Why the PETA Organization is Bullshit

What’s this? Is Sociopathic Neighbor making a political post? No, not at all, but I do hate bullshit.

PETA (People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals) is usually advertised as a safe haven and safety sanctuary for all furry beings, but it’s just a facade. Like most companies, they say one thing and do the other. 

Got a pet you can’t take care of anymore? What better place than to bring it to the pet loving PETA shelter right? Wrong, PETA has a euthanizing rate of close to 90% (as of 2014). Also, The Atlantic did some digging into their shelter rate in 2011, and this is what they had to say: 

“In 2011, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) behaved in a regrettably consistent manner: it euthanized the overwhelming majority (PDF) of dogs and cats that it accepted into its shelters. Out of 760 dogs impounded, they killed 713, arranged for 19 to be adopted, and farmed out 36 to other shelters (not necessarily “no kill” ones). As for cats, they impounded 1,211, euthanized 1,198, transferred eight, and found homes for a grand total of five. PETA also took in 58 other companion animals – including rabbits. It killed 54 of them.”

Ex: Lets say PETA gets 1000 dogs a day. That means they kill 900 of them. (This is a far exaggerated rate)

PETA also owns shares in your favorite fast food restaurants! You often see PETA projecting a vegan image and shouting loudly about their hatred for the unethical treatment of animals in the meat industry, but that doesn’t seem to matter. PETA continually buys stocks in over 80 fast food corporations and meat packing plants.

You would also think that PETA is a savior of homeless and bewildered pets (well maybe not after my first point), but that’s not the case; PETA’s adoption rate for dogs is 2.4% and for cats its 0.4% (as of 2011)! Keep in mind this is a multi-million dollar company who makes it money with the smiling face of ‘Save the animals!’, but like I said before, they say one thing and do another. 

They’ve also attempted to spread misinformation and link milk drinking to autism. I understand that the organization is trying to get the public to stray away from a meat eating lifestyle, but lying to them is not the way to do it. The links PETA claimed to “find” were all based on discredited studies.

To conclude, don’t believe everything you read or every ad you see playing on TV. The PETA organization and others like them can and will deceive you. Though, if there was to be a silver lining, PETA’s charity has straightened out and no donates the majority of their funds to the cause the tirelessly promote, animal welfare.  

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