animal mechanics

hopefully this reads well lmao but i drew this for anon 

if you want to draw a bipedal animal that is not usually bipedal, there are 2 routes u can use to make it look balanced and not just like a dog standing up begging for treats like the guy on the left. 

the main thing to understand about digitigrade legs (including hoofed legs) is that the ankle is always under tension - it has to support the entire weight of the animal. the mechanism to support that weight is the achilles tendon (in red) and if the animal is standing up then the tendon is always taut. because of this taut tendon attaching to the heel of the animal, you won’t actually see much visible calf muscle, and the leg will appear deeper than it is wide (from the front anyway) 

for a more upright stance (right) you have to mess with the proportions a bit and straighten out the leg, so it looks a bit like a human on tip-toes. this guy, however, could not possibly revert to all-fours comfortably. 

if u want to keep the sense of tautness in the legs, you have to make sure the angle of the ankle isn’t too extreme, because then it looks like it could fold in on itself at any moment. 

uh i hope that helped 


@tokyoteddywolf and @mutantgurls, you guys are to blame for these, what with WolfForm!Shiro being protective over Kitty!Lance. To balance out the Shangst, I had to draw WolfForm!Shiro playing fetch.

Normally, the hybrids can’t shift. They’ve always known that they had some parts of animal in them, but being able to shift? Unheard of, unless it was a fictional story for the big screens.

But Shiro’s spent time with the Galra. He’s spent time with the Druids. They wanted to make him “stronger,” they said. So when emotions - or the adrenaline - run high, he…changes.

It’s not something he’s been comfortable with, but the team has been trying their best to help him with it.

(Image quality isn’t the best, but I’m working off my phone atm)


Diver Keri WIlk has been one of the few people to observe a strange sperm whale trait, described as a “poonado”.

This is thought to be a rarely used defence mechanism, which is different to when the whales defecate before their descent into deeper waters. The whale released an unusual amount of faeces, turned on its side and used its flipper to propel the excrement in a huge 30 metre arc.

This could be the first time this mechanism has been photographically documented, but has been observed in the wild previously.

(Via Daily Mail)

There’s a lot I don’t like about myself but my brain and my wit and my defense mechanisms are not one of them. And I like my armor, I built my armor. I can take it off but I like it, I earned it.
—  Anna Kendrick shares her “rose” and “thorn” at Katy Perry’s Witness dinner party.

Do you find it impossible to keep your kitchen organized?  Can you never find the right lid to match your tupperware?  Do you open your cabinets only to have tupperware spill out, endlessly, filling your kitchen, such that you can’t even move, oh god, you’re trapped, the phone’s all the way on the other side of the room but there’s so much goddamn tupperware when did you even buy it none of it even matches jesus christ-!

well I can’t help you there but I can draw you a picture!

  • Lineless Art // $30

[x] [x] [x]

Simple vector-style art with slight shading where it applies.  These are one person only, and adding another character (because it’s hard for me) will cost another $15.  Simple backgrounds generally, very clean and cute!

  • Colored Art // $40

[x] [x] [x]

Simple, sketchy lines, basic coloring, basic shading.  One character default, $10 extra for each additional character (I will adjust for large groups though).  Basic backgrounds, can be scenery.  My general art.

  • More Detailed Art // $60

[x] [x] [x] [x]

These are more difficult so they start at $60 and could go up more depending on the difficulty.  These pictures take me anywhere from 4 to 6 hours so they have much more detail and shading and care.

  • Danny Phantom Title Cards // $80

[x] [x] [x]

These have gotten a lot of attention recently so I’ll include them here too - I do replicate the style of Danny Phantom title cards, so if you’re in that niche and want me to make one for you, let me know!

If you want me to do something not listed here, like character design or a logo or a sketchpage or something, let me know and we’ll discuss pricing!

  • Becca, my wonderful, precious darling, will you do not-safe-for-work art?

You bet your sweet bippy!!  As long as it’s not ince$t or pedophili@ I will draw whatever your heart (or any other organ) desires.  Feti$h art and intense stuff like g0re will cost extra, especially depending on the severity .  For pieces like this I’d like to discuss it thoroughly to figure out a good price for what you’re asking.

  • What are you not great at?

Vehicles or mechas or anything mechanical, also animal-based characters.  I’m not the best at drawing these BUT if you want me to draw it I most certainly will!  I just want you to know they aren’t my forte and won’t be my best work.

  • What won’t you do?

Ince$t and pedophili@, absolutely, even if it’s not sexual.  

If you’re interested in a commission, please email me at!  Put something along the lines of “Commission inquiry” as the subject and let me know what you’re in the market for.  I use PayPal invoices so once we get everything worked out, I’ll need the email your PayPal account is linked to.  I will include the PayPal tax so it may be a dollar or two more than agreed, if that’s okay.

Thank you very much for your time, and I look forward to working with you!


Payment with USD and only via paypal (through invoice).

Character commissions requests are only made via the email When asking for a commission, be sure to provide reference for the character you desire, especially if it’s an original character. 

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Megamind Circus AU

Blue child, weird fish: part of the sideshow. The Barker says they came from outer space, aliens from another world.

The blue kid learned to pick locks; they can’t keep him caged. He’s learning from the acrobats, the magician, the animal tamer, the mechanic. Come see the world’s only walking fish. (One of the Barker’s disappeared, as did that one clown, you remember, the drunk. Nothing can be proven. The blue kid practices juggling with with a couple of faintly glowing blue cubes; no one is sure where he got them, and no one cares enough to ask.)

Come visit the Circus. See the mechanical marvels, laugh and the clowns, be amazed by the incredible, the illustrious, the brilliant Megamind: incredibly handsome genius, sorcerer of the stage, and ring master extraordinaire!

Can we have a volunteer from the crowd? Yes, you. What’s your name, miss? Well, Roxanne Ritchi, if you’ll just step into the box…

Her family said Roxanne was kidnapped by circus-folk. Roxanne would say she ran away to join. She made a fantastic Magician’s Assistant.

Megamind got along quite well with Miss Ritchi. Her grasp of showmanship and presentation was excellent, she picked up on things quickly, she had a lot of clever ideas, ad incidentally, he just enjoyed her company. However, she had something going on with the Strong Man. And even if he weren’t in the picture, Megamind couldn’t say anything. He was the Ring Master; she was a member of the his troupe. Asking her out would be inappropriate and creepy ; besides, why she be interested in a jumped-up blue Freak?

Roxanne found that the Circus wasn’t exactly as she’d hoped. She’d known coming in, of course, that life as a Carnie would likely be as much elephant dug as it was glitter and glamor. It was worth it. She hadn’t counted in Hal, the stage-hand/clown who once ‘accidentally’ walked in on her in her dressing room, who’s clumsy advances were a little too persistent. She hadn’t counted on being befriended by the showboat of a Strong Man, get along so well with Minion (The Fish Who Walks In Land; Megamind’s right-hand man) it negotiating an alliance with the shiny-haired leader of the acrobats troupe, or develop a rivalry with the Fortune Teller.

(Roxanne didn’t know how to deal with falling in love with the brilliant, funny, fascinating Magician/Ring Leader who gave her ostentatious flattery when they were under the spotlight and talked to her about show business and his mechanical projects and actually listened to her feedback when they were between shows, and who probably just thought of her as a prop for his magic tricks…)

At first, when the red-haired clown in the poorly-fit leotard threatened to take down the entire Circus, the adience thought it was all part of the show. Megamind knew better; so did the others. The String Man tackled him, but it was the Ringleader, the one who was responsible for the whole show and all his performers, who thought to ask: who is that, in the rigging? Does anyone else smell something burning? WHY IS THAT MARVELOUS DEVICE SO CLOSE TO THE TENT-POLE, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN IT’S YIME TO GRAB YOH BOYS AND GITLS AND GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN! HERE IS UNSAFE, THERE’S FREE STUFF OUTSIDE, GET IT NOW!

In the end, Roxanne did not die tied up in the rigging while the center tent-pole was snapped by a misused device and the entire circus-folk burned.

In the end, Megamind did not lose his home, his show, or his life’s work because of a single clown gone mad.

In the end, the audience left having seen one hell of a show– and some of them even got to be on the news when the cops showed up to take the evil clown away! They weren’t kidding around when they claimed to have the Greatest Show in the Galaxy.

In the end, Hal Stewart was found guilty of all charges.

Do you know that when the circus-folk no longer on fire, and when the Magician’s Assistant was no longer trapped, she and the Ringleader had a conversation? Do you know that they finally confessed how they felt; do you know that they kissed?

The circus is in town. It’s the one with the huge blue tent, the one that was almost burned down by an evil clown once, the one that claims to be the Greatest Show in the Galaxy. It’s a family circus, did you know? There are two Ringleader, husband and wife; one of them is supposedly a space alien (but you know that’s probably a costume) and the other has this cool act where she pretends to be a member of the audience, and there’s this big reveal. Their kids are all in the circus as well! No, I don’t know if the kids are aliensbor not; like I said, it’s all costumes anyway. Yes, I think at least one of them is blue and big-headed, but another was at least halfway mechanical, her brother had lizard-skin and a tail, and there was also a kid who looked as human as any other Carnie, who claimed to be part of the family as well. You know show-people are weird about that sort of thing, wearing costumes and calling fellow cast members “family” even if they don’t share a drop of blood.

Anyway, I got tickets. Sure, we can get balloons. No, you know what happens when you eat cotton candy. Yes, I’m sure they have popcorn. We can get some at the tent.

The Skullking Manor ! GOBEYONDPLUSPUMPKIN2k17

Ah, finally… it’s begun. The doors to the Skullking Manor have opened! Within, darkness and fog, the very essence of a spooky, scary, and all-around nerve-wracking setting. The man - or rather, the animal, behind its mechanics operated from some hidden, obscure position, his little paws resting on a set of controls that seem to operate the entirety of the manor. Dozens upon dozens of well-hidden cameras fill nearly every single gap, corner and hidden spot within the house, allowing the mastermind behind it all to see everyone.. and everything.

A loud, BOOMING voice radiates from the doors of the manor!







30-Day Worldbuilding Challenge

1. The World- the general setting that this will all take place in. What are your ‘big ideas’ for this place? 

2. Geography- The specific landmass you’ll be focusing on, the Morrowind to your Tamriel. Talk about weather patterns and the general lay of the land.
3. Landmarks- These can be natural or manmade. Think Rocky Mountains, Tower of Pisa, Space Needle, Grand Canyon
4. Resources- How do the people get water? Food? Are there rich minerals nearby, or mystical ley lines that power magical energy?
5. Flora- What kinds of plants exist in this world? What do they feed on? How do they taste? What do they smell like?
6. Fauna- What creatures live here? What kinds of ‘food chains’ exist? Are there invasive or rare species?
7. Races/Cultures- This challenge is assuming your world has some kind of sentient people(s). What do they look like? What do they value? Think about broad ideas for your peoples as you begin to flesh them out.
8. Clothing- What do people wear on a regular basis? Are there clothing items only worn on special occasions? What is considered fashionable? What is the clothing made out of?
9. Food- What does a daily meal look like? What are foods saved only for special occasions? How often do people eat?
10. Arts/Crafts- What do people make? Do they play instruments? How do they decorate everyday objects like pots or doors?
11. Trades- What kinds of skills do people in your society learn? These can be things like smithing, baking, dragon-taming, etc.
12. Education-  How do people in your society learn? Are there formal schools? What subjects are considered most important?
13. Morals- What rules does your society consider most important? These can be either explicit or implicit rules. What happens when someone breaks one of those rules? Can your society’s taboos be ranked?

14. Tools/Weapons- How do people in your society make things? Is hunting necessary for your people? If so, how do they hunt? Do they need to defend themselves from outside threats?
15. Transportation- How do people move around? Do they use animal labor? Mechanical labor? How often do people travel?
16. Politics- Describe the system of government or leadership used in your society, and who if anyone is in charge. What are relations between your society and others nearby like?
17. Currency/Economy- How are goods and services exchanged? Can they be bartered for? What goods and services are valued by your society? What are their most valuable exports?
18. Religions- What do people in your society believe in? How do they observe their beliefs? Are there important icons or themes in their religions?
19. Warfare- How is conflict handled in your society? Do they fight at all, and if so, who do they send? How do they fight?
20. Housing- Where do people live? Do people live together, and if so, who do they live with?
21. Businesses- Where are goods and services exchanged? What do these places look like? 
22. Political Buildings- Where are decisions about running your society take place? What do these places look like?
23. Religious Buildings- What are important places of worship? What do they look like?
24. Social Groups- These can be classes grouped by caste or by cultural boundaries (Upper-crust, undesirables, punks, jocks, etc.) Where do they hang out? How do these groups distinguish themselves? 
25. Relationships- How do people in your society relate to one another? What kinds of social bonds do they build? How long do these last? Are they platonic, romantic, sexual? Some, all, or neither?
26. Folk Traditions/Holidays- What dates and times are important for your society? Are these religious, or secular, or both? How do people celebrate these occasions?
27. Toys/Games- What do people in your society do for fun? Write the rules for an example game and explain how it’s played. 
28. Legends- What stories do people in your society tell? Write a complete folk tale. What values does it impart? 
29. History- What important events have happened to your society or the world at large in the last five months? The last five years? 500 years? Did a historical event inspire a legend? How different are they from each other?
30. Life Cycle- create an entirely new character. Based off of everything that you’ve already written, give them a full life story. Describe how they grew up, what they ate, what their family was like, what events shaped their beliefs, how they died. Describe how people react to the person’s death, and what if any impact their life had upon the land.

Ashes on the Tongue

By Roshani Chokshi

Winter doesn’t know the taste of a lot of things. But there is one thing she has memorized, one flavor that never escapes her no matter how hard she tries. It is ash. Even when she sleeps, that charred ghost flavor slinks around her mouth, sticking at the back of her throat. When she sleeps, she can feel the velvet of fine-milled ash pressing into her cheeks. And when she wakes, the first smell on the wind is always wood smoke.

She supposes that this is because it is the taste of warmth. It is the taste of things fighting back against the might of her, but that doesn’t make it any better.

There are only so many things a season may taste.

Winter knows the delicate sweetness of ice riming a windowpane. There is no kinder cold than the sleeve of frost adorning a bare tree limb. Winter knows the taste of fire. Cold coaxes out the sugar, for when death is close, life turns to its sweetest. It does it like an animal cornered, a survival mechanism, and Winter can always taste the bittersweet taste of panic. There are other flavors, things that other seasons would long for—the tangy glitter-crackle of ornaments spinning behind a window, sticky sweet candy-coated apples that are a shade so viciously red they ward away demons. And that was nothing to say of the emotions that perfumed the air: waiting and wonder, snow in the eyes and snow on the tongue, winter prayers rising into the sky and tangling in the not-fallen snow.

But the ash…

The ash always remained.

It was always the taste that lingered, for it was the taste of death. The taste of things burned and turned into something else. That was what everyone thought of Winter. She was the season of sleep and frost, of death made beautiful when draped in white.

She was those things. She walked in a silver dress, wore a crown of velvet-nap antlers and around her throat was a collar of ice so bright that diamonds wept. When she walked, she showed you her bones. Like you were the only one who got to see her this way: the shadowy twigs of her limbs, the frail stone heart fluttering beneath a ribcage of dried moss. Even her blood, just sheaves of parchment-thin ice growing across a river.

But people always seemed to forget that she could grow things too. A new year, when no one was looking. A spindle that groaned fat on dreams that she draped through the slumber of so many children. Despair, when the mood struck, for she could yank Night into the sky and even Day would cower. For this was the time of her reign.  

And yet there were things she longed for too. Sometimes her reign was long and sometimes her reign was short. But always it was lonely.

There was no one else to sit at her table of snow. No one else with whom she might wax thoughtfully about the ever-present taste of ash.

When she reigned, everything else was asleep. Everyone else was already sharing their shadow.

She had taken mortal lovers, yes. Too many boys who she had loved for the way the snow clung to their lashes. Too many girls who she had worshipped for the way the ice laced through their hair. But there had been too many times when she kissed them too hard and they turned to ice beneath her. There had been too many times when she had lain her cheek against their shoulder in the night and woke to find them frozen.

It was a day that should have been mundane.

She should have known, then, how monumental it would be.

Things of great change like to wear the face of normalcy, as if they might stalk and sneak upon you better. Things of great change are rather childish, in that way.

Winter was wearing her finest furs of ruffled snow and ermine. She was walking in her thinnest slip, a gauzy thing that left her shoulders bare. She radiated cold, and the world warped around her the way a saint always bends his neck beneath the weight of a heavenly corona.

She saw her through a parting of trees. The branches were white, and through it, the girl looked like a fractal of a girl. Something already broken.

Winter loves instantly.

She could take the time to fall, of course, but winter is a gust of ice against an unprotected neck, and a noose of cold around the throat. Though the world yearns to be rid of her, she is usually gone quite fast.

Which is all to say: there was no time to be gentle.

For nothing about her was ever gentle.

The girl behind the branches stood out like a poppy in the snow. Like a flame poised to devour.

Winter could only watch as the girl picked her way through the fallen branches and icy ground to stand before her. This close, the girl burned. Her hair was smoke and embers, blue as the heart of a flame. And yet her lips were a candy-lush red, bright as a Christmas apple.

“I hear you don’t like what fruit I grow,” said the girl.

And Winter knew, suddenly, who she was. Fire.

Winter found her voice.

“The taste of ash is everywhere,” she said imperiously. “It gets everywhere. It’s the cursed taste at the end of every meal. It hides in my hair. Coats my tongue. So yes, one could say that I’m not particularly fond of your fruit.”

For she was nothing if not imperious.

Fire tilted her head. A ribbon of flame coiled around her neck. Winter wanted to press her lips to it. Then she wanted to remove it with her teeth.

“It was supposed to make you curious. Not furious.”

“Curious to do what?” asked Winter.

Fire stretched out her hand. A charred pomegranate sat in her palm. When Winter touched it, it seamed down the middle. A puff of smoke stamped the air. Seven charred seeds glistened like wet garnets.

“To know me. To let me stay by your side. Perhaps not all things that are bitter and lingering are things to be rejected. Perhaps you just have not explored them enough.”

Winter reached out, sucking the marrow from a single jewel seed. This was not a taste of ash that she knew. This was something lustrous. Something that tasted like a wildfire swallowing a forest. It stung the back of her throat. Made her eyes water.

Fire smiled. “Well?”

Winter poured the jewel-seeds into her mouth.