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Do y'all think getting stuff animal replicas of my sd would be a good idea for kids? I found a place that makes custom ones and I saw some sd ones and was thinking it be a good compromise for young family when we're are together since I have to be the mean one to say no(the parents don't and I don't argue for a very sick grandma's sake) leave my dog alone but also at the same time kind of ruins the point of SD's aren't toys and they are only for disabled people like me that I try and teach.

I don’t think it’d be detrimental to education that people should leave service dogs alone. Other than that I think it’s ultimately up to you.


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I have some random prompts IDK if you'd care for any of them as I guess a couple are fluffy so no worries if not! 1. M buys Scully a knitted [insert animal of your choice] toy. 2. Someone on a case accidentally pronounces S's name as Diana instead of Dana (M is present) (s6). 3. Mulder physically hurts Scully accidentally (maybe during sex or maybe not). 4. S is trying to seriously explain/argue something but M can't take her seriously because she's wearing [something] & he finds it too cute.

i’ll throw some fluff at you. i can do it. i think.


“Hey.” He tosses something in the air as they both head back to the taurus, and she catches it without thinking. Maybe not the best idea, generally. “For you.” 

In her hands she holds a knitted stuffed animal, an exact replica of the Big Blue model they saw on top of the Bait & Tackle store and every other large sign in town. The only difference is that it appears to be less menacing, with its dopey, googly eyes and its knitted pink tongue. 

“If I put this in the office, it won’t drive you into yet another harrowing, lifelong quest for vengeance every time you meet its eye, will it?” But her cheeks fill with color as she squeezes its middle. She’s pleased. “One is enough, don’t you think?”

He sighs. They split around the car and open their doors, the gravel crunching underfoot, the lakewater scent clinging to their clothing. “I guess I’ll have to give up those dreams of having a peg leg.” Once they’re both seated and belted away, he looks at her and frowns. “I’m sorry about your dog, Scully.”

“No you’re not.” She shakes her head, but reaches out to pet his hair in truce. “You’re not a dog person, are you?” 

“I’m not a fan of anything cuter than me.” Starting up the car, his eyes dart down to her hands that are back in her lap, wrapped around Big Blue. “Better keep that toy at home, then.” 


Smilodontini Machairodontinae Felidae (Smilodon fatalis/populator; lived between 1.6 million–10,000 years ago).

Les Amis and stuffed animals
  • Enjolras - he has a rooster that courf gave him as a joke but it has a permanent place beside his pillow, he also has a stuffed animal replica of his childhood cat, it looks just like him, fluffy yellow fur, bright blue eyes, and a vaguely pissed off expression, but enjolras swears it is the sweetest looking thing ever
  • Combeferre - he was the kid who dragged a giant multicolored blanket around with him everywhere and he still has it, his grandmother knitted it for him and he loves it more than anything, he tried to pretend the first week of college by folding it up at the end of his dorm bed but after seeing courf and enj with their stuffed animals (and being extremely sleep deprived without it) he dropped the act and went back to sleeping with it
  • Courfeyrac - care bears. So many. He has all different sizes and as many different colors as he can find. He also has a plush of every animal companion from every disney movie ever but care bears are his passion he knows their real names but has named several after his friends, whenever a friend is sick or sad courf happily brings them the bear named after them
  • Joly - he and bousset went together and made a build-a-bear dinosaur that is dressed up like a doctor, it keeps other stuffed animals company when they need to be fixed up, joly is the resident teddy bear doctor among the friends, he also has an old raggedy bunny that he cuddles with when he feels sick
  • Bousset - a teddy bear from his childhood that has nearly as many scars and boo boos as he does and of course doctor joly is always more than happy to help patch it up, it looks a little bit like chuckie’s bear from the second rugrats movie, a torn ear, different colored button eyes, arms and legs that have fallen off and been sewn back on more times than he can count
  • Bahorel - is extremely proud of his stuffed animal collection and his lady that he got from disneyland his freshman year of college is his pride and joy, he is 100% the type of person who tries to hold every single one of his stuffed animals at once while he sleeps so no one feels left out (toy story messed him up)
  • Feuilly - never had many toys growing up in the orphanage and didnt have much spare money to spend on a luxury like that but for his first christmas with the whole group his secret santa (it was totally enjolras) got him a white tailed eagle plush (the national bird of poland) and when feuilly lived with bahorel for a while he was given a tramp plush to go with bahorel’s lady
  • Jehan - a mix of the softest largest most cuddly animals ever (bunnies kittens and teddy bears bigger than bahorel) and home made fabric dolls that are mildly terrifying (think scrump from lilo and stitch) it’s a mystery how they manage to find room to sleep on their bed
  • Grantaire - he was never huge on stuffed animals but sleeps with a pillow in his arms curled up around it, of course he still has a large collection of small keychains with plushies on them from his friends, sometimes when he is having a bad day his friends will bring all of their stuffed animals over and form a huge comfortable cuddle pile until he feels better
  • Marius - his grandfather thought stuffed animals were too childish and ridiculous so marius never had any growing up, of course this didnt settle well with courf who immediately ran to build-a-bear (leaving a befuddled marius standing in his living room) and personally made him a puppy with love (the two frequently buy the puppy new outfits together) and marius burst into tears when he saw it for the first time, it sleeps with him and cosette every night
  • Cosette - her doll Catherine sits on her dresser, she no longer sleeps with it but loves to know that it’s still watching over her (and marius is the only teddy bear she could ever need because cosette absolutely sleeps like an octopus)
Schleich 2016

Schleich have just released images for their new prehistoric animal replicas due in 2016! First up is their new Dimetrodon.

Oh, whoops, that’s the Papo Dimetrodon! Wonder how that got in there. Anyway, here’s the actual new Schleich Dimetrodon.


Next up, Dilophosaurus.

Oh dear, that’s the Papo one again! How did this happen again? Here’s the real Schleich Dilophosaurus.


Continuing the D theme is their new Dunkelosteus.

Last of their new large figures is this un-named theropod, possibly Herrerasaurus.

EDIT: some sources say this is meant to be Baryonyx. My response can be summed up as ‘what’.

Schleich’s miniature line continues with a few repaints and new faces such as Icthyosaurus, Mosasaurus, Dimorphodon, Kentrosaurus and Baryonyx.

I’m liking the Dunkleosteus, and some of the minis, and to a lesser extent the mystery theropod. The rest are typical Schleich that I’m planning to leave on the shelf..