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Thanks BigHit

Right now I’m feeling really appreciative toward BigHit. Although they may milk us for money and be relentless when it comes to concert security, they more than make up for it in the creative freedom they give their artists. And this comes from before Bangtan.

Jo Kwon was allowed to be a diva and wear studded high heels on his performance of Animal. GLAM have performed songs blatantly about bisexuality, gay pride, and hating your body. And now Bangtan is able to criticize society as much as they want, from School of Tears and Shut up and Vote to N.O. and Am I Wrong. Bangtan is allowed to base their entire promotional/story-telling short film series on a German book most fans had never even heard of before! They are allowed to release songs where they sing about mental disorders and self-love! They are allowed to self-write, compose, and produce! To gift songs to fans for free! To write about more than just love! They’re even allowed to criticize their own company and bosses!

And clearly, this endeavor has more than paid off. BigHit is doing right by letting their artists be genuine. By letting them be real, honest, flawed, and human, BigHit is allowing fans to feel more connected to the message of the songs, and form a more personal and meaningful bond with the artists. And this is what I love about them.

Scientific Reasons to Give Sam a Dog

- They have a house now 

- Because they can adopt a dog with a tragic past that has a hard time trusting anyone other than people it knows so that it’ll fit right in to the hunter lifestyle

- Animals can sense paranormal activity and can identify shifters 

- Sam likes dogs

- Dogs are great

- Because Sam needs something to love that won’t die

- If one of the boys or a person in general goes missing, a dog can be taught to track 

- Because dogs won’t make things complicated, like lying to you, getting the mark of cain, doing stuff behind your back, becoming a demon… You know, the usual.

- Because dog’s make people trust you so they could get information with more ease. 

- Because if they name the dog Christo, they can find out who’s a demon 

- Because Team Free Will needs a mascot 

- Because Team Free Will is one species short 

- Because that way, Dean won’t be the only one looking out for Sam. 

- Just, someone to watch their backs, generally 

- Because they can perform the animal communication spell and we can finally find out what dogs were placed on this planet for 

- Ratings would go up because everybody loves dogs

- It’s what the people want 

I was telling my boyfriend about this and I decided that I had to make a post to introduce tumblr to Pedals the bear.

Pedals is a very special black bear because he always walks on his two hind legs and doesn’t like to use his front paws (bipedal, hence Pedals). A few years ago people started seeing him in and around my town and for a while no one was sure what the heck he was. Some people claimed that he was a man in a bear suit until people started capturing footage of him doing his thing. He became a local celebrity and NJ news networks started covering his appearances. 

People started worrying that he might be injured or a lost performing animal that wouldn’t be able to survive in the wilderness, so they called for an investigation from the local wildlife service to see if he needed to be taken into captivity. After monitoring him though, it became clear that Pedals taught himself how to do this due to an injury to his front paws when he was young, and continued to walk out of habit. He’s perfectly healthy and able to forage and be social with no problem, so he’s still free and wandering around my town. He has fans who follow his appearances and seeing him is a great surprise :]

Bebop Jazz

A frustrated Kofi tries to drum up more business by buying several discount animatronic animal characters to perform musical shows inside Fish Stew Pizza. While most patrons don’t even care, Peridot instantly becomes enamored with Bebop the Bear and his Rock ’n Roll Band and soon becomes Fish Stew Pizza’s #1 customer. But after Peridot offers to reprogram the band to make them more kid-friendly, Bebop and friends begin to run amok in Beach City and the only way to stop them is beating them in a battle of the bands. Can Peridot, Greg, Lapis and returning special guest star Steve Winwood get the bots back under control?

@ Azealia Banks… your ugly walk-in closet is possibly the the least classy place to perform animal sacrifice. What’s wrong with the outdoors?! You’re rich. Buy a fence or a patch of secluded woods somewhere. Even a basement with concrete floors! Basements are already creepy - they’re practically designed to be splattered with blood. The very least you could have done is line your closet with plastic so it’s not destroyed by the blood or mold or insects you were practically asking for.

Steven Universe End Credits (rainy day performance)
Sky High
Steven Universe End Credits (rainy day performance)

i edited it a bit and added in some rain and the meteor shower song from animal crossing 

i used–> Meteor Shower - Animal Crossing

               Steven Universe End Credits - Rebecca Sugar

               Some Rain Files I Had On Hand

anyways people are supporting her “right” to perform animal sacrifice, and let me just say this–she did this shit for 3 years without cleaning up the remains. it’s pretty fucking obvious to me that she gives no shits about the dignity of the ritual itself. there are quite a few different faiths that are known to practice animal sacrifice, and with many of them it’s a heavy undertaking where at least some semblance of respect is given to the process. meanwhile this bitch brags about it openly on Twitter and makes it seem like it’s not a huge deal. that’s what’s so fucked up about it.

getting a service dog for an invisible disability - what to expect from your disability becoming “visible”

lots of people have come to me in the past, worried about how it’ll work when they get their psychiatric service dog, or any other dog for an invisible disability, such as one where the handler is not blind, a wheelchair user, etc. now their friends and family will want to know what their dog is for, when they may not even have ever been aware that the handler had a mental/invisible illness. 

first of all, yes, you will get questions. “what’s the dog for?” “you don’t look sick, though…?” “what’s wrong with you?” (keep in mind, some questions can be asked by business owners/managers/etc  - “is the dog a service dog?” and “what work or tasks has the animal been trained to perform?”)

people are curious, people want to help, and sometimes people are just plain rude, whether they mean to be or not. they’ll call your dog things that the dog isn’t (use the wrong terminology - “therapy dog/ESA”, or even “comfort animal”), which sounds like nothing, but it gets annoying fast, especially when it causes potential access issues. they will trivialize the importance of your dog, and most likely, try to convince you to not bring the dog places. they won’t understand that the dog is the reason you can do things in the first place. (that’s not to say this is only something faced by psychiatric service dog handlers, many physically disabled handlers experience these issues as well, but it seems an especially prominent issue in the PSD community.) 

you’ll also have to decide how much you want to tell friends, family, and random strangers who ask questions. for me, a typical “he’s a psychiatric and balance assistance service dog” and a condensed list of his tasks suffices when discussing charlie with strangers. family and friends know more details regarding specific diagnoses, etc. this part is really up to you. 

finally, be aware you’re going to get a lot more attention. i mean stares, whispers, pointing fingers, yelling/calling to/petting your dog, friendly conversations, and even not-so-friendly conversations. this is part of the package. many wonderful things can come with a service dog, don’t get me wrong - but it can cause many issues as well. it’s important to weigh pros and cons based on your personal needs.

good luck! feel free to add anything that comes to mind, i know i’ve probably forgotten some points.

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christine cant keep a dog in the ballet dormitories so the puppy (prince) that @dechaagny gave her is now in raoul’s keeping and he brings it to the opera because he’s a patron and gets away with it and they visit christine. also they hide it in her dressing room sometimes. raoul says its because a prima donna deserves a lap dog and erik is probably fuming behind the mirror.


Quotes from former Orca Trainers about using forms of food deprivation to get Orcas to cooperate

“While SeaWorld never referred to what we did as “food deprivation” - I certainly was aware of animals being “held back” from receiving their full amount of food - specifically in VIP situations. If a VIP was coming to the park, it was common to hold back on giving the animals all of their food until after the performance. Food might also be held back in order to coerce an animal to perform a behavior (trick!) that they didn’t want to do, such as go into the medical pool and allow the gates to be shut.”- Samantha Berg

“Yes, food deprivation was a tool used for a variety of reasons. Upcoming VIP shows (which were commonly held on Saturdays as I recall) would often elicit from management the order to cut whale bases by ½ for several days prior to the show. (This strategy was often used, for example, when owner August Busch, would visit the park.) Calorie reduction would help ensure the animals were food motivated and would thus increase the likelihood that they would cooperate for shows, etc. Also, if for some reason an important separation would be needed bases would often be cut for one or more days prior.”- John Jett

“Yes, food deprivation was used primarily as a means to motivate animals to perform for very important shows, like when August Busch (the former owner) came into the park, or possibly a celebrity.”- Jeffrey Ventre

“Food ‘rationing’, as they’d call it, came into play on certain occasions. generally when there was an important person or group of people coming to a performance or to the park during the day we’d be instructed to decrease food allotments for some animals the day before. sort of for 'extra’ motivation to put on a great show.”- Carol Ray