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Sexy Retribution (2/2)

Sexy Retribution (CS two-shot)

CS AU – Offering her help to her boyfriend’s brother, Emma had no idea what she was getting herself into. Jealous!Killian. Smut alert.

Rated: sMut

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A/N: Okay, wow this took me longer to write than I thought it would. I needed to take a few breaks since my keyboard caught fire a couple of times… if you know what I mean :P

Anyways, I hope you’d think it was worth the wait. Thank you so much for the likes and rbs. They are all very much appreciated! Now without further ado here comes the second part…

Part 2/2

Emma was enjoying this – keeping her boyfriend on the edge of his seat, leaving him no choice but to watch as she played the role of his brother’s girlfriend with not much restraint.

At the slightest provocation Killian became skittish – jaw clenching, eyes narrowing, body moving restlessly. Knowing that she could affect him this way was a delightful revelation. As hot as he was, Killian was also cool and collected. Nothing seemed to get to him. But somehow she’d managed to get under his skin, and she had every intention to stay there.

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