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You've mentioned Morrison having a "mega-arc" at DC spanning from Animal Man to Multiversity. Which of his DC works are considered to be part of it and what unifies them? Thanks if you answer, your blog is cool.

Really, it’s not one gigantic “mega-arc” so much as a bunch of smaller overlapping story threads - the map of his stories wouldn’t in any honest sense be a baton passed off from one hand to another, either chronologically (starting with his Action Comics run, as it’s his version of the beginning of superheroes in the DCU) or in order of publication (starting with Animal Man), but a big web of connecting and diverging events.

The biggest ‘threads’ so to speak would probably be:

1. His exploration of the multiverse, which goes Animal Man < Final Crisis < Multiversity, with his Action Comics as an offshoot of Multiversity.

2. His idea of humanity as burgeoning gods, specifically connected to the Fourth World and/or Superman, which goes JLA (including DC One Million) < JLA: Classified < Seven Soldiers of Victory < Final Crisis < All-Star SupermanFlex Mentallo: Man of Muscle Mystery is also pretty major here spiritually speaking, and while not a part of the direct narrative driving the others, it’s still connected tangentially to the DCU since he originated in Morrison’s Doom Patrol.

3. His Superman stories running through everything, which if you want to tackle it “chronologically” would go Action Comics < JLA < Final Crisis/Superman Beyond < All-Star Superman, with DC One Million intersecting at multiple points.

4. His Batman saga, with Final Crisis sticking its head in and playing a big part.

I wouldn’t say there’s any one big overriding theme or narrative going on in all of it, beyond maybe a basic shared message of “don’t be a bastard”. Most of the DC-spanning connections are straightforward plot linkages, with Final Crisis as sort of a junction box where they all meet - it connects to Animal Man through Limbo, Seven Soldiers and JLA with Darkseid, his Batman run by taking Bruce off the board for awhile, and Multiversity through the Monitor mythology. And those spin off into their own connections, with Multiversity linking back to Action Comics with Calvin Ellis getting the transmatter array that will eventually take him to the House of Heroes, JLA to All-Star Superman through DC One Million and the Prime Superman, his work with Flash and Aztek connects directly plotwise to JLA, and his early Batman work in Arkham: A Serious House On Serious Earth and Gothic contributed ideas to his bigger run years later, i.e. Joker’s ‘super-sanity’ and the entire concept of Batman vs. The Devil. And even those plot linkages involve at least 2 or 3 mutually exclusive continuities (Action Comics can’t lead to the events of All-Star Superman due to each having Jonathan Kent die in different but absolutely plot-vital ways, and the latter can’t be in continuity with JLA or Final Crisis because in All-Star’s version of Superman’s near future he isn’t married to Lois).

If you do want to follow all the linked-up stories ‘in-order’ though, @benito-cereno‘s list should set you up just fine. And while they’re not directly linked aside from being works of his set in the DCU (if only in a step-or-two removed sense in the latter case), go ahead and read Doom Patrol/Flex Mentallo after Animal Man, both because they’re amazing and because thematically Flex is HUGE to a lot of what Morrison ended up doing at DC.