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Hey so this is a really long shot but my cat is lost. I depend on her for so much. She’s the living embodiment of my fight for mental stability, I adopted her exactly a year after I was released from the hospital after threatening suicide. She means so much to me and she’s lost because my dad let her out of the house when she was annoying him. I live in Plymouth Minnesota. It’s cold as fuck here and it’s supposed to snow tonight. Please try to get the word around.

Here is a gentle reminder from a glowing, light-eating cat that every now and then it’s absolutely vital to pause and give yourself the time and space and snacks and stars you need to shine again.

You know what I really wanna see in the next part of Aelin’s story? Aelin interacting with the cadre in their fae forms. Give me Rowan resting on her shoulder and her stroking his feathers. Give me Gavriel leaning against her legs and little head touches like he’s just a big Fleetfoot.

But I want it as more than just a little cute ‘oh, yeah, let me just luxuriously stroke this big cat’. I want details on how fae in their animal forms are treated. Is it as though they really are just animals? Do Fenrys and Connal get stroked and get attention like normal tame wolves?

Or is there a distance because, yes, that is a person inside that body? Like I’m picturing little kids making things very awkward when they want to pet the doggy and their parents have to be like ‘nope, not appropriate’. Or, say if Aelin was petting Gavriel. Would that be weird because it’s a male in that body? Would it be uncomfortable for Gavriel? Like the equivalent of her just awkwardly running her hands down his body?

Is it generally agreed among fae that you don’t touch them as if they were just an animal, or is it all just considered normal? Are the lines blurred a bit because things are so different in an animal form? Is it acceptable to pet them because, in that moment, they’re an animal? Or is it still weird?

And I really want to see someone who’s rarely encountered the fae trying to figure out the social conventions around it.

(I’m looking at you, Dorian, because you would totally try to pet Fenrys as a wolf, don’t even lie)


Keeping fish and reptiles in small tanks will not keep them small

Keeping fish and reptiles in small tanks will not keep them small

Keeping fish and reptiles in small tanks will not keep them small

Keeping fish and reptiles in small tanks will not keep them small!!!!!!

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I don't know if this happens in every Walmart or just MY Walmart but. People bring non-service animal pets in all the time. I don't know if it's truly "allowed" but none of the managers seem to care. I've even seen a cat on a harness and leash in their cart. Like none of the animals look or act stressed either so I guess this is normal here? Is anyone else's Walmart like this?

Our walmart doesn’t do this, but I think it differs from state to state. I noticed a lot of pets being brought into various stores while I lived in Florida. But here in Wisconsin and where I grew up I had never seen that before. -Abby


During out wait for a wedding reception to start Niku got to go to the park! He was a very good boy, there will be more adventures like this for our Ferrets!