animal rescue update


It all began with this post: [X] (careful scrolling because it contains graphic images of the puppies’ injuries)
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So this Friday, while I was on my second day of Comic Con PT as a seller in Artists’ Alley, I got a call from the animal association that’s been helping me trying to find a family for Luca and Calu and they gave me the most wonderful news:

The puppies were adopted by their temporary foster family!!

I honestly couldn’t even reply because I got all chocked up and started to sob my heart out, but I honestly was so happy that the puppies finally had a place they could call home I couldn’t deal with my emotions. I’m still a bit emotional because these puppies experienced first hand just how awful humans can be and for them to finally be treated, healthy and safe is a huge joy (and a relief) for me.

Their foster family (now adoptive) loved them so much that they decided to keep them as members of their own family. What’s more, the babies will never be alone and apart from each other. This was a fear of mine all along too, in case people decided to adopt just one of them and separate them. Thankfully it wasn’t the case!

That said, any donations I receive will be promptly transferred to the animal association that helped me find these puppies a family. Their specialty is to care for mothers and babies who were left abandoned (although they do not refuse to care for other animals) and they’re always in need for donations. If you’re interested to know more about them, please send me a non-anon ask and I’ll be more than glad to link you to their facebook.

I know I’ve thanked everyone a million times, but I’m so thankful for all the help provided and your generous donations to help ensure these puppies would be taken care of. Any amount of donations given were so helpful and vital for the babies… I’m eternally thankful to everyone who contributed and last Friday we saw the results of our efforts!

The babies finally have a home!!

This is a happy ending for them, but I’ll keep supporting the association that helped me because our job never ends (if you want to help just let me know! We have a lot of mothers and babies in serious need of treatment).

I’ll still post their pictures here, so they can bring your day some joy and hope.

On behalf of Luca and Calu: THANK YOU!


This poor fox was brought into the centre recently by the RSPCA after being found with a leg injury.

Our vet, Emma, was quickly on hand and gave the fox a thorough examination. The poor vixen not only had several large wounds in her leg, but also had signs of mange and required urgent treatment.

After shaving and cleaning the wounds, Emma wrapped the leg in a padded, wet bandage and gave the fox medication for her pain and mange. She was placed on a course of antibiotics before being moved into one of our fox pens for some rest.

Please keep your fingers crossed for her!

This update deserves another picture.

So a lot has happened in the last week or 2. The vet broke the news to me that she might have IBD. She warned me that my other animals could be at risk of catching it. It was very real. The test was too expensive for me to afford at a couple hundred dollars so instead she moved onto a different floor and in a completely separate wing from my other pythons. I personally don’t believe it is IBD because the only reason it was suspected was she was displaying a wobble which is present in the champagne gene. She was force fed a couple weeks ago and still hasn’t eaten on her own since then. Tonight was her last injection and she has no popping and doesn’t sound full of mucus at all. She also didn’t strike at me tonight. She was exploring and staying away from me cautiously but didn’t bite me until I reached for her head. Which is almost a completely different snake from yesterday. Overall I’m cautiously optimistic


With our kestrels getting bigger by the day, the time finally came for their accommodation to be upgraded. All three were recently moved into one of our larger, secluded aviaries and, now, they have much more room to stretch their wings.
Although skittish at first, they quickly accepted their new lodging and have settled in well. It won’t be long now before they can be released again!


Who remembers the tiny baby blackbirds we admitted some time ago? Look at how they look now!
They have grown an awful lot and are getting quite noisy! They are well on their way to becoming adult birds and we have high hopes they will be released when they do!