animal print rug

Beware the Trickster

Originally posted by fand0maniac

You couldn’t believe the Winchesters had managed to get you to do this. It did make sense, since you hasn’t interacted with the trickster yet, but it still sucked. Better yet, you had to play up the role of a college student looking for your lost wallet.

“Hello?” You called upon entering the building.

What if the trickster wasn’t here, you thought, mentally cursing your hunting partners for coming up with this idea.

You started to walk down a long hall, passing doors upon doors. It could take forever at this rate, and you weren’t even sure if he was here.

The hallway ended and split into two directions: left and right. The left looked like a longer, narrower hall, whilst the right was, well it was basically a porno’s bedroom, in a sense. There was a large bed covered in cheetah print, animal print rugs, and a table full of every dessert imaginable.

“Fuck,” you swore under your breath, knowing that either the trickster knew you were here and what your intentions were, or was very bad at hiding.

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