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These Are A Few of My Favorite Things Pt. 2
  • When pets come out of anesthesia & they don’t quite have control of their tongue yet so it sticks out of their mouth. 
  • “People names” for animals. A Rottweiler named Phillip. A Chihuahua named Craig. Bulldog named Susan. Sheltie named Clayton. All of it just makes me really happy!
  • Being told “You were made to be a doctor.” I think the first time this happened was the second month of my clinical year & I almost cried
  • Pets that are actually really really excited to see you again! Sure, I might have some treats in my pockets, but some of that excitement is for me, right?!
  • Crawling into kennels to take a quick nap with a boarding patient. Animal snuggles are the best snuggles. Plus, I get to give them that extra love!
  • Saving a life you hadn’t expected to be able to save.
  • Cat’s that boop their own noses when you stick out a finger.
  • Birds wanting to snuggle in your shirt/bra. 
  • One ear has made the journey to being flipped upright while the other remains floppy.
  • Cat’s that love belly rubs!
  • Dog’s that love belly rubs!
  • Squishing pink kitty toe jellybeans.
  • A simple “thank you” & a hug from a client.
  • Eating dinner at the same time as my patients. It’s a bonding moment. Let’s have a chat. How was surgery today, Phillip? How’s that kibble tasting today? I hear it was the special.
  • Not having a parvo case for an entire day!

Fishing in Animal Crossing: 

Goodness me, I keep reeling in too early! I need to work on my patience, haha.

Bug catching in Animal Crossing: 

Alright, this is a little harder… the bugs will react to every little movement I make, so I really gotta keep a level head if I want to catch anything. 
This is a real test of patience.

Fishing in Stardew Valley: 



Leg fox update
The young fox that was brought into us recently with a leg wound and mange is doing very well! Her wounds are healing quickly and it won’t be long now before she will be ready for release.
She has recently been moved into our secluded top pens for a bit more space and we shall let you know what happens!


Heading for freedom!
Releases are always the best part of the job, and recently it was time for our newest swan to head back to the wild.
With his wounds fully healed, he was given a final sign off from the vets before being taken away with RSPCA Animal Collection Officer, Annie, for release!

anonymous asked:

1) is that your dad? Because he looks like a very dadly dad. I trust him. 2) your dad is a vet? That is so cool and amazing and if 1) is a yes then I would very much trust him with my pets.

Thank you, Anon! It is my dad in the picture. He’s a great vet and a great dad. I get pictures of cute animal patients weekly, haha. :D

(Commissioned prompt for @sighthoundish)

Two spirits of creation convened in the desert, and quarreled with one another. “You are unfit to fill the land with life.” Mocked the petulant spirit to his companion. “You should turn over your power to me.”

“Brother” said the patient spirit, “I will surrender you my power only if it is won fairly. We will have a contest, to create a living thing, and the loser will surrender and leave the desert for the other to fill with animals.”

And Petulant agreed. The morning before the contest, however, Petulant crept into the valley and collected each beautiful bird and graceful animal, leaving nothing for Patient to work with but carrion and old bones for materials.

The patient spirit never faltered. For it is never the finest materials but the heart of the creator that makes a beautiful thing.

From the carcass of a desert hare was taken its silken hide. The frame of the creation was built of old antelope bones. The soft brown eyes of a poached stag, left to rot, were placed into the creature’s skull. And finally into the ribcage of the new animal the spirit placed a peice of itself for the heart.

The petulant spirit came to the valley with his prize. A beautiful animal stood in the valley, with a spotted panther hide and peacock feathers, great ivory tusks and a speckled serpent tail.

The patient spirit revealed their creation in turn, the saluki, the odd shaped hound, and they both set their creations free in the wilderness.

The speckled shimmering animal was beautiful, but piecemeal and without rythm. Its many parts conflicted despite their beauty and the animal perished miserably in the desert.

The saluki though, with antelope bones and rabbit skin and the blessing of the creator ran through the herds like he belonged there; perfectly at home in the world it was created for.

The petulant spirit left the desert in peace. The saluki still runs with all the swiftness of the sacrificed beasts he was built from, and the patient spirit quietly weaves new life away from any challengers.

More underweight hedgehogs are arriving at the centre every day and we now have hundreds behind our walls! Over their stay here, they will eat their way through over 15,000 cans of dog food and will run up a bill of almost £100 each!

To help our prickly visitors stay comfy this winter please consider donating towards their care ( or buying them a present from our Amazon Wishlist ( We are desperately in need of dog/cat food and new heat pads to keep all our patients warm on these cold winter nights!

Thank you!

Happy new year everyone!

It seems fitting that our first post of 2017 is rounding off a success story from 2016 and we are pleased to say that, after a short rest and course of antibiotics, our long tailed tit is back in the wild!

It was given a final ok from our vets before been taken back with one of our volunteers for release.

Be safe!


This cute little male fox arrived at the centre recently after being trapped between two fences. He was wobbly and weak and had not eaten in some time.

Angela and Jess, from our vet team, gave the fox a thorough checkup, but luckily it had no signs of injury. He was placed on a drip for some much-needed fluids before being moved into one of our pens for some rest. He was very hungry and as soon as food was ready he dove straight in!

He will be monitored round the clock for the next few days to ensure he has recovered and then it’s back to the wild!


This poor fox was brought into the centre recently by the RSPCA after being found with a leg injury.

Our vet, Emma, was quickly on hand and gave the fox a thorough examination. The poor vixen not only had several large wounds in her leg, but also had signs of mange and required urgent treatment.

After shaving and cleaning the wounds, Emma wrapped the leg in a padded, wet bandage and gave the fox medication for her pain and mange. She was placed on a course of antibiotics before being moved into one of our fox pens for some rest.

Please keep your fingers crossed for her!


This rather chunky wood pigeon was brought into the centre recently after a suspected cat attack. It had several nasty wounds to its left side and needed urgent surgery.
Emma, our vet, rushed to its aid and quickly sutured the wounds closed. The bird was given painkillers and antibiotics before being moved into one of our incubators for some rest.
It will now stay with us until its wounds have healed before being released back to the wild once again!