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I felt like doing a “what’s in my bag” post, so here it is :)) This is just the stuff I normally bring on Thursdays.  The first pic is the stuff in the front pocket, my wallet, mints, lighter, usb, house key, receipts, $2.30, a spinny thing that my little brother made me, and the lid to a watercolour brush.  The second photo is proper school stuff, my design assessment instructions, chemistry workbook, calculus and chemistry books, and normally the ionic table and solubility chart are in my chem book.  The third pic is obviously just my stationery, pencil case, my only pencil, ¾ of a yard stick, scissors and gluestick, calculator, and a measuring tape that’s in there for Wednesdays.  The fourth pic is stuff that isn’t really school related, my bullet journal, an easter egg from my tutor teacher, pile of rubbish paper, umbrella (for that sick cyclone we had yesterday!) and then my “party pouch” which has stuff that I feel I might need one day.

Celeste’s sweet dream spell

Celeste (from Animal Crossing) is often found napping in the museum gift shop during the day, she also loves space. This is a sweet dream/sleep pouch inspired by Celeste.

You’ll need:

  • A blue pouch to hold everything (mine is dark blue and has silver stars, which I felt was very fitting for Celeste)
  • Dried chamomile flowers for sleep and relaxation (chamomile from a tea bag could be used if you can’t get the whole flowers)

  • Rosemary for warding off nightmares

  • Amethyst for relaxation and good dreams (I put one larger crystal in and then some crystal chips as well)

  • Clear quartz since it’s good for amplifying effects (I added put one clear quartz crystal)

  • optional-something else you personally associate with relaxation or sleep (I chose to mix in some lavender and chamomile scented bath salts I have)

Add all of the ingredients to your pouch while thinking about your intent. Then leave it near where you sleep at night.

This is what mine looked like when it was done.
Thylacine survey: Are we going to rediscover the ‘moonlight tiger’?
Reported sightings of the long-thought-extinct marsupial predator in remote northern Australia have drawn attention to a survey of the region, slated to begin next month. But even if it doesn’t uncover evidence of thylacines, scientists say it will still help us learn more about this little-explored, threatened place and the animals that call it home.

“Now let’s say, against all odds, this small remnant population somehow squeezed through the last few decades – until a troupe of scientists showed up with camera traps, bait, and a local knowledge of just where these sightings occurred. Let’s say one moonlit night, a young animal, tiger-striped and pouched, walks along its silent trail until it crosses a laser that triggers the camera – and boom. Photographic proof. The thylacine is back.

Now, what the hell happens?”

Continue reading at: Mongabay

Giant Eagles Snatch Police Officer’s Adopted Baby Kangaroo For Their Dinner

A police officer who adopted a baby kangaroo after its mother died was horrified after giant eagles snatched him and flew off.

Constable Scott Mason took the joey into his own home earlier this year after he found the animal in the pouch of his dead mother.

But the kangaroo - now named Cuejo - was spotted by a wedge-tailed eagle, who decided that the animal would be its dinner.

The bird swooped in and lifted the poor animal over a 2m high fence at the property in Western Australia’s Mid West.

It then landed on the ground before a second eagle came along and joined in attacking the defenceless animal.

Safe and sound: Cuejo survived his ordeal (Twitter)

However, Scott refused to give up on his adopted pet and rushed over to the eagles, managing to scare them away.

Cuejo survived the attack but suffered wounds to this chest and face.

Scott told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation: “I finally caught up with him a few hundred metres down the way and found out that he was bleeding quite heavily.”

Cue Police later posted a picture on Twitter showing Cuejo resting and having a cuddle, tweeting: “Back to his adorable best.”

Top pic: AAP


Anyways he’s a fan kid of HeavenHunter… a ship of @heavenfell-au and @huntertale-au‘s sans. 

His claws on his hands and toes are metal and he can remove them, but he mainly uses them for defense and Climbing rough and dangerous areas. His bone necklace serves as a small knickknack thing since he likes collecting animal bones. His  left pouch contains venom vials which he can coat on his claws and attack. His other pouch contains fletchstones or stones to sharpen his claws when necessary.

He’s a semi salty cracker, mostly keeping to himself. Once you get to know him he becomes a little more comfortable with talking, he’s a teddy bear once you get close enough. He is a highly curious soul so he snoops into things he shouldn’t be getting into. And wants to learn all he can about the world.

His name is pronounced Coal-seas~

Colsis and art belongs to moi



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Whew! My pastel Animal Crossing bell pouch is finished! This was pretty easy to do, and while it has a lot of slouch, it starts to hold pretty well when you have enough stuff in it. After I took these shots I ended up putting 2 more 3DSes (N3DS and small normal 3DS) in there along with the one above, and it all fits well! :) (Though, it is a bit of weight if I take it with me I’m just going to hold 1 in it if I travel with it.)

If you want to make your own, check out below the cut what I did! I use the US lingos for crochet and I’m aware it’s different in the UK, but I’ll be providing videos so if anything we’ll probably be on the same page.

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