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Little Red Bird Sanctuary has rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed hundreds of hens, roosters, ducks, geese, pigeons and more since our founding in 2013. Some of our best rescue stories have stemmed from the worst of situations; from cockfighting rings to factory farms, many of our birds did not h...

The Little Red Bird Sanctuary needs donations in order to save 300 battery hens from death. They are raising $3,000 to build a new barn to house these girls.

Please share and donate if you can! This sanctuary not only saves hens, but waterfowl and parrots too. :)

I passed these chickens on my way to work last week and on my return home they were still there, trapped in the baking afternoon sun. Sentient, feeling animals reduced to a truckload of products, stacked up by the side of the road as people and traffic passed by indifferently. Animal abuse as the norm simply because they are weak and we are strong. Because ‘they’re only chickens’. Because we needlessly eat their flesh. 

 The truck was parked outside a market. The birds in their low cages unable to stand up straight. Whenever they shit it was diarrhoea, and in less than a minute my eyes were burning and pouring with water. Forced to crouch in each other’s crap, they would shuffle desperately to the other side of the truck whenever I approached. They were terrified of human beings - just as you would be in their position. 

 They are dead now. They were hung upside down against their will and someone slit their throats for money. They bled to death. They were killed for a ten minute snack or some since forgotten take-out. They were killed for an unhealthy food source we have no need to consume. 

 How did we normalise this? Cruelty and violence towards the vulnerable as an acceptable way to behave. A thing we celebrate, a thing we boast about. Tortured body parts on instagram feeds. 

 If bigger, smarter or stronger beings came and did this to us would we be so quick to justify their actions? Would we be so happy to accept 'they’re only humans’ as a reasonable explanation? 

 Please consider the consequences of your food choices. Yes, animals are different from us in many ways but their ability to suffer and their desire to avoid death is something they share with us all. One simple change could eliminate the suffering of billions. The thousands of violent deaths that occur every SECOND eliminated. The most environmentally destructive industry on earth finally addressed. All tackled so easily through the everyday choices we make. 

‘As long as greed is stronger than compassion, there will always be suffering.’                                                                                           - Rusty Eric

More than a Diet, More than a Lifestyle
When people choose veganism, they make an ethical commitment to bettering themselves and the world around them. This is a pledge not to be taken lightly as it requires us to seriously examine all facets of our lives. Certainly, animal-free food, clothing and cosmetic choices are a paramount part of becoming vegan. However, when we delve more deeply into its essence, we see that a vegan outlook extends far beyond the material and tangible. Vegan perspectives permeate our relationships, spiritual beliefs, occupation, and pastimes. Hence, there are few areas of life that the vegan ethic doesn’t touch or influence to one degree or other.
Angela Davis: Feminist, Civil Rights Activist, and Vegan

At the 17th Steve Biko Memorial Lecture held at the University of Cape Town in South Africa, civil rights leader Angela Davis delivered a major speech about social justice issues that plague our society.

Although she’s best known for her human rights activism, Davis is also a committed vegan, discussing the connection between human rights and animal rights

in her speech:

[S]entient beings … endure pain and torture as they are transformed into food for profit, food that generates disease in humans whose poverty compels them to rely on McDonald’s and KFC for nourishment.

In a 2012 interview with Grace Lee Boggs she discussed why she decided to go vegan:

Most people don’t think about the fact that they’re eating animals. When they’re eating a steak or eating chicken, most people don’t think about the tremendous suffering that those animals endure simply to become food products to be consumed by human beings.

Watch the full interview here.

Davis joins a long list of social justice leaders who have consciously decided to reject cruel animal products. It’s more important than ever to fight for justice for all, including animals.

Join the millions of people who have ditched meat, dairy, and eggs to prevent the oppression, abuse, and suffering of billions of farmed animals.

For more information on transitioning to a compassionate vegan diet, visit ChooseVeg.com.

I’ve gotten less “preachy” and I regret that.

I used to be that “preachy vegan” who talked about fruits and animals and my health and weight loss and blah blah blah.
And it annoyed people so I just sorta slowly…stopped?
And that is so fucking stupid honestly I am furious with myself.

I get being tolerant. And I am. I do not know one single vegan in real life except for my girlfriend, so can you imagine what my life would be if I just let myself be pissed off at every non-vegan all the time? I would have no friends and my family would find me insufferable. 

But like…I don’t care anymore? Find me fucking insufferable. I can love and value and socialize with people who aren’t vegans while still acknowledging that there is this part of them that i hugely disrespect.  

I will never be the girl posting bloody pictures of factory farms on my page or saying that non-vegans are horrible people.
I am not an extremist, nor do I want to be.

But jesus fucking christ if I want to point out how absolutely crazy it is to think the human body was made for eating flesh or that even if you’re a shithead who doesn’t care about animals over your taste-buds you should still give a shit that WE ARE DESTROYING THE PLANET BY EATING ANIMALS AND IF YOU HAVE KIDS FUCK YOU FOR NOT CARING ABOUT THIS, then I will.

So if you follow me here and aren’t vegan nothing has changed and I’m not coming for you, but there will probably be more vegan stuff posted. That’s about it.  

Cats Need Your Help!

This is very urgent, “The World’s Greatest Cathouse”, otherwise known as “Puffy Paws Kitty Haven,” Is an Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary style house, but for cats! They foster any and all cats, but especially old, disabled, or ‘unwanted’ cats. They run out of Englewood, FL and are a non-profit organization. Sounds great, right?


They have run out of funds. They only have enough food until Friday, which is TOMORROW. They’ve seen to have raised a bit of money, but the situation is urgent. They post about all the funds needed to care for kitties, while also taking lots of photos (I know everyone loves photos of cats!) and posting them for our pleasure.

Please check out Puffy Paws Kitty Haven, they’re in desperate need of help! 

Donate here!


Website (Also has options to shop for the kitty’s needs)

Please share and donate if you’re able to!

People Are Obsessed With New Starbucks “Rainbow Drinks”… and They’re Vegan!

These secret-menu creations are perfect for summer and can all be made vegan!  

• Pink Drink
This is the most popular of the “rainbow” drinks! Get the Strawberry Acai Refresher and swap out the water for coconut milk.  

• Purple Drink
Add vanilla syrup and blackberries to the Iced Passion Tango Tea and swap out the water for soy milk!  

• Blue Drink
It’s the Purple Drink without blackberries. Get the Iced Passion Tango Tea, swap out the water for soy milk, and add some vanilla syrup!  

• Green Drink

Get the Iced Black Tea, swap out the water for coconut milk, and add matcha!  

• Orange Drink

Order the orange mango juice and add two scoops of vanilla bean powder and a splash of coconut milk!

Try them all to find your favorite!

*As always, be sure to double check ingredients and ask your barista to ensure no animal products are used to make your drink.


EVERYONE! OLD FRIENDS SENIOR DOG SANCTUARY NEEDS YOUR HELP! Please help make this a swift and easy transition for the Old Friends, if you have any money at all to spare consider donating to the moving fund! We all love seeing Leo, Captain Ron, Mildred, Toby, Leona, Lacy, and all the other old friends. Let’s give back to something that gives US joy!

  • Breeders:*Breeds animals to be docile and lose survival instincts*
  • Breeders:Well we have to keep them, they can't survive in the wild!
  • Farmers:*Takes away or kills the calves who would have been drinking cow's milk*
  • Farmers:Look! Cows need to be milked or they'll be in pain!
  • Hunters:*Culls predators who would have kept deer numbers down*
  • Hunters:See? We have to kill deer to control the population!