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I feel like the animal kingdom is really underappreciated compared to other disney parks??? it’s so beautiful and calming and is full of animals who are obviously well cared for and live in big open-air spaces designed to be as similar to their natural habitats as possible???? and the company is actually contributing to conservation efforts to save endangered species????? it’s amazing and I have no idea why it gets so much less hype than the other parks. 

I had almost left the zoo without seeing the cheetahs. After marching back, it turned out to be nap time. One gentleman said to me “good luck trying to get a photo with that” and points at my camera. I took this out of spite with my macro lens.

Oregon Zoo, Portland Oregon


Jeff Atkins Dirty Secrets

Request: In regard to jeff dirty secrets headcanons just anything you can think of that applied to canon jeff that would be either embarrassing, smutty, or both lmao.


A/N: This is more just general headcanons I’m sorry :( But I hope you like them anyway!


Warnings: Mentions of alcohol, Sexual themes.


Jeff Atkins Dirty Secrets…

  • Okay so Jeff actually has quite a few stuffed toys still

  • And a favourite blanky
  • He’s also a little bit scared of the dark

  • He has a baseball collection
  • And a card collection

  • He sucks at video games
  • He’s quite the striper when he’s drunk. Like Monty has to keep an eye on him and control him because he will just jump up dancing on a table and start pulling his clothes off

  • He can’t quite wink. He comes close, but ends up just blinking
  • At a party his first stop is to whatever room the owner has their pets in for the night

  • He also volunteers at an animal shelter
  • He naps a lot

  • He sings to himself in the car- and not very well either
  • He serenades all his friends with impromptu karaoke

  • Boy can eat a lot
  • He purposely ignores almost every text he gets

  • He is absolutely all about hickeys- and he will drag out the process of giving one to someone
  • He is a sucker for curves

  • Grinding against his s/o literally 24/7
  • He has a ritual he completes for good luck before his games that only Monty knows about

  • He has an earring collection
  • He actually really loves jewellery

  • He absolutely adores every single one of his friends, though he tries not to show it too much
  • He likes Taylor Swift

  • He wants to be a drummer but he’s super bad at it
  • Nobody has any idea that he can fluently speak another language

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