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Words: 1143

Summary: Slightly future canon, Clarke wonders as she wanders on snowy nights

Winter’s Night

It’s not the howl of the distant wolves that woke Clarke, but the unsettling emptiness of her new cabin. The quiet startled her in a way nothing else could: after the Ark, the dropship, the cacophonous forest nights, Polis, Arkadia. So much noise, human and mechanical and animal.

But now she had her own cabin, going on two weeks now. Small, true, one tiny room and a dirt floor, and the settlement intended to turn it into communal storage after the winter, but once Abby and Kane moved in together and everyone else had already settled into their cabin assignments, well—there didn’t seem to be a place. Kane and Abby had insisted she could stay, expected her to stay, but the last thing Clarke wanted to do was interfere with newlyweds. After everything, they deserved their own space.

So she commandeered the would-be-storage shed. It had four sides and a roof, and Monty and Jasper had installed a small woodstove and chimney, and it was good enough for her. She’d done with less.  On the night of the first snow she and Bellamy finished caulking up the last holes and lashing down the oilskins across the windows.

“You’re going to be cold,” was all Bellamy said when they stepped back to take a look at their handiwork in the fast-fading winter light.

Clarke shrugged. “There’s no alternative that I could think of. Would you want to bunk with honeymooners?”

“Point,” he conceded. His jaw worked for a moment, and she thought he might say something else–he might offer–but the moment got picked up on the chill breeze and blew away.

Clarke turned back to the shed–no, cabin, now. “It’ll do. And if it doesn’t, I’ll just crawl into bed with Raven.”

Bellamy smirked at her.  “You’ll have to share.”

“Body warmth,” she grinned and couldn’t help but nudge him with her elbow, even though it sent tingles up her arm as the clouds released the first dusting of snowflakes over them.

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jurassic world au [½] | “oooh, ahhh, that’s how it always starts. and then later there’s running, and…and screaming.” 

former palaeontologist doctor abigail griffin has been running the world’s most thrilling theme park for over five years. when her daughter, clarke, and clarke’s girlfriend, lexa, decide to visit, they all plan on a weekend filled with sun, rides, and dinosaurs. but a breakout of the park’s newest and first hybrid–the indominus rex–cuts the fun short, and abby must turn to the park’s resident raptor expert, marcus kane, to help get the dinosaur under control, or all of their lives could fall into grave danger.


Thorny Dragon (moloch horridus)

A lizard native to Western Australia measuring up to 8in long on average, thorny dragons reside in deserts sustaining themselves on ants. A unique defense mechanism it has is that it has a fake head on its back, where it will lower its head to reveal the fake one to confuse predators. When it rains their capillaries can suck water in from all over its body, it will literally drink through its skin in the rain.

Public health advocacy... learning by doing

So as I mentioned in my last post, I have been working on drafting a response to the public consultation on antimicrobial resistance that was launched by the European Commission at the end of last month. While I’m pretty excited that the words I am writing may be used to lobby the European Union on behalf of about 90 health organisations, it has been quite a challenge! While EPHA has a clear position on certain topics, others are a bit more difficult to answer….

Such as:

Who is responsible for promoting rapid diagnostic testing in the animal health sector?

What mechanisms can the EU use to tackle AMR globally?

Which funding instruments are most useful in funding R&D in AMR?

…yikes, right? I am by no means an expert in any of these fields. My knowledge of the extent to which the European Commission can even take action from a legal perspective is limited. Then there are the details of “how.” How do the patenting and intellectual property laws for pharmaceutical development work? How do health technology assessment agencies set their criteria for approval of new drugs? How is data on AMR collected? And HOW are antibiotics still used prophylactically in animal agriculture?! Needless to say, I am doing loads of research to gather as much background knowledge as I can so that I can come up with well-reasoned, realistic answers to these questions that affect us all. And I am learning so much in the process.

The first draft is nearly done. Tomorrow it will be sent to the secretary general of EPHA, an organisation called Changing Markets (to get their perspective and expertise on tackling the environmental aspect of AMR), as well as EPHA’s scientific advisor on AMR. I am sure they will have a great deal of constructive feedback and suggestions, which I will then work into the response draft before it is sent to member organisations for comment.
Besides the consultation response, I have written a couple of short articles, which will either be included in EPHA’s monthly newsletter or published on the website (yay!).

Apart from work, I have simply been enjoying Brussels by brunching my way through the city. This weekend my lovely friend Raina came to visit me and we explored the city of Gent. It was absolutely beautiful! We sampled some interesting Flemish candy, had some fries, drank some good Belgian beer… and I guess we did some sight-seeing as well. :-D Below are a few (non-EPHA related) photos of what I’ve been up to!

Gent is so picturesque, with beautiful stone buildings, cobblestones, and canals.

This is a wagon full of cuberdons! These are traditional cone-shaped candies, similar to gumdrops.

And this is the awesome brunch that Raina and I had in Brussels today at a little cafe called Jat. 

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Okay so

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We just… sort of decided that Asagao!Jeff’s parents were Souda and Gundham. For pretty much no reason other than the fact he managed to launch hamsters into space and he had to get both the animal skills and the mechanics for that somewhere. So it was from his dads. 

Also, since Jeff’s an actual Disney Princess and good-ish at leadership Sonia’s his godmother and is the best godmother ever.

A 19th century Fitbit? 

This strange illustration comes from a book titled Animal Mechanism: A Treatise on Terrestrial and Aërial Locomotion, by Etienne-Jules Marey. Marey was a pioneer in the various fields such as cardiology, scientific laboratory photography, and cinematography. He even made improvements on Eadweard Muybridge motion picture studies by making the captures more scientifically accurate. 

Here, a runner, not a cyborg, is provided with an apparatus intended to register his different paces.

Natural cogs not standard issus.

Almost three years since their discovery, the juvenile Issus insect, commonly found across Europe, remains the only known natural example of a functioning gear mechanism. The hind-leg joints feature curved cog-like strips of intermeshing ‘teeth’ that synchronise the issus’ legs when launched into a jump.

Prior to this discovery, gear mechanisms were previously thought to be solely man-made. However, no other example has been discovered.

Check out the University of Cambridge video above for more information.



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Humans will villify any animal with a defense mechanism, even one as innocuous as baring its teeth. What are animals expected to do? Do literally nothing? Be innately trusting that they won’t be harmed? We met an animal like that, ate it to extinction, and made its name synonymous with “stupid idiot”.

My perfect zombie game is like Grand Theft Auto meets Left 4 Dead, with a hefty dose of Minecraft mixed in. But here’s the kicker – here’s how you could extend the replayability to infinity: You swirl in just the tiniest dash of Animal Crossing.

Haha, what? Do I want to see Tom Nook torn apart by an undead cartoon hippo?

Of course. The miserly bastard pays how many bells for a shell? This one has motherfucking rainbow swirls, you cheap son of a bitch. The fires of hell should warm your breakfast.

But that’s not what I’m talking about: I’m talking about stealing one of Animal Crossing’s online mechanics, wherein you exchange a code with another player that allows them entrance to your town (and vice versa). Because in my tragically fantastical zombie game, what you’ve chosen to do with your town changes everything completely. Walking into somebody else’s play area, even if it started out the same, would be a wholly different experience. Did they hole up in the library, too? Or did they move underground and seal off the sewers? Do they even have a home base, or do they just camp in the woods and keep moving? Did they corral all the zombies together in the Costco and routinely drive a Zamboni through the aisles just to thin out the crowd a little? Or did they go completely mad with isolation and just build a giant, towering metal cock out of the rusting husks of destroyed vehicles?

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