animal man comics

Things I’d do if I worked at DC and had control of my stories-

-I’d bring back  James Highwater from Grant Morrison’s Animal Man run, maybe have him become the next Psycho Pirate like he was SUPPOSED to be.

-Make either a young speedster character, or a young Amazon character to make a new mini-trilogy with Damian and Jon. Admittedly both would probably be a Cadmus clone.

-Booster Gold,Plastic Man, Dr.Fate, and B’wana Beast fighting crime together as the new “Forgotten Heroes”. Also put Woozy Winks in there, he was funny.

-Etta Candy to say Woo-Woo, at least ONCE. 

-Batman to just stay married to Catwoman because DAMMIT that guy needs SOME form of stability in his life.

-Lois Lane to get a new Bat-glove that shoots fireballs, because that scene in Super-Monsters was ICONIC!

-Suren Darga and May Ducard having freaking proper recurring roles. Said that before, but it bares repeating.

-Damian Wayne to quit the Teen Titans, realizing that being the “leader” of this team isn’t the best thing for him right now.

-Starfire to be the LEADER of the Teen Titans, because holy crap she’s in her damn twenties, what the hells going on there?

-Lobo to get a freaking main series again. He’s had TWO cross-over one-shots with Wile E.Coyote and Harley Quinn, people want him to go solo again dammit!

-Jon “Superboy” Kent to have a bonding adventure with his grandpa Sam Lane. It could only lead to adorable things.

-A new series called “Superboys” where Connor and Jon FIGHT CRIME as bad-ass brothers. Don’t lie, that sounds awesome.

-Kon-El to cut all the existential crap and fight crime again. “I don’t know who I am”-YOUR A BAD-ASS TELEKINETIC THAT’S WHO-go fight crime all ready!