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If Gale(Wizard) was a pokemon trainer what would his team be?

aw man I’m not familiar enough with the newest gen to pick from there, butttt from gens 1-6

  • he’d have a clefairy because of course he would – he would have raised it from a cleffa and it is his Pride and Joy
  • he’d probably have a ralts or abra to help him out, something psychic that would be able to help him keep notes on tracking stars and maybe occasionally help with fortune telling
  • a lazy absol that’s literally just a big dog who sleeps in his house but the townsfolk think it’s a sign of disaster, even though it’s actually helped him divert a few bad things
  • he would probably consult occasionally with a cressalia who he doesn’t technically capture, it just stops by and chills now and then to update him on the progress of the stars and moon


Seriously though, if a friend declares war on you just because you like the same person, they’re not really a good friend…


Marissa and Heather as Harvest Goddesses from Friends of Mineral Town and Animal Parade, respectively.

Worn at A-Kon 2014
Photos by Ken AD Photography
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