside the room as Phil and I stood up to welcome her. Unsure of how to welcome her we just awkwardly hugged and smiled. Then the interview began, and it went awfully.

We had planned that I would ask more questions about what she was like before she became Miss United States and Phil would ask questions about what it was like getting the title. However, that plan failed as I could barely speak. There was one question that I wanted to ask for so long but I failed at that.
“So, ummm we all know about umm you becoming, y'know, who you are today uhhh Miss United States” great stumbling your words Dan. “B-but uh, what about when you were umh, younger and you mmm did the LGBT conventions, did, uh, did you get any hate, f-for that?” I felt a heat rush to my cheeks as they started going a deep pink colour. My hear was racing and my hands were shaking. I was playing with my hands in my lap and she replied

“Oh um, I did yeah. Alot of people questioned my sexuality. They thought that just because I’m pro LGBT that I was part of that community. As much as I explained that I believed that love is not a choice they all shot me down and told me that I was a lesbian and y'know that hurt alot” she explained and I began to feel that on a personal level. The Phandom always assumed my sexuality  Whenever I mentioned anything about lgbt.

As the interview continued, Phil had to ask most if the questions as I couldn’t speak without stuttering and going quiet. 

After 30 minutes of questions from Phil and blushing and stuttering from me, the interview ended and Phil and I walked (y/n) back to the door. When we were hugging to say goodbye she pulled away and looked at me and Phil.

“This was a fun interview, you seemed to know alot more than any of the others and by the way, I love your videos” I stood shoked as I processed the words (y/n) had just said. She watches our videos. (Y/f/n) watches OUR videos!

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that prometheus cliffhanger tho

I’m going to level with you. I’m trash. I have two essays due. I haven’t done a retelling in a long time. The myth of Prometheus was only halfway finished. It’s a perfect storm for the retelling of the Trick at Mecone, aka Prometheus part 2, aka the one with all the beef (both literal and metaphorical).

If you don’t want to read a badly retold story about a pair of gods with infinite power arguing over prime cuts of ox rump, then press J on your keyboard to skip as this is a long post! More information about this myth and its context / meaning under the cut, as usual.

Zeus and Prometheus have major beef

So, the last time we caught up with Prometheus and Epimetheus, they’d just managed to perform an incredibly eloquent fuck-up with regards to the creation of mankind, forgetting to give them any positive attributes altogether, and leaving them defenceless in a world full of animals with sharp teeth, plants with poisonous barbs, and geese.

Our saga continues a little while later, and we have to imagine that for this short period, humans have just been having the absolute worst time. Half of them are probably being eaten by dingoes, and the other half are just eating poisonous berries for breakfast and keeling over before brunch. In short, it’s a shit-show. They’re cold, miserable, and the gods don’t think very much of them at all. It’s basically like living in North Wales.

One day, a group of humans finds themselves on a hill at a place called Mecone. They’ve managed, against all odds, to hunt down an ox, probably by throwing shoes at it and hoping for the best, and they’re totally planning on going all Masterchef with it. One of them has managed to procure a few apples to make a rudimentary sauce, and they’ve sent another dude off to find some rosemary and thyme to baste it, and they’re all frothing at the mouth in preparation for their delicious beefy feast. They’re just about to start cooking when suddenly Zeus shows up.

He takes one look at the ox, and he’s like “I’m presuming that the entirety of that delicious four-legged thing is for me?” and the humans look at each other, then at the ox, and then they look back at Zeus and they’re like “well, we were sort of hoping to actually eat dinner today, actually,” and Zeus folds his arms across his imposing chest and he says “look, we’ve discussed this. I’m a god. You’re a bunch of small, stringy things that Prometheus made. I can create entire worlds just by snapping my fingers. You’re alarmingly prone to indigestion. The ox is mine.”

At that, Prometheus appears, and he’s like “what’s going on here? Why are you all fighting over an ox? I made way better things than that. You should at least be fighting over a gerenuk. Those are my all-time favourite monstrosity,” and a human tugs on Prometheus’ sleeve and she says “Zeus keeps stealing all of our best food and making us sacrifice it to him, and we’re getting really sick of eating nothing but worms in grass sauce,” and Prometheus looks at Zeus and raises an eyebrow, and Zeus blushes a bit and says “they’re all a bunch of nerds, Prometheus, why do you even care?” and Prometheus is like “aren’t you tired of your reputation as a locker-room jock? Aren’t you sick of instilling fear? Don’t you ever want to show a little empathy, a little kindness, a little raw divinity?” and Zeus is like “sometimes, but then I get hungry and they have an ox,” and Prometheus just rolls his eyes.

He walks over to the ox and he says to Zeus “I have an idea as to how we can get around this little problem of playground bullying,” and Zeus pouts and says “I actually really like playground bullying, but I guess I’ll hear you out, one bro to another,” and Prometheus does that thing he does with his jaw that makes it look really regal and he says “you turn around and I’ll sacrifice this ox myself, and I’ll divide it into two parts. You get to choose which part of the ox you want to keep before the humans get their pick, and from this day on, you’ll be given that part of every sacrifice that humans make. Does that sound fair?” and Zeus says “does that mean I get to keep the butt? I cook a mean medium-rare rump steak; I do it with this really delicious roux sauce and crispy potatoes,” and Prometheus raises his hands benevolently and says “if you choose the pile with the butt, then the butt is yours,” and Zeus punches the air and agrees to the plan.

So, Zeus turns around so that he can’t see what Prometheus is doing, and so do all the squeamish humans and the humans who are members of fledgling animal rights groups, and Prometheus sacrifices the ox. He starts to divide the parts of the ox into two piles, but because he’s more cunning than all the animals who were given ‘cunning’ as their positive attribute back at creation, he takes all the best parts and puts them into one pile, and he takes all the gross parts, like the bones and the inside part of the butt, and he puts them onto another pile. When he’s done, he has one pile that wouldn’t look out of place in a Michelin star kitchen, and one which looks like Donald Trump’s face made out of old ham. As a finishing touch, he covers both piles with the ox’s hide, and he takes some of the ox’s fat and drizzles it over the nauseating pile of bones and gristle, making it look like the hide is covering a pile of delicious fatty meat, and he takes a bit of gristle from the gross pile and places it on top of the good pile, so that it looks like it’s a pile of inedible offal. The end result is that the pile that’s full of more bile than a Red Piller’s blog now looks appetising and appealing, and the pile that’s full of meat more tender than Hera’s love of vengeance looks like absolute shit.

When he’s done, he calls Zeus back over, and he’s like “OK, I’ve finished – take your pick! I’ve tried really hard to make it incredibly fair. This is fairer than Aphrodite’s ankles, this is,” and Zeus just blinks and says “you did a very bad job, because one of those piles looks like something Cerberus might pass after Hades gets too crazy with the dog treats,” and Prometheus is like “I’m kind of upset to hear that, because my plan was that both piles would be pretty much equal. I was aiming for total fairness. That was my goal all along, from beginning to end. I’m devastated to hear that I’ve failed. An honest man like me, just trying his hand at butchery, and I’ve really gone and fucked it up. Well, I’m a man of my word, so you’d better get it out of the way and just choose. Gods, I’ve really screwed someone over here! I feel like such a fool,” and Zeus points at the pile of delicious meat, which has been disguised to look grotesque, and Prometheus’ heart just plummets, and Zeus says “that.”

Prometheus is like “can you elaborate on what you mean by ‘that’,” knowing that if Zeus picks that one, the humans will be left with just the bones and eyeballs for all eternity and they’ll never know the joy of a really good beef hotpot, and Zeus looks at it and wrinkles his majestic nose and says “that looks absolutely vile, I wouldn’t even feed that to Hephaestus,” and Prometheus is like “so, just to be absolutely clear, does that mean the humans can keep it?” and Zeus is like “I mean, I’d recommend you seal it in a biohazard bag and dispose of it sensibly, but yes, they can keep it. Now give me my juicy rump steak,” and Prometheus just shoves the pile of slime and bone to Zeus and says “here’s your rump steak, I think you’ll agree that you really got a prime cut of bum deal,” and Zeus rips off the hide and sees that he’s been tricked. With a deafening roar, he holds his fist to the sky and shouts “Prometheus!” and his voice echoes all around the hills, and Prometheus is like “shit, shit, shit, he’s so fucking angry, I need to find a cave or a hole or the bosom of a kindly woman,” but before he can make his daring escape, Zeus has got hold of him, and he’s clearly more than a little pissed off. 

In the background, the guy who was sent off to find some rosemary and thyme comes back, and the humans all feast on braised ox shoulder and oxtail soup and they never have to eat worms again, unless they really want to, which is absolutely fine, because appearing on I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! is a valid career choice, 100%. 

Zeus storms over to Prometheus and puts him in a headlock, and, gulping, Prometheus tries to talk it off, like “look, bones can be really useful! You can make a really good stock with bones! And hey, I love ox spleen, don’t you? Even the anus can be saved with a decent slow cooker and a bit of patience–” but Zeus just isn’t having any of it, and without saying anything, he carts Prometheus off to a high rock. When they get to the summit, where the vultures circle like geometric patterns of doom and the eagles cries pierce the thick silence like the world is ending, Prometheus is like “look, can you just tell me what’s happening? I want to know how scared I should be right now on a scale of one to ten, and I’m currently settling at about five, which is using up valuable energy if I should really be aiming for around three on the aforementioned scale,” and Zeus just smiles wolfishly, baring his perfectly white teeth which manage to look a little sharp in the dying evening light, and says “well, put it this way; after I’m done with you, you’ll be praying for deliverance,” and Prometheus is like “please clarify, because that sentence was terrifying and I’ve swiftly moved up to a seven, and I only brought one pair of pants with me,” and Zeus is all “I hope your human friends have fun with their prime cuts of meat, because they’ll  have a hard time using them without fire!” and then there’s just an awkward silence for a few moments.

After the silence has stretched on for just long enough to be excruciating, Prometheus is like “so, that’s the punishment? You’ve taken away their fire?” and Zeus nods sagely and says “I think I’ve made my point,” and Prometheus is like “it’s just that you way you said ‘deliverance’ with emphasis on the first three syllables really made it sound like you were going to do something horrible to my liver,” and Zeus furrows his mighty brow and he’s like “I don’t know why you’d think that at all; I’m just taking away their fire, that’s all. Nothing to do with anyone’s liver, especially not the ox’s, because the humans got to keep that part,” and Prometheus says “I mean, cured meat is actually still incredibly delicious and flavoursome, but I guess I see what you’re doing,” and Zeus is like “I’m trusting you not to give them the fire back, by the way. I’ll let you have the ox anus if you promise me you won’t betray me again,” and Prometheus smiles thinly and thinks about his liver and says “I have no idea why you’d trust me at this point, but great, I have a really neat slow cooker back at my place. It’s a deal,” and they shake hands on it, and then they go off to have a hearty meal of bone marrow stew, and Zeus doesn’t even realise that Prometheus’ fingers were crossed the whole time.

My other retellings can be found here; my mythology blog is here; and my Mythology Mondays Facebook page is here. Thrilling.

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Headlines were made earlier this year when it was announced that a “secret” dolphin facility was under construction deep in the Arizona desert. Several animal rights activist groups were quick to condemn the very idea of the facility, creating petitions and protesting with the slogan: “dolphins don’t belong in the desert.” 

But what does this phrase really mean? These animals obviously aren’t going to be thrown into a sand dune nor are they going to be fed a diet of fresh frozen cacti. In reality the dolphins aren’t going to be interacting with much outside of their 925,000 gallon habitat. Moreover this state-of-the-art enclosure was built quite creatively to ensure that the desert stays far away from the dolphins’ little oasis. Several shade structures have been built to protect surfacing dolphins from prolonged exposure to the harsh Arizona sun. And about those ridiculous desert temperature swings, well the dolphin habitat has both heaters and chillers to keep it comfortably within the 70′s all year long. But let’s not forget about the coolest aspect of this habitat: Dolphinaris Arizona will be one of the first dolphin exhibits with pools that can be transformed from indoors to outdoors and back again. Two of the pools in the habitat can be enclosed with the help of a sliding glass panel, thus ensuring that the dolphins are safe from climate hazards such as severe dust storms. In many ways, the dolphins in this facility will be in better shape than those in environments closer to their home range, such as the hurricane-prone Floridian coast. 

So what does the phrase “dolphins don’t belong in the desert” really mean after all? Considering the fact that this new habitat has been designed to keep its resident animals cool, wet and comfortable, I’m not quite sure. We have to face it, the location of this facility isn’t going to be affecting these animals’ welfare. Instead, it’s a rather ingenious method of connecting a population hundreds of miles from the coast with an ocean strangled by the run-off of their green, sparkling suburbs. CO2 emissions pumping out of cars deep in the heart of Arizona are making their way to the sea and mixing with saltwater, bleaching corals and dissolving the shells of countless oceanic creatures. It’s hip Scottsdale restaurants and run-of-the-mill grocery stores, along with their counterparts across the country, whose insatiable desire for seafood are depleting fish populations thousands of miles away. So if this new dolphin facility turns a few Arizona kids destined to be accountants into future marine biologists or makes a few Scottsdale retirees develop a passion for sustainable living, we’ll see that this location is more of a bonus than a drawback. Rather than “not belonging in the desert,” it seems that the dry, hot Arizona desert is the perfect home for a pod of Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. 

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You seem really cool and nice. I wish that I knew people like you offline. None of my friends are very concerned about being kind or ethical as long as they can have fun.

Thank you anon that’s really nice of you. Have you tried getting involved with any local animal rights groups, or vegans in your area on Facebook? It can really help if you surround yourself with people who care the way you do, even if it’s not very often that you see them. It can definitely be tough being the only vegan around sometimes, but there are plenty of supportive bloggers here on tumblr. 

light-of-aether replied to your post: Quandry! There’s a blog I follow that has a ton of…

   I’ve personally always thought they were pretty good because they seem to do thorough research. Havent seen this stuff though. What exactly was their points?    

They were attacking Lush for supporting an animal rights group, as well as the concept of animal rights in general, and basically talking up how zoos are great? Because some of them do conservation of endangered species. And I feel that because of that, they’re kind of ignoring that conservation can be done without having to have animals on display, and that zoos by their inherent nature can be at the expense of the animals they’re showing off to make money. It’s just this very ‘yeah zoos rah rah rah Lush supports an AR group that doesn’t like zoos so therefore they’re bad!’ view.

I do like a lot of their other information, it’s fantastic! It’s just when it comes to zoos that I’m very much disagreeing with them.

“In 2006, Congress passed the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, a bill conceived of and advanced by the American Legislative Exchange Council, a corporate-sponsored conservative think tank and lobbying group that champions pro-"free market” legislation. The new law criminalizes actions aimed at “damaging or interfering with the operations of an animal enterprise,” including First Amendment activity such as pickets and boycotts. The legislation was crafted explicitly to empower law enforcement to squelch hitherto legal, above-ground animal rights advocacy, after a group of activists called Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty nearly shut down an infamous multinational animal testing corporation through purely legal means. Activists charge SHAC’s target, Huntingdon Life Sciences, with killing hundreds of animals a day through their toxicity testing business, which involves practices such as injecting puppies with pesticides. Undercover footage has shown Huntingdon technicians punching beagle puppies in the face and dissecting a live, conscious monkey. Under the AETA’s predecessor, the Animal Enterprise Protection Act, six SHAC activists were convicted as terrorists for posting publicly available information on a website. They were sentenced to a combined 23 years in prison. The new law was created because the animal enterprise lobbies felt that those penalties did not go far enough.

This year, laws were passed in Iowa and Utah that make it a crime to take a job at a factory farm for the purpose of shooting clandestine video footage of animal abuse. As with the AETA, these laws were a direct response to the success of an animal advocacy group using legal means to expose industrial cruelty – in this case an undercover video by Mercy For Animals. The FBI has already recommended prosecuting undercover investigators under the AETA as terrorists.“

Just in case you still believe these people have nothing to hide. 


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If you were in charge of a new Silent Hill game, what would you do in terms of character backstory/motivation and monster design theme? CAVEAT: There has to be a monster with a Pyramid Head-like role and at least one monster with tits

*Cracks knuckles* I can do this. Actually…

…I will do it NINE TIMES.

#1) A famed biologist who lost a colleague on an expedition and took credit for their findings. Their version of the town is actually a sunny place overgrown with flowers. Instead of dreary, dirty color schemes this one would go for a “sickeningly vivid” psychedelic feel.

Pyramid Head expy: a gnarled, twisted humanoid, like a figure made of pale roots, whose face is nothing but a whirling cloud of bees.

Nurse expy: plant ladies whose huge, fleshy heads loosely resemble a buzzing, writhing wasp with its face buried in a meaty orchid, all part of their body.

#2) A fisherman whose carelessness and greed cost his whole crew. His Silent Hill is caked with coral and barnacle-like growths, and physics work as if everything is underwater.

Pyramid Head expy: a shambling heap of red seaweed with a blindingly lit porthole face, able to emerge from even a thin puddle of water.

Nurse expy: mermaid-like dolls with rusted hooks for tails and hands, and painted-on googly eyes. In other words, “fishing lures” for humans.

#3) Someone who commited murder while still only a small child who barely knew better. Their Silent Hill is a cartoonish playground where nothing is consistent in size.

Pyramid Head expy: a woman in a dress with impossibly long legs. In fact, every appearance would be shot so you never see this being above the waist - like a looming “adult” - but she’ll suck you into the air if she gets close enough.

Nurse expy: let’s go with headless barbie doll things, like they have that weird plastic knob a barbie’s head attaches to. They wouldn’t move like people, but like scurrying cockroaches on their backs.

#4) Someone who leaked private information to the internet that ruined someone else. Nudes? Maybe nobody wants to play a character that shitty so maybe they were like, an accomplice who didn’t know what they were helping do at the time? Their Silent Hill is covered in unnecessary blinking lights, buttons, circuitry and wiring almost like unchecked plant growth.

Pyramid Head expy: a robotic figure hanging puppet-like by cables, with a big computer monitor for a head. The whole thing actually looks obsolete, like it’s made out of that ugly off-yellow plastic from 70’s electronics. The screen constantly displays footage of abstract organic shapes writhing in and around each other like some sort of hideous, alien porn.

Nurse expy: also robot like, with outlandishly exaggerated figures and horrible, rubbery mouths on the ends of hoses, basically like someone built a sex robot who had no concept of the uncanny valley.

#5) The sole survivor of a wealthy and horribly corrupt, racist family. Not a bad person themselves, but guilty of hiding proof of their family’s deeds. Their Silent Hill is a mockery of upper class excess. Hideous gold trim and gaudy crystal shit everywhere. Winding marble architecture.

Pyramid Head expy: crap, crap, Evil Within already has a monster with a safe for a head. Uhhh…crap. Okay. How about a strangely proportioned figure dressed up in a fancy suit, and they’ve got an awful bird-like head. I don’t know why but I feel like bird monsters go well with a rich asshole theme.

Nurse expy: drawing from what I just said…harpy maids!

#6) A doctor who accepted a shitload of money to promote a quack cancer pill and perscribe it to patients. Yeah, this entire Silent Hill would be medical themed, but it still wouldn’t recycle the bubble nurses and it totally wouldn’t just be Awful Hospital the Video Game, I swear. The pill would have been derived from a mushroom, and his Silent Hill would be fungus-encrusted.

Pyramid Head expy: a moldy, dripping figure with a conical white mask, like a plague doctor. We can have two bird-faced ones, shut up! Mushrooms erupt visibly all around it, including on you if it gets close enough.

Nurse expy: fungus-encrusted female anatomical models, the kind where half the body shows off the muscles and organs.

#7) Someone who was complacent with animal abuse in some way, maybe the only person who had a chance to expose it but didn’t want to lose their job. Maybe they worked for a corrupt animal rights group that wound up selling “rescued” animals for scientific testing? Their Silent Hill has a whole lot of cage bars, monsters that are leashed in place (but still pretty dangerous, like chain chomps are in Mario games) and layers of hairy, matted filth.

Pyramid Head expy: a huge, shaggy black dog, almost just a heap of dirty fur, with one of those veterinary cones for a head. FOR a head, not on its head. Maybe a long tongue tries to pull you inside.

Nurse expy: like some of PETA’s grosser and more uncomfortable ad campaigns, the “sexy” humanoid monsters in this one could act like animals, and be crammed into little cages. Their limbs would still fit through enough to run around and maul you, though. Faces like fleshy animal masks? Maybe that’s too over the top.

#8) A news reporter who spun sensationalized lies for easy ratings, until an innocent person took their own life. Their Silent Hill has a media and eye motif; newspapers and magazines plastering walls and floors, eyeball imagery everywhere, etc.

Pyramid Head expy: a monstrous figure whose body is kind of shaped like a trenchcoat and whose head is like an old fashioned news camera. You slowly weaken and die as long as it can see you at all.

Nurse expy: formed from mis-matched, cut-up photos of magazine models, like walking collages. As you damage them they’ll lose parts and rearrange into less humanoid forms. Graphics-wise, maybe they’d use a billboarding effect, always facing the camera?

#9) Maybe this is not in good taste, but Downpour was about a guy in the prison system, so why not a Silent Hill where the protagonist is an abusive police officer? We could try Downpour’s prison theme over again the right way.

Pyramid Head expy: why settle for just one being? You could be pursued by a whole chain gang of indistinct humanoid entities, acting like one winding centipede-type creature. Maybe you never get the chance to even see where it ends.

Nurse expy: distortions of firing range training dummies, so riddled with holes that many hunks of them, including their faces, are completely gone.

I could probably just keep on going, too. Applying new themes to something is so easy. When Silent Hill II came out and all its monsters were faceless women and they turned out to have a very specific meaning, I assumed that was gonna be the thing for every Silent Hill, a new style, a new symbolic theme unique to the new protagonist. Instead they just repeated the same Silent Hill II style imagery with very LOOSE new metaphors, and it got super old, super fast.

Making all this shit up just now as I went along, for nothing but a tumblr reply, a lot of it might be really corny but I am 100% confident all of my ideas just now were better than Downpour. Not that that’s hard.

Veganism, Animal Rights, and Service Dogs

Hey y'all,

So I know this Tumblr has been mostly dedicated to movie and book news recently - and there will be much more of that to come! - but I wanted to change the conversation for a moment to address something that’s been on my mind.

As many of you who follow me on social media know, I am legally blind, and I use a guide dog. But what you might not know is that I am also a vegan and have been for about 3 years now. Since before I even got my dog.

Why would I mention both of those things in the same paragraph? Because, believe it or not, among some vegans and animal rights groups service animals are considered a controversial topic. Some consider it “wrong” that these dogs spend their whole lives “serving” humans. Some have even compared it to slavery (I won’t even go into how problematic that comparison for reasons that have NOTHING TO DO with animal rights). But I’ve also noticed that those making these statements seem very misinformed about the role and life of a service dog. So I’d like to take a few minutes to, as both a vegan and service dog user, clear up some misconceptions.

Let me first start with a disclaimer. I use a guide dog. So what I say from here on out is about guide dogs only. I cannot speak for other service dogs or service dog users. I should also note that I am a vegan because of my opinions regarding animal rights, not for dietary reasons, so if I truly believed having a service animal was cruel, I wouldn’t do it.

So let’s start with some of the misconceptions, shall we?

First, the idea that it is wrong for an animal to spend it’s life serving a person. I want to start by saying that the breeds used for guide dogs are all “working breeds.” So breeds that were born and bred - and often have an instinct to - work. These are the types of dogs that are very intelligent and easily bored if not given something to do.  Many of these breeds are prone to causing mischief if not provided with something to keep them occupied. And guide work provides them an outlet for their energy.

Second, it should be noted that the only dogs that make it through as guide dogs are those that seem to enjoy the work. A dog who doesn’t like wearing the harness, that seems easily distracted, or just flat out unhappy working will never pass the requirements to be matched as a guide. Those dogs who don’t pass their tests typically go back to living with their raisers or are adopted by another family. (There are GIANT waiting lists at many guide dog schools for people wanting to adopt failed guide dogs.)

Which sort of leads nicely into my third point. I once read an article on PETA about how awful service dogs are treated after they retire. Or that they are forced to work until they die. This is blatantly untrue. Most guide dogs retire around the age of ten. Many others retire earlier if they have health issues or - in some cases - if they just seem like they aren’t into the job anymore.  

After they retire, the dogs are not abandoned or forced into shelters, as PETA might have you believe. The dog’s disabled handler has the option to keep the dog. If for some reason they can’t, they can place the dog with a friend or family member. If that isn’t an option, the guide dog school - again - often has a HUGE waiting list of people who are more than willing to take in a very well trained, well mannered dog.

More over, guide dogs (and other service dogs) are often some of the happiest and healthiest you’ll find. For one thing, they typically are taken to the vet more frequently than you’re average family dog because their health is so important to the handler’s own well-being. And when you spend every minute with a dog, you pick up on subtle signs of sickness that you might not otherwise notice until they’ve gotten worse. (With my dog, Corey, I have caught both an ear infection and some allergies pretty early on.)

Plus, these dogs live the dream. They get to spend every minute with their person. They get to see the world. Every day is a nice, long walk. 

I also want to clear up the all-too-common misconception that service dogs are always required to be these robotic, well-behaved creatures. In reality, when a dog gets home, they are allowed to be “off duty.” When a guide dog’s harness comes off, they are just like any other dog. Corey spends her off-duty time chasing the cats, playing with squeaky toys, and snuggling with me on the couch. And that’s been true of every service dog I’ve ever met. They are allowed to have fun, too! And, for many of them, work is fun. The minute Corey sees me walk to the door, she goes to stand by her harness, tail wagging. 

IN fact, Corey tends to get mad if we don’t work long enough. If I just take her for a spin around the block, she does NOT want to come back home. She isn’t satisfied until we go into a building - a store, an office, etc. It’s as if she feels like we havne’t accomplished anything until we’ve run an errand. 

Service dogs are typically some of the most well-taken-care-of, happiest dogs you’ll meet. And the “service” they do is never something stressful or dangerous for the animal. 

So I hope this cleared up some of the misinformation and misconceptions I’ve seen circulating about service dogs. I don’t think it’s a contradiction to be both a vegan and a guide dog user. If anything, having Corey - who is literally with me everyday, who I have bonded with more than I have with any other dog I’ve had - has made me even more passionate about animal rights. If I thought for a second she was being mistreated or was unhappy as a service dog, I’d stop.

But that hasn’t been my experience at all. And I wanted to share that side of the story with all of you, but especially those of you that might have qualms about service dog use from an animal rights perspective.

Love from me and Corey! <3 

SPAIN, Pamplona : A boy sits between two “Cabezudos” (big headed figures) at the City Hall of Pamplona, northern Spain, on July 14, 2015 during the last day of the San Fermin Festival. The festival is a symbol of Spanish culture that attracts thousands of tourists to watch the bull runs despite heavy condemnation from animal rights groups.   AFP PHOTO/ MIGUEL RIOPA

just to be clear:

-of course i’m against buying/wearing/using fur, but that doesn’t mean i support anti-fur campaigns.

-of course i’m against human consumption of animal flesh, that doesn’t mean i support meatless mondays.

-of course I’m against the use of animals for food, clothing, entertainment, etc. but that does not mean i support single issue campaigns and protests.

-of course i believe in animal rights, that does not mean i am an animal welfarist or that i support any of the major “animal rights” groups.

i believe in unequivocally vegan, non-violent education, outreach and activism. i do not want to add momentum to the false notion that there is any moral distinction between meat and other animal products or between fur and leather. i do not want to support the idea that if we use someone in a “nice enough” way, it is acceptable. i do not want to support welfare reforms because we cannot regulate something out of existence.

i want to cut out the sexism, classism, racism, fat/body shaming, ablism and all other forms of discrimination from vegan advocacy. we cannot liberate one group by oppressing another. as long as anyone is treated as property or excluded from the moral community, their needs and rights will be ignored.

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Hi there, I have a question regarding hunting and I am by no means trying to attack what you do your opinions, just simply trying to understand them. Do you ever feel like hunting is pointless and cruel? I've tried to understand why people hunt for sport but just simply can't fathom killing for sport. I understand when it comes to survival, but other than that I just don't get it. For you, what is your purpose for hunting and what do you do with your "kill?"

This is something that I could (and have) write extensively about. The short version, though, is that I eat meat. And that isn’t going to change anytime soon. Given this, I enjoy the option of obtaining my meat in a way that lets me know where the animal came from, what quality of life it lived, and how exactly the animal died.

I also do all my own skinning and butchering, so nothing goes to waste. The meat is hormone-free, and I get to part out and package up the exact cuts I want. My dogs (and even Blackjack) get the scraps I don’t eat, and the skull, antlers, and bones are all put to use, as well. 

In addition to hunted meat, I eat roadkill, too. So not all of my meat is from animals that I personally harvest. But finding roadkill that is safe to eat isn’t something I can count on, whereas I can count on taking a day trip to the foothills and returning with at least one dove - three or more if I’m lucky - and often a cottontail rabbit, too.

Deer season and elk season have been difficult for me in the past due to issues with poor hunting locations and time restrictions. Now that I actually live close enough to the woods to keep an eye on deer activity year-round, I know where I need to be, and when, in order to fill my tag. We had an early-season hold-up on account of a fiasco with a partial human skeleton being found near one of my camps, causing road closures in the area and barring access, but the authorities have moved out since then and re-opened the area. That is the spot that I hunted today where I saw the fork-horn buck that slipped just out of range. 

The ethics of hunting as a “sport” are often misunderstood, and more people than not jump to conclusions on the matter. Worse still, plenty will blindly follow the misinformation that animal rights groups like PETA like to spew. So here are some factual statistics and articles about hunting that may actually surprise you

The bottom line is that hunters, more than any other group on earth, have a deep-seeded motivation to keep wildlife populations healthy and stable. As such, hunters (not animal right groups or even anti-hunting “conservation” groups) have donated more funding to habitat protection and restoration than anyone before them.