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Any ideas to worship artemis?

Great question! Here’s just a few devotional ideas:

Rehab of Eagle Owl Photo by Sarinahornay, 2011 via Wikimedia Commons

Care of abandoned wildlife babies and injured wildlife is usually regulated by national law. Wildlife rehabilitators typically must pay for their own training and licensing or certification, as well as their equipment, supplies, and housing for the animals. Rehabilitators often specialize in a particular type of animals (birds, mammals, reptiles, etc.) 

You can become a wildlife veterinarian, technician, or wildlife rehabilitator, volunteer with one or at your local nature center, or support your local rehabilitator. Google “wildlife rehab” along with your favorite animal or your locale to find out more!

My favorites - rehabilitators who specialize in the care of baby and rescued bears - recalls the cult of Artemis at Brauron:

Northern Lights Wildlife Society, Canada

Idaho Black Bear Refuge

International Society for Animal Welfare Orphan Bear Rescue Project Russia

World Animal Protection - Rescued Bears

Preschool at Stamford Museum & Nature Center, 2010 via Wikimedia Commons.

Support or volunteer with groups that help children learn about nature, such as Spiral Scouts International, Girl Scouts and Girl Guides, camping programs, or your local nature center.

Kimberly Rhode of the United States competes in the qualification round of the Women’s Skeet Shooting on Day 2 of the London 2012 Olympic Games at The Royal Artillery Barracks on July 29, 2012 in London, England. (Photo by Lars Baron/Getty Images) Source: Washington Post July 29 2012.

Participate in or support the shooting sports, archery, and responsible and ethical hunting.

Doula Jen Miriam Altman supports mom in labor Photo by Wendy Kenin, 2013 via Flickr.

Become a midwife, doula, or birth coach.


That is where former U.S. Army officer turned anti poaching enforcer Kinessa Johnson steps in. Recently she joined the ranks of Veterans Empowered to Protect African Wildlife (“VETPAW”) as an anti-poaching advisor. Johnson and her fellow post-9/11 veterans train and support African anti-poaching rangers to prevent the extermination of keystone African wildlife, and the disastrous economic and environmental impact it would have.


Jewelry. Carvings. Symbols of wealth and status. Health tonics. Every day, elephants and rhinos are being slaughtered in gruesome ways by poachers greedy for the animals’ tusks and horns used to make ivory trinkets and folk remedies that have no proven medicinal value.

The illegal wildlife trade is a multi-billion-dollar industry and it’s decimating the populations of these endangered animals. At this rate, they both will disappear in our lifetime — gone forever.

That’s why HSI is confronting this terrible threat on many fronts, starting with working to raise awareness. Decreasing demand for these products is key to ending the killing, and the more people like you who know what’s really happening, the more we can fight against it.


Today the Department of Awesomely Good Deeds salutes police officers in Parma, Ohio who, upon discovering that a mourning dove had built her nest and laid eggs on the windshield cowl of one of their backup squad cars, went out of their way to protect the mama bird rather than displace her.

Officers attached an umbrella to the police car’s windshield, both to give the bird shade and keep her dry, set up a little cup of water for her, and taped off the vehicle so that no one would bother her. They also named her Gerty.

Photos by Julia Tullos, Lisa Lowry, and the City of Parma respectively.

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They are so beautiful please stop harming them.  

Veal calves are kept in tiny crates completely immobile. So that their flesh stays tender and white they are fed a liquid diet that is low in iron and has little nutritive value. This heinous treatment makes the calves ill, and they frequently suffer from anemia, diarrhea, and pneumonia.  These calves become frightened and suffer greatly from painful malnourishement and from being so lonely.  

Because of your consumption of meat and dairy you sentence 21,000,000 calves each year to a life full of suffering. Please stop and go vegan. 

South Africa’s Black Mambas, comprised mostly of female rangers, is on a mission to protect wildlife from poachers. The anti-poaching unit patrol the Balule Private Game Reserve three weeks at a time, walking almost 13 miles per day. Since 2013, the unit has shut down five poacher camps and reduced snaring (animal baiting and trapping) by 76 percent in the reserve.

“I am not afraid. I know what I am doing and I know why I am doing it,” said Leitah Mkhabela, a Black Mamba ranger. “If you see the poachers you tell them not to try, tell them we are here and it is they who are in danger.”

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150 years ago, they would have thought you were absurd if you advocated for the end of slavery. 100 years ago, they would have laughed at you for suggesting that women should have the right to vote. 50 years ago, they would object to the idea of African Americans receiving equal rights under the law. 25 years ago they would have called you a pervert if you advocated for gay rights. They laugh at us now for suggesting that animal slavery be ended. Some day they won’t be laughing.
—  Gary Smith

Happy Winters!
#Zara an Asiatic Black Bear was rescued by WildlifeSOS when she was a 2 month old orphan cub. #Zara and her sibling were found hidden in the bole of a tree abandoned by their mother. Today, Zara is a healthy 3 year old bear, who romps around in the forested enclosure and loves to play in snow with her sibling #Raja at the #Pahelgam Rescue Center in #Kashmir run and managed by Wildlife SOS.