animal overpopulation

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Love your blog. I saw the post about PETA killing animals and wanted to say...I volunteer at a "no-kill" shelter. It is awful the things those animals go through before getting to the shelter. The workers & volunteers do their best. But I was shocked to learn that this shelter routinely euthanizes the smallest babies unless volunteers come forward because there is no room for them. "Bottle babies" are at risk of a lot of diseases. I'm not saying it's right...but maybe it is the lesser evil?

To be honest I think that animal overpopulation has gone out of our hands. There a literally millions of animals in the streets, because people buy them and then drop them like garbage, because people don’t listen and they don’t stray dogs or cats for example. Is all our fault and responsibility. And the thing is that if people continue ignoring this, it doesn’t matter how much shelters are, they will never be capable of handling such amount of animals, plus people still support breeders and puppy mills, which makes it worse.

Is difficult, we don’t want them dead but at the same time there’s no enough people adopting them. Is sad, is sad to accept that they have to be killed because there’s no better future for them. This reality won’t change until people change the way they think. Meanwhile, just don’t support financially this kind of organizations, because you know where your money is going.


Sultan is definitely one studly boy. Sultan’s owner is a contributing factor to millions of cats being killed in shelters across the country. 

Keep you pet from adding to the death toll - spay or neuter them today.  Yes, that is heavy handed. It’s also heartbreakingly true.

If you need help finding financially friendly spay or neuter options for your pet, please, contact me today!