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No-no, lance with a fake mermaid tail that he wears in the water and entertaining kids. A hose that constantly provides air so he can stay underwater for long periods of time. Swimming with peaceful fish in a large tank.

Okay I absolutely LOVE THIS so give me an entire Voltron aquarium AU

  • Voltron Aquarium was owned by Alfor, but he retired and his best friend Coran took over
  • His daughter Allura wanted to take over because she studies zoology but she’s still young and in school and Alfor wants her to graduate ,so Coran takes over so he knows his staff will still be taken care of
  • Allura still plays a huge part, she’s one of their best animal handlers and she teaches a lot of programs for local schools
  • Shiro is their primary physician for the animals, so he and Allura usually work together a lot to see if problems are medical or behavioral and just generally make sure the animals are happy and healthy
  • Hunk works there too, as a sort of grounds keeper and technician to make sure the outdoor displays look nice, the exhibits have proper lighting and temperatures and space and nothing is broken
  • And during the summer they offer boat tours! They have a boat they keep at a local marina and Hunk drives the boat while Allura teaches programs
  • Pidge can’t work there because she’s still in high school, but she volunteers there every weekend bc she’s a huge nerd
  • Sometimes she helps Allura teach programs and she knows all the animals and could babble about their ecosystems for hours
  • Keith is a marine biology and environmental science student at the local college and is there basically all the time because he has a membership that gets him free admission
  • Shiro is his best friend from childhood and they both grew up on the beach and developed a love for aquatic life so they both study it
  • So Keith goes there to hang out with Shiro, lend a hand when it’s needed bc he knows the whole staff and aquarium pretty well, but mostly he just hangs out by his favorite exhibits while doing homework
  • A local extremist “animal rights” group and publication called GALRA holds protests outside the aquarium saying that holding animals in captivity is wrong
  • The staff is annoyed and Pidge fights them a lot bc they work with a lot of conservation groups to create animal welfare programs and protect water rights, and their animals are all well taken care of with appropriate exhibits
  • Nevertheless GALRA is loud and public, and so they notice they’ve been losing money, especially on the days when the protestors are there
  • So they need a big new idea that can bring people in, but it has to be something they can be public about without GALRA condemning them and making things even worse
  • Hunk is the one who suggests it, he knows his neighbor is obsessed with ocean life and is a professional mermaid
  • It’s perfect because the aquarium needs a non-animal based exhibit and Lance has been struggling to make ends meet
  • He works during the day as a fitness instructor, and he’s studying at the community college nearby, but the mermaid thing is mostly just a hobby that he and his partner Plaxum do every once in a while
  • He and Plaxum get hired as a mermaid duo to perform shows fairly regularly
  • Keith shows up one day and notices it’s really crowded and is like ???? because he doesn’t know of any new exhibits or anything
  • So he goes exploring and sees one of the pools is occupied by two people
  • He looks around and there’s no staff around, are these people trespassing? So he goes over and starts telling Lance that guests can’t just jump into the pool, and there’s a crowd gathering so he needs to get out before he gets in huge trouble
  • Lance just looks all confused, then laughs and is like “Come back in 20 minutes”
  • So Keith gets all annoyed and leaves but he can’t help it, he’s curious, so he comes back later to see that these people are still in the pool, only now he notices they have mermaid tails and are putting on a whole show
  • And look, Lance may have just been doing this mostly as a hobby, but dang if he isn’t good at it
  • Turns out Lance is studying ecology and biology and like wow, he knows what he’s talking about
  • He and Plaxum look so graceful performing these shows, and he is really good at charming the audience and putting on a very convincing act while also teaching kids about marine ecology
  • At first Keith thinks it’s silly but I mean, Lance is very attractive and the mermaid costume is doing wonders for him
  • And Lance has his whole mermaid act, so he is very sassy and fun and teases Keith when he gets caught staring at them and pretending not to be invested
  • But like he’s clearly there with Plaxum and so he kinda just observes from afar
  • Except he’s there late one day, and sees Lance leaving after a show, and Keith realizes this is his first time seeing Lance with clothes, and his hair is dry and kinda curly from the water, and he looks tired but so so cute
  • So Keith is like whoaaa okay run away but nope, Lance sees him and starts up a conversation
  • And it turns out the mermaid persona is like, exactly that, a persona? And Lance is actually very sweet and soft-spoken and nice and wow Keith is done for
  • Keith just so happens to start hanging around the aquarium during every show, and Lance is an oblivious idiot who thinks he’s there to watch Plaxum and be a fish nerd
  • Cue some good old fashioned mutual pining
  • Until one day, Keith is hanging around waiting for Shiro to clock out and notices Hunk talking to Lance
  • So Keith starts to walk over and Lance doesn’t notice and Keith overhears him talking about how cute some guy is and how he’s there all the time but he only ran into him the one time and he can’t be flirting while doing a show
  • Keith is all :( because Lance likes someone else
  • And Lance still doesn’t notice him and is like “I don’t even know his name! I just call him cute mullet boy with the red jacket in my head” and like
  • Cue Hunk looking behind Lance to Keith, with his mullet and his red jacket and a freaking lightbulb goes off
  • So Hunk is like “His name is Keith” and Lance is like ?!?!?! you know him?! Can you introduce me?
  • So Hunk is like ummmm introduce yourself
  • And Lance turns around and realizes Keith has been eavesdropping and wow they are both very gay
  • So they start dating and they’re the ocean’s greatest power couple
  • Anyways Lance’s exhibit does wonderfully and GALRA can’t fight them on it and the protestors stop showing up so business is doing really well
  • And it’s happy and gay and mermaids bring everyone together!


On the heels of what was another successful educational event at the Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center here in Baton Rouge, it literally *KILLS ME* to see this posted by Kevin McCurley of NERD in response to what is now a HUGE threat to Zoos, Aquariums, and individuals like myself and my fiance who have dedicated our personal and professional lives to showing children and adults the wonders of the reptile world through safe educational outlets. THIS is why it is so important to pay close attention to what you say, what you post, and how you portray your animals! From Kevin:

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I'm curious about the way you group HSUS with PETA. I never thought to equate the two organizations, I know PETA is a hot mess but I always thought HSUS was better in terms of ethics. I tried looking for information on how they're problematic but I didn't find much, so I assume I'm looking in the wrong places. :) Can you elaborate on that a bit?

HSUS has, in an official capacity during a public panel at a conference, stated plainly that they deal with the same problems as PETA and advocate for the same issues. The only distinction the representative drew between the two organizations in her statement was that HSUS does advocacy through legislative efforts, rather than protests.

And they do use legislation to further extremist animal rights agendas - by writing loopholes into pieces of legislation that sound good enough to the public at face value to pass with the intention of exploiting them later, and by lobbying well-meaning legislators who have no animal welfare background into creating really damaging bills “to protect animals.”

HSUS is PETA lite. They’re super happy to let PETA run around using shock tactics and coming off as an extremist organization, because it allows them to be the reasonable alternate that “plays nicely” with lawmakers and animal organizations while still pursuing the same agenda.


So, because I love telling people what’s what, I sent an email to @lushcosmetics AND posted on their facebook page telling them why I believe their support of CompassionWorks International is harmful. I was slightly encouraged when I received the reply on Facebook as it seemed they were taking my concerns seriously, but I was disheartened when I received the same canned response via email. Since I’m sure replying further will get me little response, I’m ranting my thoughts here.

Giving a platform to organizations like CompassionWorks is not engaging in “healthy debate.” CWI has made it clear they do not want debate - they want silence from zookeepers, conservationists, and others who recognize zoos and aquariums CAN do good. They have proven themselves to be intolerant of disagreement. They present a biased and absolutely false picture of what occurs in zoos and how they operate. I am disappointed that a company such as LUSH is being sucked into the extremist animal rights propaganda (although, tbh, they already had one foot in the door).

Anyway, who has suggestions for charities? I would love to let LUSH know just how many unbiased, non-extremist groups there are who deserve support over orgs like CompassionWorks.

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What's wrong with PETA?

  • They kill most of the animals brought into their care, and have a history of animal cruelty
  • Animal rights and liberation extremists (no pets, no livestock, no zoos, no use of animals full stop)
  • Pro-breed specific legislation and “adopt don’t shop”
  • Pay people to abuse animals in videos/stage footage
  • Target children with gruesome, graphic campaigns
  • Create campaigns that include misogynistic, ableist, racist, fat shaming messages, like comparing the meat industry to the Holocaust & the AKC to the KKK, also so much objectification of women
  • They basically propagate that if you aren’t 100% vegan, you are animal abusing scum, while at the same time they shame and devalue human beings, promote discriminatory views, abuse animals, stage ‘cruelty footage’, commit violence, and are just generally shitty
  • @animalwelfarists have a good page on PETA

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Hi! I have to write an essay on Animal Exploitation in circuses/seaworld and such for one of my classes, and most of the sources I try to find are from PETA or affiliates of PETA. Do you know of any good articles or sites where i can get some accurate information from? thank you!

Hmmm. So, I looked through your blog to try to get a sense of where you’re coming from, and it seems like you’re in high school - which means that I’m going to base this response on the assumption that your teacher gave you a purposefully anti-captivity assignment (which is something I’ve seen more and more teachers going, and which is super frustrating because it only allows students to look at one side of a major controversy and then expects you to prove one side true). If you’ve got the flexibility to change your thesis a little bit (for example, to investigating if a company is exploitative instead of arguing that they are) I would highly suggest doing that, because you’ll find way more information and have a much more interesting paper at the end of it. I

I don’t know how much your school has taught you yet to think critically about sources, but it’s worth noting that the sources you can find on a topic will tell you something about the political / real world context of that topic. You said you’ve been looking up sources for animal exploitation in various contexts, and all you’re coming up with is results from extremist groups who are known for lying and manipulating information. If there’s nothing that shows up on a couple of other cursory google searches, that tells you something - in this case, it hints that no definitive answer on the topic exists, and more importantly, that either there isn’t enough research for people to publish or nobody not an extremist group supports the stance you’re looking at strongly enough to publish about it. This is something you can talk to your teacher about - any good teacher will listen to ‘hey I can’t actually find reliable sources for this, what do you want me to do’ if you can back it up with sources about how PETA and animal rights extremist groups and how they manipulation (there are lots of these, you can start with the website petakillsanimals as a jumping off point, but I would use what they talk about to find news articles or other pieces on the same topics because they’re also a radical, biased source). 

There’s also not going to be a lot of publications on the other side of the issue - things defending no, these places aren’t exploitative. That’s partially because it’s a super nuanced issue, and it’s also because the non-research parts of the animal world are just not academic in nature. People are generally working with animals rather than writing about them, and the publications that do occur tend to be focused at other members of the field rather than communicating with the public (that’s the job of the PR departments, apparently, and it’s stupid and they’re doing a really bad job of educating people which is partly why this blog exists). So the question then becomes: how do you find more sources and viewpoints on the topic when the specific issue you’re looking to learn about isn’t one that gets published on directly?

Here’s where I suggest you start. If you’re going to talk about something being exploitative, you have to define what exploitation is and why something is exploitative. Generally with animals, the arguments people use to back up claims of abuse or exploitation are low welfare, being under human control / used for human wants, not being in nature (with the assumption nature is nicer and better for animals), that sort of thing. I’d start looking into Seaworld or Ringling or whomever you’re focusing on with an eye to those issues - do the animals have good welfare? Has it been studied? If not, are the similar studies with that species or another species in the same environment? I’d look into some animal ethics, stuff about human use, and definitely look into the differences between the lives of animals in the wild vs in captivity in terms of average lifespan, injury, reproduction, that sort of thing. You can absolutely search the archive of this blog (use the search bar on the blog page, not the tags, because then you can search the text of posts) to get an idea of where to start. 

Now, you’re in high school, so I can’t imagine your teacher is expecting you to be reading academic publications - they’re dense and hard to get ahold of. So, where do you find this information? Sadly, I don’t think this blog will count as a primary source for most teachers. So, you have a couple options. You can get on google scholar and start plugging in keywords until you find authors who seem like they’re writing on what you’re looking for, and then search their name to find out if they’ve written books - those will generally be written for the public and be much easier to read. You can also get a list of what information you’re looking for and some keywords and talk to your librarian for help. 

When you’re using these sources, just remember - look up the author. Look up their political associations and memberships and see if they have a bias on the topic. Bias doesn’t mean that you can’t or shouldn’t use them as a resource, but it’s something to take into consideration when developing conclusions or when trying to figure out why statements between sources are contradictory. 

Good luck!

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why must there be reciepts for when a woman has been accused of committing a crime? but not for men or trans people? are women just perfect little snowflakes in your world?

Lol what? Feminists circulate posts full of sources of violent and sexual crimes committed by transwomen or men who dressed as women to gain access to female facilities or just men entering female facilities in general. For example:

From evolution-thru-revolution

The Tip of the IceBerg (please add to this list).    

Women harmed by rape in bathrooms by Males:

The Threat to Women and Girls Presented by Bathroom Bills  The story of biological male sexual predators who used nondiscrimination laws protecting gender identity to sexually assault women.

Here is a site documenting 250 cases regarding transwomen harming women and girls over a five year time span.

And here’s some more:

Male-to-Female transgenders are 18 times more likely than women to be convicted of violent crime

Regarding any crime, male-to-females had a significantly increased risk for crime compared to female controls (aHR 6.6; 95% CI 4.1–10.8) but not compared to males (aHR 0.8; 95% CI 0.5–1.2). This indicates that they retained a male pattern regarding criminality. The same was true regarding violent crime.

In other words, MtF’s were seven times more likely to be convicted of violent crimes than women, and just as likely as “cis” males to be convicted of a violent crime.

Trans-women violence against females and children:

There is research documenting shame and narcissistic rage in autogynephilic MtF transgenders.

The few studies that have examined personality disorders among transsexuals usually have found that these disorders in general—and disorders in Cluster B, which includes Narcissistic Personality Disorder (American Psychiatric Association [APA], 2000), in particular—are more common in transsexuals than in nontranssexuals

Founder of the “TERF TRACKER” outed as a violent sexual offender

Transgender MtF’s use status as “women” to try and receive lighter sentences on crimes committed; avoid registration as sex offenders:

One In Six Sex Offenders Change Names To Avoid Registration: Study

Violent Offenders Seeking or Granted Sex Reassignment Surgery:

Violent Offender’s and Women’s prison (expressed interest in or already moved):

Pre-op placement:

Post-op placement (includes prison transition and self-castration):

Granted surgery, awaiting placement:

Will constantly be updated.



A little late, but as promised, here is a part two to this post.

Men (cis or otherwise) invading female-only spaces for harmful intentions:

Gender-Critical Trans Voices:

Gender-Critical People Banned from Speaking on Accusations of Transphobia:

The Lie That There is Little-to-No Crimes from Transgender Women: A Mass Media Cover-up:

“The surge in Irish referrals in the past two years can be linked to a broader acceptance of gender dysphoria. High-profile gender transition stories like that of Caitlyn Jenner and Orange is the New Black star Laverne Cox have pushed term transgender into the mainstream.”

Children denying sex-roles being treated for gender-dysphoria:

The Pharmaceutical Industry’s role in patient care (how the pharmaceutical industry is making money off of gender dysphoria and why SRS and HRT is being pushed):

Male “transgender” sexual perversion is a money-maker for many

List of Transgender Sex Offenders:

Research on MtF transgenderism:

Already posted above, but I am writing this again:

Male transgenders (MtF) are 18 times more likely than biological females to be convicted of violent crime. In essence, MtF trans are just as likely as biological males to be convicted of violent crimes.

Meanwhile genderists say “TERFs kill 50,000 transwomen a day!” or whatever and just repeat it among themselves with no evidence or even basic reasoning behind the claim.

Oh fuck you, SeaWorld, this means war.

(Uggghh for some reason this is really blurry, but its a screenshot of Facebook mobile, with a video for SeaWorld, with the caption “Love killer whales? This is the video animal rights extremists don’t want you to see.”)

I watched your stupid video. You did not prove to me that the whales you kept in captivity are happy or healthy. All you did was make up a bunch of bullshit about how its “necessary” to make whales live a bathtub and perform for people for some bullshit reasons.

Of course it is in no way “necessary”. Make a documentary. Actually give money to ocean conservation. Produce less waste. Stop fucking torturing whales and telling them its for their own good.

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Hey, I just read your post on the ALF and well, I want to thank you for that. I turned vegan a couple of months back. A lot of people in the vegan community seem to support the activities of ALF. Your article made me 'think' and now I'm still confused about where I stand but my brain's a little less hazy on this subject now. So um, thank you for that. It felt good to read an article that put forth valid points.

Thanks for the note and for reading with an open mind. 
Figuring out where I stood on the issue of animal research was something I struggled with for a while… 
I hate that animals have given the ultimate sacrifice for us, but I am immensely thankful that their work has saved the lives of my family, friends, and countless others. 

It hits close to home when you learn that the AZT, which prevented the transmission of HIV from your friend to her baby, was developed in primates that you have personally met. It was kind of a big deal for me, and I only wish that the research community could allow more people to experience such moments… but terrorist organizations like the ALF have created a fear culture where such things seem impossible.

I am not vegan (due to a mess of personal diet/health things that would not allow such a lifestyle), but I respect the choice and what it stands for. I do my best to make sustainable and ‘waste not want not’ food choices, I donate and participate in conservation / rescue organizations, and I check that my cosmetics are cruelty free. And of course every day I am the advocate for my babies, I give a voice to my primates where 30 years there was silence. I (and my colleagues) work hard to refine our ‘best practice’ procedures and develop models where more and more animals can be replaced by mathematical / computer / cellular experiments. 
You could say the animal research community is quite literally working to put itself out of business. 

Thank you again for reading this and feel free to message me with any questions or if you would like to talk more on this. Even if we don’t see eye to eye, I am always up for an intelligent discussion and maybe even we can work together to dispel a few myths.

Here are some interspecies kisses for you. 

(read the referenced ALF post here)

Re: my last post about feminism.

I did assume I would get some abuse for that, so I’m just going to put this here.

You can disagree with people’s methods without disagreeing with an entire ideology.

That’s possible, you know. I believe in equality, I don’t believe men’s rights should be ignored. The idea of feminism, when people understand it properly, is to fight for women’s rights. It shouldn’t be to remove men’s rights.

A group of extremist feminists petition to close down help sources for men suffering domestic violence - that’s not right. Everyone should have those services, of course they should. Ideally, the rise in feminism would cause a rise in awareness of things such as domestic violence, which would lead to a rise in the awareness and support for men in that situation too. But thik s isn’t an ideal world, and people are the problem with that.

But then you could say that extremist animal rights activists do things like burn down farms that raise animals to be slaughtered. Do I agree with that behaviour? Of course I don’t. But that doesn’t mean I agree with animals being slaughtered for meat. I disagree with the methods that people use.

Oh, and saying that feminists are Nazis is probably a bit far. You know, fighting for women’s rights, genocide… bit different.

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Hey! I was wondering if you could talk about animal testing/experiments? I know I grew up hearing purely negative things about animal testing, so I'd like to hear your opinion. Are there good and bad kinds? What are they? Is there a difference between... like... academic versus commercial testing? Thanks!

Hello darling Anon,

I have a few posts on this topic that you can read first, and then if you have any follow up questions please feel free to ask. I don’t want to rewrite those posts (they can be quite lengthy) but I want to answer all of your questions because what you are doing is So Terribly Important!!! Like if more people went “hmm, I’ve always been told _____ but I wonder if that’s actually true. What’s the other side of this story?” before jumping to conclusions the world would be a much better place.

  • Why are the ALF’s activities hurting their own cause? -
    Animal rights extremists, pseudoscience and propoganda, and how they undermine real animal welfare work. They are very vocal so many anti-research things you hear come from extremist groups (ALF, ALM, etc) or their friendly looking face companies (HSUS, PETA, etc)

  • Why I differentiate between animal testing and animal research - 
    Because there is a difference in trying to cure HIV / AIDS - the world’s leading infectious killer (x) - and creating an anti-aging creme or yet another erectile dysfunction pill.

  • An ask about animal research - 
    Because all those cruel horrible conditions you’ve heard about did happen… but it was at least 30 yrs ago, not yesterday like ARAs would like you to believe. This also touches on some of the many changes and improvements that have happened, and are continuing to happen, in the animal research world. 

I hope you read these and feel free to ask me anything you like on the subject of animal research. This is an open invitation. My colleagues and I get hate mail and death threats because of the work that we do (and I do behavioral research!), and it’s all because of the misconceptions and propaganda spread by animal rights activists. I know I must remain semi-anonymous (for safety reasons) on here, but I would like to think I’m doing some small part in dispelling some of those ARA lies. 



SeaWorld dirty tactic No 374

Here SeaWorld is claiming that animal activists do absolutely nothing to aid in animal conservation and we simply “sit back and criticize” while SeaWorld does the good work. 

That’s strange as the most prominent anti-cetacean activists are scientists who are actively engaged in cetacean research and conservation like Ingrid Visser, Paul Spong, Ken Balcomb, Lori Marino ect. Even Naomi Rose studied wild Orca .Not to mention organisations such as WDC and The Born Free Foundation who both engage in campaigning against cetacean captivity, rescue wild animals and engage in wider conservation efforts. 

Furthermore whilst rescue and releasing individual animals gives us a warm fuzzy feeling and benefits individual animals, in reality it plays only a tiny role in conservation efforts. The reality of conservation is actually about protecting, preserving and restoring habits and conducting scientific research into wild animal populations. 

Now, to be fair SeaWorld does a smidgen of actual conservation (about 1% of its revenue on rescue and research) but their record on avoiding environmental damage isn’t great (polluting bays with waste water, continuing to sell fish in its restaurants ect) and in no way does the small amount of the good they do justify maintaining intelligent marine mammals in captivity for our amusement. 

This is just another pathetic, slanderous attempt by SeaWorld to paint those who oppose then as evil animal rights extremists, with SeaWorld as the innocent misunderstood benevolent entity who just want to save the animals from the nasty dark scary ocean “insert mushy spiel here”.  

The fact that SeaWorld spent its money producing these face-saving videos rather than spending it on conservation or improving the lives of its captives speaks volumes about where their priorities lie.