animal neglect


-pets have their own right to live and be happy
-they are not on this planet only to please you
-you are responsible for the health and well-being of your pets
-if you cannot or choose not to provide your pet with what it needs, you are being abusive (yes that includes birds, reptiles, rodents, and fish)
-having an animal in your life is a privilege, not a right

PLEASE, PLEASE help Casey.

“Casey was left in a metal nest box for months. Her legs became splayed, and her joints are about fused. Her hips and legs will not allow her to stand or walk. Without surgery soon, she will have to be put down. She is very loving and smart. She loves to snuggle, can say several words, "I love you”, “mama”, “baby”, and “hello”. I’ve had her for 2 weeks, and cannot find funds for her to have the surgery the vet says is the only chance she has.“ 

If you can donate, please do! I know I am. 

This is why we want to stop breeders. If you don’t believe in puppy mills, then why would you support bird mills? 
Sign the petition, starting with Petco.

Action Required

A customer in Shreveport, LA saw and documented parakeets stuffed in a travel size tank at her local Petsmart. This sort of containment and overcrowding for any amount of time is neglectful, improper and dangerous. Birds need adequate space, and proper air flow. Overcrowding is extremely stressful and can result in injuries. An inexperienced and borderline abusive worker hitting the tank no doubt would terrify these birds, who are likely young, scared and not used to humans. 

Please contact Petsmart to complain. Please reblog, and signal boost. 

Petsmart Facebook

Petsmart Corporate

Reptiblr, please take the time to look at this-

One of my coworkers has Dermestid beetles (flesh eating beetles used in taxidermy), and someone brought him a snake because he wanted its skeleton…

The problem is that the snake was alive

This is a male coastal carpet python who is perfectly healthy, but is maybe 30 inches long at 3 years old. He has been consistently neglected and underfed for years by someone who bought him as a hatchling and quickly lost interest. 

I am not setting up a fundraiser of any kind, and I don’t need anything to take care of him for now. But, I am completely out of space at my house with six snakes of my own.

So please, if you live in Missouri and can provide a great loving home for this guy please message me

and even if you aren’t interested, please take the time to reblog because this little guy deserves so much better than the life he’s had. 


Hey guys, this is Dottie. She is a pit bull mix, very sweet, and has been severely neglected. We found her in the middle of the road a few days ago, and are trying to nurse her back to health. We’ve reached out to several (7-8) rescues asking for help and no one has been willing to take her. Now as a last resort, we’re trying to take care of her ourselves . Her vet bills are going to be very expensive, as she has an infected eye, is infested with fleas, and may actually be pregnant again. It’s going to take a lot to nurse her back to health again, but it breaks my heart to know that someone has treated this dog this way, and I can’t stand the thought of her going back to where she came from. My mom and I have started a Go Fund Me to raise money for her vet bills, medication, and the food it will take to get her back to her healthy weight. Any money donated will be very useful in helping her recovery, and if you can donate I can reblog any posts/selfies you want or give you a promo or blog rate or whatever you’d like. Even if you can’t donate it would be very appreciated if you could reblog this and spread the word. All I want is to help this dog. Thanks for reading
Dottie’s Go Fund Me:

I hate people with a passion who get a puppy for the sole purpose of wanting social attention from their friends on facebook or whatever all they do is upload pictures of their puppy and they don’t even show the puppy any attention when it gets older and then they get tired of it when it is a full grown dog they don’t want it anymore because ‘he isn’t cute anymore’ so they take it to the pound and then get another puppy. People are so fucked up.

I think I see this a lot. There’s a lot of complaining about the conditions that bettas are kept in and talk of rescue fish. The thing is? You can only make a difference if you try to make a difference.

Just make sure you:

  1. Talk to a manager. I’ve found speaking to employees does nothing but make them uncomfortable. It’s not something that is usually under their control.
  2. Be sure to express your concern, but DON’T BE A JERK.
  3. Be sure to explain why the conditions are wrong (overfeeding, not enough cleaning, a disease, etc.) in a gentle way. Many people don’t know betta care and may not understand what is wrong.
  4. Don’t buy the fish. Seriously. If the fish is sick enough that you feel the store will be unable to keep it alive, you can often convince a manager to allow you to take it home for free. It’s not truly a rescue if you pay for the fish and encourage bad care.

Good luck! :)

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An appliance store (1103 Broadway) in Bushwick is currently housing a number of large parrots including B&G macaws, cockatoos, an African Grey and maybe others. The birds have no toys, single inappropriate perches (likely causing sores) and have been reported to have no food or water at times. The cages filthy and my guess is there are other dangers (rodents, fumes etc) since they are living in an appliance store. 

From the original poster: 

I’ve called and reported this store several times when I noticed it last year and nothing was done. The birds have no food, no water, their cages are filthy, they have only one or two sticks to sit on, no toys, not even paper at the bottom of the cage so just bare wire to walk on. The birds clearly show signs of distress as they plucking at themselves. I recently reported it to 311 and the NYPD investigated and said there was no evidence of abuse or neglect.

Yesterday (Nov. 5th 2016) a member of the NY Humane Law Enforcement division visited the location and reported the birds seem to be in reasonable health, and have food and water. But it is apparent that their mental health must be suffering, and it is likely they are only being fed seeds which is extremely harmful to their health. 

How You Can Help

If you are local, please visit the location and take photographs. Then report your findings to: 1 (800) 375-4071- the NYPD Animal Cruelty Squad and/or the 81st precinct (30 Ralph Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11221, (718) 574-0411). If the store owner asks you to leave, please do so willingly. 

If you are not local, you can share this post, reach out to friends in the area or contact parrot specific rescues in the NY/NJ/CT area (some might already be aware). You can also report the case via phone, however only people who have been there in person will be taken seriously. If you call you can simply ask if any action has been taken yet and voice your general concern. 

You can leave a review on their Yelp page here (this is the location, but they are under a different business name).

DO NOT harass or threaten the owner over the phone, online or in person. We are trying to get these birds removed by the authorities or have them signed over willingly by the store owner. If he is being harassed it will make everything harder for the activists on the ground. He has been given the contact info of the humane law officers and he could choose to sign the bird over at anytime. Your anger is justified, but we need to help the birds first and foremost. 

And PLEASE do not offer to buy the birds. It is possible the owner has more birds at home, and very likely they will go out to buy more if he accepts an offer.

I will be updating this post as new information become available, so check back if you are looking to help. I plan to visit the location personally within the next week. If you have any other suggestions please feel free to add them!! 

friendly reminder to not contribute to the exploitation of bunnies, chicks, and ducklings this coming easter. 

  • 80% of “easter” bunnies are abandoned. (x)
  • easter ducklings RARELY survive after being released into ponds. (x)
  • lone chicks purchased for the sakes of easter baskets will die due to lack of heat lamp, a proper brood, and care.
  • many states still allow the practice of dyeing chicks to make them appeal more to children. (x)

etc. etc. feel free to add more. but c'mon. buying a kid a bunny or a multi-colored chick or a duckling only reinforces the idea that animals are expendable play things. it encourages cruelty and neglect.

Toby Deserves Justice & We Must DEMAND It!

A cute Lhasa Apso puppy dubbed Toby was found last Saturday, abandoned and burned, on a property in Greensboro, Guilford County, North Carolina.
The dog is now at the Guilford County Animal Shelter, where he is closed monitored by staff and doctors. It is believed the puppy is between one and two years of age. The dog has third-degree burns on half of his body, his fur is almost completely gone and his right eye must be removed. The left eye has also been damaged, but vets hope they won’t have to remove it as well.

In spite of his extremely poor condition, vets did not euthanize the dog. “The doctor was adamant to treat him because he was wagging his tail and licking him” a hospital spokesman said. Toby is well looked after and despite the nasty wounds, he is doing a bit better. It will take another 2 months before doctors can perform skin grafs.

The doctors believe Toby was someone’s pet, because the fur that remained on him was clean, and no fleas or ticks were found. He was in good health overall. The owner has yet to come forward, which means he may have played a part in what happened to Toby.

We urge local police to launch an investigation as soon as possible and find the owner of the dog, who has some explaining to do. The person / people responsible for this cannot go unpunished. Justice needs to be served for Toby!


Bones is dead, he was sick, he was never brought to the vet and was starved to death by [Kathy Sutter] before Christmas 2012. She made him suffer. She buried him next to her garage, then concocted the story that he was stolen January 5, 2013 hoping to use her father’s funeral to divert attention from her crimes. She had people call day, night and the middle of the night giving false sightings knowing that Bones that been dead weeks already. 

Though the many inconsistencies in Kat’s story made us sure she was lying, it was not until this week that we got a break, in the form of an email that led us to obtain the remains of Bones. Today, Bones body was exhumed from Kats backyard. We believe there are other bodies back there, but we are sure she will be busy in the next few days trying to cover her tracks by exhuming the others. The exhumation of Bones body was done with the press there, the whole process was captured. Necropsy this evening confirmed it was Bones. Cause of death will be determined as well.

We were also informed that Sasha, the malamute was shot in the head. There was a dispute about her training and $500.00 so Kat had the dog offed. Sasha is also buried in her backyard as well as a dog named Bear. Our sources tell us that the backyard smells like death. 

Bones loved and trusted Kat. She betrayed his trust and watched him die right in front of her eyes. 

Justice will be served, but we need all your help. 

We truly believed we were doing the right thing sending bones to Kat. We had 2 outside references and nothing was on the internet to dispute the references. We got pictures and happy texts with positive updates from Kat up until September of 2012. It was only after Bones went missing that everyone seemed to know what a monster he went to. Everyone except those 2 references. I pray they open their eyes now. 

Please Call the Toledo Ohio police department: 419-245-3340

Tell them how you feel about Ms. Katherine Sutter and the killing fields at 4905 Luann Drive, Toledo Ohio

Call animal warden. Julie Lyle @ 419-213-2800 about the dogs that are still buried at the house. 

Animal control in Woods County where she now lives.

Chief Warden: Andrew Snyder

Deputy Warden: Rodney Cook

Deputy Warden: Nora Davis

Deputy Warden: Justin Gallagher

And call the humane society because Kat has dogs NOW. And we are VERY, VERY concerned about these dogs. 419-891-9777

Mr. Gibbs, who became involved in the dog’s search in January by putting up posters, took the dog’s remains to a veterinarian, who scanned for a microchip that was inserted into Bones.

Ms. Mittasch and Mr. Gibbs said Sunday night that the necropsy and microchip confirmed the remains as those of Bones.

The remains exhumed from the yard weighed about 50 pounds, down from the dog’s original weight of 130, Mr. Gibbs said.

Ms. Mittasch said she suspects Bones became ill, was denied veterinarian care, and eventually starved.

more information here. to keep up with updates, follow the lexus project on facebook or visit their website. please help bring justice for this poor boy and all of the other animals involved!!!


I woke up yesterday morning with no intention of doing anything but going to work. Instead, I went on Facebook’s Cats on Death Row at NYC ACC. I literally have no idea why.

The first photo I saw was this cat, on the kill list. He had until noon. I followed a link, clicked “reserve this cat”, paid $50 and filled out an adoption form. I waited, freaking out, until they called me to confirm.

I went to the Manhattan center at 5:30 and adopted him. “Ming” (his name will be changed, suggestions are welcome!) was seized from someones apartment. He is 8 years old, neutered and obese. He has a serious upper respiratory infection, awful coat and tartar issues. He is also incredibly sweet, gentle and calm. A gentleman. 

He didn’t deserve to die. None of them do.

When you buy an animal, you are sentencing another animal in a shelter to death. Save a life instead. Adopt don’t shop.

Recently, I came across a bearded dragon at my work set to be euthanized because of his MBD. He was deemed “unadoptable.” I have made the decision to rescue him, as everyone else turned a blind eye to him. Unfortunately, we’re low on funds (vet fees are killer!!). If you guys would like to help out on the rescue, I’ve included a link to the gofundme page. If you are struggling, please do not feel obligated to donate. A simple share will be more than enough kindness for Mr. Wiggles as he hasn’t known much in his short life.

You can read his story and donate here:


Official Turkey Jerky progression post.

These pictures are from 8/23/2015

Read my first post about him here, but I’ll give a brief overview here. Dropped off by customers who felt they could not help him and wanted to give him a better home, was faced with euthanasia unless I took him. Iodine baths daily then weekly, regular feedings, initial vet visit, and just general proper care. Nobody knows how he got burned, not even the previous owners. Your guess is as good as mine, as far as I know he did not escape and get burned outside of the cage.

He came in at 780 grams and I fed him one (live) mouse a week. Now he’s 1477 grams (last weighing, at least) eating small frozen rats. He is great, not really head shy and very active! Not a snake to sit with you and chill, he wants to explore.

I’ll always wonder how he got the injuries! I never wanted a ball python, not ever. But he is a great snake, he really won my heart. Now I can’t imagine giving him up, not ever.

He’s still in a 20 long but as soon as I get a lid he’s got a brand new 75 just sitting in the back of our car with his name on it!

Sick Quaker Parrot Rescued from Petco

“I spoke with the manager and complained and asked him to come down off the price more so I could get it. He went down to 75% off. I couldn’t afford it but I wouldn’t be able to sleep leaving him there. Plan is to rehab him and find him a good home.”

 “I bought him to save him.” 

- Heather Edwards Arabie, Charles, Louisiana.

“PETCO’s in MA that I’ve been in aren’t much better. I saw a conure for half off last week and wondered why…he was over a year old, in a cage with no toys, no nothing…when I whistled at him he screamed and screamed and screamed…sounded like a bird that was brought back because he was loud and now he’s “old”…poor things…I dislike PETCO!!!” - MW

“The same thing has happened in a Texas Petco. I hate that the pet stores do this to their birds. The bird was a blue quaker. Water dirty….One toy hung up so high he could not reach it.I have complained so many times to the managers and head office. It falls on deaf ears. The bird was there for months and months. I do not go in to petco or Petsmart anymore. I order all my bird toys and food online.” - BB

“I saw a quaker parrot in the Boca Raton Petco that was there for a very long time. I would go there to have him chase my fingers, play peek-a-boo in order to give him some attention. I knew he needed socialization just as my parrots at home did. I asked an employee about him and was told that he’s been bounced around different Petcos for 2 years. I couldn’t go to Petco after that. Every time I thought about Petco and Quaker Oats (my nickname for him) I would just cry. I still want to cry because they’re still doing this. The demand needs to stop or they’re just going to keep doing it. Corporations don’t care. We shouldn’t have to pay ransom to save animals from pet stores” - JB

Read about a Neglected Petco Green Cheek Conure 

Petco headquarters: (858) 453-7845

Email them: HERE

Please consider an immediate end to the sale of birds in your stores.

As I’m sure you are aware, prior to 1992 it was legal and common practice for humans to remove many species of parrots from the wild to be sold as pets. Parrots are native to Africa, Australia, Continental Asia, Indonesia, New Zealand, Philippines, and Southwest Pacific. There is no species native to the US. The US native Carolina Parakeet was hunted to extinction by 1939.

Post 1992, parrots sold as pets in the US are from breeding mills and private breeders. Parrots can live from 15 to nearly 100 years depending on the species. In the wild, parrots are monogamous and become inseparable from their mate for their life. In the wild they live in flocks, are very social, communicative and territorial. They fly many miles a day in the wild. Parrots are not domesticated pets like dogs and cats. They are wild animals. Parrots DO NOT make good pets! Simply stated, they belong in the wild, NOT in cages in our homes. The pet industry has threatened the parrot population, and birds being kept as pets cannot be returned to the wild.

Please continue your humane efforts by discontinuing the sale of birds in your stores. Your leadership in providing a venue for dog and cat rescue and adoption has made a difference for so many homeless pets. Please broaden that circle to include birds by supporting bird rescue and adoption events. You have a unique opportunity to show communities nationwide the importance of adopting a bird instead of buying one. And with that effort, thousands of unwanted birds can find their own safe and happy new beginning.

As animal lovers, compassionate citizens, and caretakers of this beautiful planet, we have a responsibility to do no harm and to be the voice for the voiceless. Birds belong in the wild, not in cages or breeding facilities.

Let’s come together as a community, and as a culture to allow these beautiful, highly intelligent creatures their rightful place in the wild, where they can live as nature intended, and not for our profit or personal enjoyment.

Petco is creating a compassionate and humane image by removing treats and food made in China, showing you care about providing safe products for our pets. Your sale of birds contradicts this positive image, but you can change that by discontinuing the sale of birds.

Thank you for caring.


Meet Dipper.
An elderly couple came in to the pet store I work at today with this poor soul. They had found Dipper in their yard.
He was incredibly dehydrated and gulped down water the second it was offered. His spine protrudes and stretches his scales.
His muscles are so atrophied he doesn’t even have head boobs.
Despite this he is still fairly responsive to touch. I think Dipper has a will to live. It will be a test to see if his body is still up for the challenge.
I offered to take Dipper home. The enclosure I had on hand is a touch on the small side and I’m using a cardboard box for a hide. If he makes it through the next few days we’ll move on from there.
What really kills me is just how emaciated he is. I live somewhere with long, hard winters. Even if this kid got out this spring, there had to have been previous neglect for him to be so bad off. This isn’t a hatchling by any means either.
I’ll keep you guys posted.
I know it’s hasty of me to name him when he might not even make it through the night. But I suppose it’s my way of saying that I’ve got hope and faith in them. And that they’re in better hands now.

Severely Burnt Dog Needs Help

Help this sweet pit bull get the treatment he needs and deserves. He was intentionally burned by a human and then thrown away to fend for himself. New England Humane Society has stepped up for this sweet pup, lets help them help him! 

Please donate by clicking the below link and reblog!


An update on Dusty the Pony:

Wannabe animal rescuers around the United States and even England have claimed that this pony is in their care, for the purpose of attention and perhaps funding, but Joel Hulst in Minnesota is the only one with photographic evidence. 

When the owner of Hulst Farrier service got Dusty the Pony to trim, his picture of Dusty’s untrimmed hooves (second photo in this set) gained over a thousand shares on facebook. It showed what can happen to the hooves of domestic animals if they are not properly and regularly trimmed. Wild animals don’t often have that problem because they wear down their hooves on hard surfaces, or by running a lot. Similarly, beaver’s incisors never stop growing, so they must wear them down by chewing.

Today Hulst wrote on his facebook page:

“Dusty is trimmed up, took an hour and a half, his hind feet still need a little correction, his fronts are severely toed-in with calcification in the lower pastern joints and due to that he lands on the lateral side of the foot. I brought his fronts down as far as I could without cutting into severe bruising in the solar surface. By the time I finished Dusty the humidity was making my stomach upset so I called it a day (the results of heat exhaustion).”

He also mentions that the person who is in charge of Dusty has other animals that need trims, but is acting poorly so Hulst will not return there.

As for Dusty, you can see that he is doing much better!