animal origami

Klein blue rabbit, model by Akira Yoshizawa.

Akira Yoshizawa was a Japanese artist. He is seen as the master who raised origami from a craft to a fine art. According to his own estimations, he created more than 50,000 artworks. In 1983, the emperor awarded him the Order of the Rising Sun, one of the highest honors bestowed in Japan.

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Love your blog 😍😍😍 I want to do those diy-things, but never was motivated enough 😧😧

Hey, thanks so much!! 

If it helps, here are some super simple tutorials that you could!

DIY Cat Beanie

Felt + Glue + Beanie

DIY Crop Top

T-Shirt + Scissors

DIY Dish Soap Putty

Dish Soap + Corn Starch

DIY Origami Jumping Frogs


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Could i get Headcannons for Hanzo, Genji, and Junkrat reacting to there S/o being sick- nothing serious just like a flue-?

Sorry this took a while to write! Been busy all day but I hope you like it!


· Though he knows that you are not dangerously sick, Hanzo insists you do nothing but rest. He says that he would handle any and all your chores.

· He tells you to sleep as much as possible, bringing you tea and your medicine when necessary.

· Hanzo makes delicious food for you and it warms his heart seeing you enjoy his cooking and tells you that he would be more than happy to cook for you again.

· Hanzo has never really had to care for someone who was sick so his bedside manners are pretty much non-existent

· Although his bedside manners needs some work he tries to talk to you, tell you things he did throughout the day, and tell you interesting facts. In fact, it’s one of the few moments where Hanzo is not acting so stoic and is more talkative.

· He would sit next to while you lie sleeping in bed and look at you with loving eyes as he smooths your hair

· While you sleep he silently goes to you and gives you a loving kiss on your forehead and leaves hurriedly, blushing all the while.

· Every time you wake up from a nap you find a small origami animal greets you back to the real world, gifts from Hanzo that makes you smile


· He dotes on you all throughout your sickness.

· Much like Hanzo, Genji insists that you rest as much as possible so as not to worsen your flu and that he will handle any errands that need attending.

· Again like Hanzo, Genji always makes sure you have fresh tea to drink, spends the day by your side and makes you as comfortable as possible.

· He brings you a small flower every now and then throughout the day, enough to make a small bouquet.  

· Genji decides to meditate outside your room for the remainder of your sickness, not wanting to be too far away else you may need something.

· Genji cooks foods rich in nutrients to help speed the recovery process.

· …but will always sneak in a small chocolate for your enjoyment, insisting on feeding it to you and chuckling as you pout saying that you can feed yourself.

· When you sleep , Genji slips in the bed next to you but always has a blanket or pillow in between you two so as to not make you feel cold. He holds you in is arms, whispering how much he loves you and how you two will go where ever you want to go after you get better.


· Junkrat is the most unpredictable nurse you have ever had.

· He has surprisingly never been sick so he has no idea what needs to be done to help you feel better.

· You tell him what you need and what he should do.

· He brings you foods he thinks would help, like a chicken sandwich and other warm junk food he could find. You need to tell him that junk food is not good for you and that you need things like soup.

· Junkrat tries to make you soup but he gets frustrated and has Mercy make it for him, passing it off as his.

· He “finds” the fluffiest blanket he could find and a fluffy stuffed animal for you to hug. You make a mental note to speak to him about this when you’re feeling better.

· He tells you that if you need anything else to holler his name and he’ll come running.

· In the end he doesn’t like the idea of being too far away from you that he commandeers a corner of the room and begins to work on a few new bombs he’s been thinking about.  

· Every now and again he would crawl over your body and try to kiss you and you have to try to remind him that you are sick, but Junkrat just can’t see wrong anything with that.

· His cheerfulness seems to infect you and make you almost happy that you got sick seeing as you are getting treated by the person you love and spending all this time together.

· When Junkrat notices you fall asleep during your naps he stops with whatever bomb he was working on and crawls next to you and clings to you, holding you gently in his arms and burying his face in your neck, peppering you with small kisses. He tells you that once you are feeling better that you both will blow up something big in celebration.