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yea i was actually wondering about some of these breeds as im interested in getting a pigeon in the future and looking at some of these breeds…and wow why would people even find some of these to be even remotely acceptable let alone desirable

I have no problem with embellishments of color, fancy feathers, and little tweaks to posture, so long as the bird is still bird shaped and able to function comfortably.

But yeah! There are SO many breeds of pigeon so drastically misshapen that they can’t function as birds! Going down a list of pigeon breeds and looking at photos of each one, you would be amazed and disgusted by how low the ratio of bird shaped to detrimentally outlandish is.

You would probably be straight up sickened to know that there are over ten beakless breeds.

The African Owl, the Turbit, The Modern/Oriental frill (The COF is to those last two what the Retro Mop is to pugs, one more reason I SO enthusiastically support the breed.)

The American Fantail’s head is supported by its fan of tailfeathers. It’s neck curves back so drastically that its head LITERALLY sits on its ass.

The Short Faced Budapest has eyes bigger than its skull.

The Barb’s cere (the flesh around the eyes) is SO large and swollen that cocks usually don’t make it past three years because is grows completely over the eyes, mechanically blinding them and culturing bacteria in the moist crevices.

There are SO many… 

And if you talk to their breeders, what they are interested in is the challenge of breeding a bird into these shapes.

They are the equivalent to genetic modern art, and that is ALL they are.

Their breeders see themselves as sculptors, and see the consequences to the birds (ranging anywhere from being incapable of sitting eggs or feeding young to blindness to being basically unable to MOVE) as an exciting challenge. “Only the most advanced breeders can successfully rear these~”

WOAH I had completely forgotten I had a challenge. I’m sorry guys. Sometimes I wonder if I have a head at all.

Decided to illustrate the short as a whole instead of one part.
Akiyama no Roushya Kishu Ken Live Puppy Cam - Born July 9th, 2017
Akiyama no Roushya's 3rd Litter ---- Hakuzan no Sekirou go Hakuzan Ryousou x Oosaka no Sekihime go Kishu Yoshitaka sou ALL PUPPIES ARE SOLD. NO PUPPIES ARE A...

Puppy cam experienced a service interruption last night and into this morning, but it is back up, now!

I mentioned once how I had a problem with people making taurs by splicing together a feral animal with an anthro animal of the same specie. Not to call out any particular artist, but why would you do that?

  1. The standard centaur makes all the sense in the world. You get the handsomeness of a human front, whilst being perfectly in your rights to enact bestiality on the animal rear. 
  2. Then at the next step you give the human front an animal head, and you then what the point of a human front was.
  3. Then later you give the human front even more animal features, and you just feel weirded out by the whole thing.
  4. And finally you reach the point of the Horse Centipede. Where is your god now?
HQ Kareshi (Wedding): Tsukishima Kei (First Meeting)

Tsukishima: Hey

Tsukishima: I’m going to clean the animal pen now so I want you to move out of the way 

Tsukishima: Eh? You’re also in the animal rearing committee…? Since the new semester you’ve been in the same class and committee as me…?

Tsukishima: …..who are you?

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Pet Theory: Dorn and Russ only knew they were going to be Brothers after their first Epic ice fishing session (punched out an ice hole, then settled down to catch whatever came up Polar Bear style - complete with fur wrap) when Russ proclaimed that while most of their catch would be given to the casualties, "We must keep a few of my Brother's catch to eat, for I caught more but he caught better" (At which point Dorn suggested a taste test and each ate raw fish with "Huge Contentment").

Dorn sits at the side of one of Inwit’s landlocked seas.  Across the mirror-smooth expanse of ice, the red sun broods just above the horizon.  All around the land is quiet with the serenity of Inwit’s ever-present winter.  Beside the primarch lie several hundred yards of steel cable are looped neatly beside an elongated metal apparatus, to the other end of which is attached a wide, wickedly-barbed hook.  Stacked neatly nearby are several carcasses of Inwit’s famed hammer seals, each one packed in ice, each one four times the size of a man - a single full-grown hammer seal can feed an entire tribe of the planet’s nomads for days, provided they are willing to risk the good hunters to pursue the savage beasts.  Dorn takes another quiet sip of his coffee from his thermos, enjoying the chance to remove his heavy armor and once more sit beneath the wintry skies of Inwit clad in heavy furs, the world about him silent but for the soft crackle of his campfire.

Thirty feet out from shore, the ice suddenly explodes in a shower of glistening shards and droplets of water.  A behemoth of thick, blubbery hide thrashes about, bellowing in rage.  To its wide neck clings a humanoid form, muscles rippling as the half-naked man clings to the beast for dear life.

“I THINK IT’S WORKIN’!” Leman shouts over the howling of the great beast.  “I THINK I - AIE!” he shrieks, winded briefly as the great bull slams him bodily into the ice.  “I’M WEARIN’ ‘IM DOWN, JUST YE WA-”  The sentence cuts off as the frustrated animal rears and sounds once more, pulling Russ down with it.  In an instant, the savage sound of combat vanishes, replaced only by the gentle slosh of water in the wide hole of the ice.

Dorn sips his coffee.  “I told you to leave the bulls alone,” he says mildly.

  • jotaro kujo: sometimes i think about those theme park mascot suits
  • jotaro kujo: and i imagine to myself, what if the heads were made out of ceramic instead
  • jotaro kujo: and then some giant cartoon animal would just rear their head back and lunge forward, smashing their head against another's
  • jotaro kujo: exploding
  • jotaro kujo: in my mind's eye, i imagine it happening in a vicious 6000 fps
  • joseph joestar: jotaro
  • joseph joestar: what the fuck
  • jotaro kujo: i didn't say anything

Well. This was a bit unexpected. But shit when you run into a prompt as good as the one above, it’s hard to restrain yourself. Sorry about it. (Also it won’t let me insert a Read More line, so be warned, this is definitely NSFW).


It all happened very quickly.

Very, very quickly indeed.

One moment Sarah had been sipping dark wine, leaning back against the wall, doing her best to ignore the way Cosima looked lounging on the couch in her loose pants and that damn crop top. Her eyes must have given her away though, because the next thing she knew Cosima was setting her wine glass down, crossing the room with surprising speed and pressing her mouth to Sarah’s. The kiss was their first, though Sarah would never admit how many times she had already imagined this very thing happening. 

The heat between them was unexpected, and somehow Sarah’s hands were free of her wine glass and she was running them across Cosima’s back, down her ribs, pulling her closer with a ferocity that surprised even herself. Cosima’s arms were wrapped around Sarah’s neck; her breath was hot on Sarah’s lips. Then they were stumbling up the stairs to Felix’s bed, tumbling onto it without hesitation.

Cosima straddled Sarah’s body, pulling back to rip her shirt off over her head. Sarah felt her heart leap into her throat at the sight of Cosima’s toned body. Her hands pressed to Cosima’s stomach, tracing the smooth skin. She was sure her face registered nothing but utter shock.

“Holy shite.”

Cosima gave a small, mischievous grin, a chuckle falling from her lips as she leaned back down, capturing Sarah’s mouth in another kiss. 

The next long while - Sarah could never remember how much time passed -was a blur of skin against skin, heated, panting breaths, clothes being thrown to the floor in a frenzy. Sarah was surprised at the lack of nervousness she felt, considering that even thinking of Cosima’s touch had given her butterflies in the past. She didn’t have time to ponder the phenomenon for long because in the next moment Cosima had pinned her arms above her head and was nipping at the skin of her neck.

Sarah let out an involuntary moan. The sound only encouraged Cosima’s fervency and for a moment Sarah was worried that Cosima might leave a mark. That moment was very short lived before she was completely enveloped in enjoying the sensation of Cosima’s skilled lips against her skin. 

Then Cosima’s teeth closed around Sarah’s earlobe and something jarred Sarah back to herself. She pulled her arms free, wrapping them around Cosima and rolling them over so their positions were reversed. Cosima gasped slightly, clearly surprised at Sarah’s dominance. She opened her mouth as if to speak, but the words were lost in a sudden moan as Sarah’s lips began marking a path down her body.

It didn’t even occur to Sarah that she had never done this before as she drew closer to the heat between Cosima’s legs. Cosima’s approving moans, the way her body flexed as Sarah’s fingernails left a light pink trail behind the kisses, lit a fire in Sarah’s belly that left no room for doubt in her abilities. 

Then her lips were moving between Cosima’s legs and the sounds escaping Cosima’s throat were driving her crazy. Cosima’s fingers twined through Sarah’s hair, nails scratching her scalp, and she moaned Sarah’s name.

Something animal reared in Sarah’s chest at the raw sound of her name on Cosima’s lips. She nipped at Cosima’s inner thigh.

“Say it again,” she murmured roughly.

“Sarah,” Cosima panted, a plea in her voice.

Sarah moved up further, her teeth closing with just enough pressure on the tender skin of Cosima’s stomach, then her chest, her neck, the soft patch just beneath her ear.

“Say my name, Cosima,” Sarah growled.

“Sarah,” Cosima rasped. Her fingernails dragged down Sarah’s back, emphasizing the heat in her words. “Sarah. Please.”

Sarah couldn’t restrain herself anymore and she slid down Cosima’s body, locking her arms around Cosima’s legs and meeting the heat with her mouth again. Cosima arched against the pressure of her lips, her fingers tangling in Sarah’ hair again, pulling her closer. 

The taste of her was intoxicating. Sarah’s hands gripped harder around Cosima’s thighs as Cosima’s movements became increasingly more jarring. Sarah glanced up, her mouth still working, becoming slightly lightheaded at the sight of Cosima’s taut body, her head thrown back, one hand on her own hair, one still locked in Sarah’s. 

“Don’t stop, Sarah.” The words were meant as a command but the tremor in Cosima’s voice transformed them into a desperate plea.

Sarah was more than willing to oblige, applying her lips and tongue with even more fervor than before. Cosima’s moans became whines, her body tightening even further. Sarah knew it was only moments until she snapped. 

And when she did. Oh, when she did. The cry that broke free of her throat, wild with euphoria, was laced with heady repetitions of Sarah’s name. Her body spasmed, rocked with tremors. Sarah was completely taken by the way Cosima’s face looked, her mouth half cocked open, her eyebrows knotted, eyes closed tightly shut. The lines in her neck were almost painfully defined; her jaw could have cut glass.

Finally she collapsed, her muscles unwinding all at once. Sarah wiped her mouth and crawled slowly back up, noting with a pleasant squeeze in her stomach the way Cosima’s skin glistened in the dim light. Cosima pulled Sarah into a deep kiss, her hands surprisingly strong on the back of Sarah’s neck. When Sarah broke the kiss, their lips hovered mere inches apart. Cosima was still breathing heavily.

“Liked that, did you?” Sarah murmured.

Cosima looked slightly shell-shocked. “Are you sure you’ve never done this before?”

“I think I’d remember if I had,” Sarah said, planting another kiss on Cosima’s open mouth. “With a reaction like that…”

The mild arrogance behind her reply vanished as Cosima’s fingers were suddenly between Sarah’s legs, moving with a finesse that Sarah had never experienced in her long history of bedmates. With the heat of the previous moments still fresh between them, it wasn’t too long before Sarah found herself nearing the edge, thoroughly worked by Cosima’s skilled hands. Cosima was sitting up now, Sarah straddling her lap. One of Cosima’s hand gripped at Sarah’s back. The other was pulsing in a steady rhythm between her legs. 

Sarah’s nails had already made deep pink marks across Cosima’s back and now she had Cosima’s shoulder in her mouth. She moved with the rhythm of Cosima’s hand, struggling not to let her teeth break skin. Her breaths were coming in ragged gasps and the pressure was building with every thrust of Cosima’s hand. 

When she came undone, it was with a tight jaw and pinched eyes, fingers gripping at Cosima’s shoulder blades, low, violent noises erupting from her throat. Cosima’s hands were never still, guiding her as she rode out the rippling waves. Sarah’s muscles finally gave out and she crumpled against Cosima’s shoulders. 

Cosima gently withdrew her fingers and Sarah rolled to the side, collapsing onto the pillow with a heavy sigh. Cosima dropped on the pillow beside her. They both faced the ceiling, both a little stunned, both resurfacing from their sexual frenzy. Sarah pulled the bedsheets up over her naked body a little self-consciously, not daring to even glance at Cosima. There was a silence between them, neither wanting to be the first to speak for fear of the pressure of explaining what the hell just happened.

A few minutes ticked by; their breathing slowed, and Sarah finally managed the only words she could think of.

“Holy shite.”

A beat, and then: “I know. Totally.”

Sarah could hear the sheepish smile in Cosima’s voice and she closed her eyes, choosing for the moment not to worry about the consequences of this mindblowing encounter, and trying her best not to hope that the next one would not be very far in the future.


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Sometimes I wonder what other animals experience a “sense of cuteness” like. I’m sure that any animal that rears its own young has some kind of parallel emotion, “this is infantile, I have to protect it” but I wonder what sets that off for different animals. what do cute little animals think are cute? Cute little fuzzy animals see tiny wiggly hairless squeaky things and think “I want that give that to me I want to take it with me everywhere and smoosh it”

Like I think Belzy and Coocy are the cutest;

 but if they also feel an attraction to cuteness they must have a completely different scale based around this as the standard;

How does a sense of cuteness develop between animals? Do more intelligent animals have more abstract ideas of what makes something cute? Like it has to be less “a literal baby of my species” and more just something in that wheelhouse? Like a gorilla could find a kitten or a plush animal cute but a bird would only feel a similar reaction to squeaky baby bird sounds?

This is something that could probably be cleared up really quickly with a google sweep on animal behaviour but I’m trying to kill time while I wait for my phone to charge so I can go to the gym.

The Museum’s grand entrance on Central Park West, the Theodore Roosevelt Rotunda, is part of New York State’s official memorial to its 33rd governor and the 26th president of the United States. At the center is a dramatic scene: an imagined confrontation between an attacking Allosaurus and a Barosaurus protecting its young. This is the tallest dinosaur mount in the world to feature a freestanding animal rearing up. The Barosaurus skeleton is composed of replica bones cast from actual fossils, which would be too heavy to support in this fashion. Plan your visit to the American Museum of Natural History.

Rwby vol4 e1 new characters analysis

No clear color? Obviously he alludes to John Watson, a doctor who observed animal behavior(faunus?) Child rearing(shrug) and advertising(Schnee?) His scroll is on the table, he feels very business-ey. I like him. When interacting with Salem he sits straight and speaks firmly. Scrolling through reddit at the beginning of the meeting.

Brown, Unknown allusion, mentions that they’ve faced Silver eyes before, id assume Summer. Possibly a brawler; these last two points make me think he’s associated with Tai somehow. Crosses his arms. Sleeping at the beginning of meeting

Tyrian purple/red, unsure of his allusion. Hes fucking insane and has braids. He sits like L and smiles and giggles, 10/10. We’ve seen his weapon in the opening, they look like pincers. Eye for an eye believer.

Sienna Khan-
Sienna is an orange color. Possibly Alludes to the tiger in Jungle book, unconfirmed. Leader of White fang, gives Adam some promise.

Nothing particularly interesting to say other than that a beetle like the one Cinder used in 3x7 is on her right ring finger. She also defends Cinder and calls her “young”. Believes Oz is dead.

Cinder& her possy-
Cinder can’t talk above hoarse murmurs. Mercury doesn’t say anything but from his actions I expect him to have a hard time dealing with Watts and Tyrian. Emerald is Cinders translator.

Rainbow colored farm kid. Fucking adorable, unclear their importance. Cutie tho.

Possession grimm-
Nothing to say other than theyre in the show!!! Dope!!!

Kline blue. Weiss’s Butler.