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Petition the US Government to stop 'Chimera' (human/animal hybrid) research & creation


Human-animal hybrids – called “chimeras” – are an ethical problem for the scientific community. Thousands of articles debating the ethics of chimera research appear under Google scholar, using only the free and public medical file search. It is unfathomable how many more debates on its ethical implication might take place in private within the scientific community.

Petition the United States government to restrict and/or ban human-chimera research due to it being unethical, unnecessary, and contrary to the rights given to human life under the Bill of Rights in the constitution, and a violation of human dignity by signing the petition and passing it on.

By signing this petition, you are agreeing to several things:

1. That chimera research and creation has a grave potential to be highly unethical and should be subject to government investigation, if not permanently stopped.

2. That the stated primary needs met by chimera research and creation – organ donation – is closer to being met by 3D printing than by chimera research and creation (CR&C), and therefore CR&C is not a necessary service.

3. That harvesting organs out of “animals” is an unethical principle at the cost of appropriate animal husbandry and even scientific treatment of animals as test subjects.

4. That chimera research and creation violates the essential principle of human dignity that the founding fathers of the America Republic recognized as objective found in human beings, and further conformed to by subsequent leaders of our nation - leaders like Washington and Lincoln, the latter being someone who brought the concept of human dignity to one of the most oppressed group of people in American history.

5. That all chimera research and creation ought to be brought to an immediate halt by the US Government until its ethicality and necessity for the greater good of the human race are both either guaranteed or dismissed. By allowing it to continue unregulated and unreported on, the U.S. Government as a body is potentially allowing abuse of human lives.

Please sign the petition and pass it on. Contact your representatives.


I wrote this petition myself. Don’t let them get away with this.

Please read, sign, and share like *wildfire*.

The philosophy behind chimera research has disastrous implications for all peoples, especially marginalized groups.

Honestly, saying Trump is pro-lgbt because he said he was but still has Mike Pence at his side is like saying you’re for animal rights while knowing that your partner goes out and murders cats just for the simple reason that they don’t like cats.

“In 2006, Congress passed the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, a bill conceived of and advanced by the American Legislative Exchange Council, a corporate-sponsored conservative think tank and lobbying group that champions pro-"free market” legislation. The new law criminalizes actions aimed at “damaging or interfering with the operations of an animal enterprise,” including First Amendment activity such as pickets and boycotts. The legislation was crafted explicitly to empower law enforcement to squelch hitherto legal, above-ground animal rights advocacy, after a group of activists called Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty nearly shut down an infamous multinational animal testing corporation through purely legal means. Activists charge SHAC’s target, Huntingdon Life Sciences, with killing hundreds of animals a day through their toxicity testing business, which involves practices such as injecting puppies with pesticides. Undercover footage has shown Huntingdon technicians punching beagle puppies in the face and dissecting a live, conscious monkey. Under the AETA’s predecessor, the Animal Enterprise Protection Act, six SHAC activists were convicted as terrorists for posting publicly available information on a website. They were sentenced to a combined 23 years in prison. The new law was created because the animal enterprise lobbies felt that those penalties did not go far enough.

This year, laws were passed in Iowa and Utah that make it a crime to take a job at a factory farm for the purpose of shooting clandestine video footage of animal abuse. As with the AETA, these laws were a direct response to the success of an animal advocacy group using legal means to expose industrial cruelty – in this case an undercover video by Mercy For Animals. The FBI has already recommended prosecuting undercover investigators under the AETA as terrorists.“

Just in case you still believe these people have nothing to hide. 


The easier it is for people to be vegan, the more vegans we will have. So let’s take a minute to appreciate the vegan restaurant and business owners, clothing and beauty lines, activists, and educators who are paving the way. Thank you all so much

Start appreciating the animals you CAN be close to. Don’t romanticize a Fennec Fox when you have a Dachshund right beside you. Or an African Grey Parrot when their are a variety of urban birds that would love your affection (in the form of food). Or a fish, that is perfectly capable of providing for itself in it’s natural ocean/lake, when there are millions of animals that aren’t capable of taking care of themselves (because we’ve breed that ability out of them) that want to be with humans that love them. 

…and for god sakes stop kidnapping babies. That bunnies mother will be right back, just leave it alone, you selfish prick. 


I don’t usually post things like this, but this is the condition of the fish at my local Walmart. I remember seeing this as a child and crying to my mom to save them all. After a while this inhumane treatment of fish was normalized for me.

I implore you to make a rating or comment to your local Walmart if you see these conditions. I’m making complaints to corporate and would love support for this issue. If you do comment or make a rating please do so with the hashtag #fishmatter

Please share this message, let’s stop this!!!

Vegan tags

So like, why are the vast majority of posts with the vegan tag about food? (The food pics never end! Don’t get me wrong, it all looks delicious…) But, it’s no wonder people think that eating plant based means that you’re vegan…

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t make food pic posts; but I am saying that I want more posts with good vegan discussion. We’re doing this for the animals, right? Then let’s talk about THEM. They’re dying every day, millions of them! Can’t that be what compels us to speak? Animal rights are what matters the most, not what I ate for breakfast.

anonymous asked:

i am genuinely shocked that she wears fur like what? with all her animal rights advocacy, veganism and how she always used to point out "don't worry its faux". homegirl might as well eat mcdonalds lol whats the difference in wearing and eating? ( by animal rights standards i mean)

yup, it’s so weird that she doesn’t care anymore- how do you get to a place where you just stop caring about the animals? Especially when faux furs are just as good and expensive?

Most people do care about animals.
Most people reject the idea that animals are just things.
Most people think that animals count morally.
So the goal is to convince those people that this all requires that they go vegan, and that ‘happy’ or 'humane’ exploitation is not a morally acceptable alternative. If you think someone counts morally, you stop exploiting them; you don’t focus on exploiting them more 'compassionately.’
—  Gary Francione

How beautiful is GG the sheep?

Did you know sheep prefer smiling human faces to frowning ones? It’s true! So when you visit the sanctuary, make sure to smile! GG might even come over to say hi.

(And yes, those nasty ear tags have since been removed).

Quote from Will Tuttle, an American writer, speaker, musician, educator and author of The World Peace Diet.

By the numbers, nonhuman animals are the most oppressed beings on the planet. Their exploitation is planned and systematic. Their fate is determined by those who deem them less valuable because they are different from us. Stand up for the vulnerable. Be an ally to other animals.