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It has been 1 year since Yoongi release his mixtape ‘Agust D’. 1 year since he poured his heart into every single song, sleepless nights composing and perfecting each song, being open about his depression, his struggles, his life, his career. Open about his desire for money and fame. Open about the struggles to leave his hometown Daegu and move to Seoul without money. Open about how much he suffered, giving up his youth to be part of a group, to become an idol. Open about how his life changed when he started composing songs, the success he didn’t got through his studies, he finally got with his music. Open about being lonely, but despite that working as hard as he could to compose songs. Open about how much he suffered with his inner demons, how he managed to somehow treat himself knowing depression has no cure, because music helped him, it made him stronger. Open about his weakness. Open about how he was pretending to be someone he wasn’t, until he finally found himself, composing, writing lyrics, working on his songs. And finally, most importantly, accepting himself, despite all the hardships he went through in his life, he managed to get his well deserved top spot now, one that he was aiming for such a long time, along with his BTS members, his family, his team mates. He never stopped working hard, even if it was difficult, even if he was struggling. In the end, what matters is that if you’re humble, the end will be prosperous (as he says in his song ‘So Far Away’ feat Suran). Thanks for being an awesome, passionate, inspiring and strong human being, trusting enough your fans to share so much about your personal life like this, you inspire many of us to keep going, we will all be in full bloom at the end of all these hardships in life. I love you.

more and more am i seeing videos and gifsets of wild animals in human environments being passed around on tumblr. while the majority of them are harmless on the surface, it feels like a lot of people either don’t question or just straight up ignore how odd it is to see a serval playing with a box in the kitchen, or a sloth clinging to someone’s pet cat, or a wild young bird following somebody around. consequentially, it means a lot of poor rehab ethics, husbandry practises, and iffy animals being kept as pets are being passed around as not only cute, but as acceptable and completely unworthy of criticism.

please consider the source before you reblog a video of a wild animal.