animal print snapback

For anon that asked for Yuri Plisetsky teaching his s/o how to skate
I’ll write this as a set of headcanons if you don’t minds <3

-he’d buy his s/o a pair of their own skates, personalised of course
he’d not go of his s/o hand out of fear that they’d fall without him
- they’d end up falling over, to which Yuri would pout over
- Picture a lil chibi Viktor hiding in the rink taking pictures of them
- first he’d teach you the basics, cross overs and general ice skating
- “baka” is something he’d mutter under his breath constantly
- lots of shy little kisses between skating
- if his s/o got cold, he lend them his animal print scarf, mittens and SnapBack hat
- he’d end up showing off to impress you
- would teach you the routine to his dance
Pretty strict, will work you halitosis death
Emo child needs to tie his hair up or it falls in his face and effects his vision , and would steal your hair bands
- when your noses get cold, he’d put his face in the crook of your neck to warm it up