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Here’s how human athletes (our very BEST human athletes) measure up against a few other members of the animal kingdom. We don’t look too good.

BUT there is one physical activity where humans actually do pretty well. In fact, we might be better than every other species on planet earth. Watch Skunk Bear’s latest video to learn more:

Cervus canadensis roosevelti

A beautiful, healthy herd lives in my protected estuary during the colder months. I often see them at very close proximity while patrolling the nature sanctuary, but this time they wandered into my yard!
Bears That Inspired 'Adorable' Korean Paralympic Mascot Live In Caged Captivity
The 2018 Paralympic mascot is the Asiatic black bear, a symbol of Korean folklore. But behind the caricature, South Korea has a troubled relationship with the bears, farming them for their bile.

For today’s Morning Edition, we made a rather grim visit to a bear bile farm.


The original caption from this one is extremely detailed, and really needs paragraph breaks but here you go.

This Movie is a first of four movies in this part we will share the highlights of the three eco-systems of the park, and will be making three more videos of the Olympic Mountains, Olympic Rainforests and Olympic Pacific Coast.

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Hang in there, Monday is almost over. This sea cucumber found itself swaying in the currents of the Olympic Coast exhibit, which gave us a great opportunity to see all its tube feet. #hanginthere #sea #cucumber #ocean #animal #video #olympic #coast

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